Yuri Quickie: Raya and the Last Dragon

Originally I didn’t plan on talking about this movie here but I imagine there are some curious about the fanart so I figured I might as well hint why that is.

Raya and the Last Dragon

The story was inspired by Southeast Asian culture. In the land of Kumandra humans lived in peace with the guardian dragons. That was until evil spirits called Druun appeared, consuming all organic life dry and turning humans into stone. Not even the dragons were strong enough to destroy it. Only one dragon was able to use its power to seal away the Druun in an orb. Since that day the people of Kumandra grew apart and waged war over the orb. One day the nation wielding the orb, Heart, tried to make peace with the others. Raya, daughter of the Heart king, earned the right to become the new guardian of the orb. However, due to an unexpected betrayal, the orb was destroyed and the Druun freed. Feeling responsible for the disaster Raya swore to seek the dragon who created the orb in hopes it would help restore it and undo the damage caused by the Druun.

This being a Disney movie the presentation is excellent. The 3D animation and soundtrack are both really good. The action scenes are pretty cool, especially the duels between Raya and her nemesis. Despite there being familiar Disney tropes such as Raya’s main motivation and cute animal buddies, they are all handled well and all important characters get enough time in the spotlight to tell their stories. One of the main themes of “power corrupts”, even when the wielders do not use it for ill will at all there are plenty who want it for themselves along with the consequences, is handled well. The other main theme is that of trust. That too is handled in a way viewers both young and old can understand. It is a pretty cool adventure with fantastic vistas, interesting cultures, cool characters, fight scenes and solid morals. Definitely worth checking out as a movie.

Young Raya and NamaariYoung Raya and Namaari

As for the yuri, we have Raya and Namaari. The vibes were definitely there when they’re younger. Once they grew up though…put bluntly it is all quite subtle. It is one of those ships the writers, directors and cast had to be asked to give people with sharp eyes and senses reason to go ham with fanart. Even so there ARE some hints here and there. Pay close attention after the childhood scene and some can be spotted. Again subtle for the most part but there is a wee bit of material to work with. This being a Disney animated movie I suppose the team did the best they could without riling up the “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” crowd. Hopefully we will be alive to one day see what many think is impossible for an animated cinematic feature under the mouse’s umbrella. The last clue I will give is these two give off vibes similar to a popular duo of ladies from a certain retelling.

There you go.


Adult NamaariThank you Disney for this buff maiden.

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8 Responses to Yuri Quickie: Raya and the Last Dragon

  1. cooler1303 says:

    neat i kinda figured given the fan art of em it was something like that im in no rsh to see the movie but if i have an afternoon open ill give it a watch


  2. cooler1303 says:

    and purely because its disney let me say 1 thing im forever amused how in a ton of frozens other media like books and comidcs they just make elsanna even more blatant like iirc elsa has a damn anna room that she had made purely to remind herself of anna and it was revelealed in one of the frozen 2 books


  3. cirno9fan says:

    Fun movie, but yeah, very very little to work with. Still, glad we’re getting more Disney movies where they don’t push romance so heavily. Would be nice if they could do a yurimance, but that’s asking for too much, obviously.


  4. Everett says:

    I watched this movie a few days ago and I absolutely LOVED it! Probably one of my favorite Disney movies ever.
    I think they couldn’t design Namaari any more gayer than that, Princess undercut is the prototype of the butch lesbian and we like her a lot. Raya is breathtakingly beautiful too, I was in awe.
    I think the yuri is indeed subtle, you can see it only if you WANT to see it. However, I hope we’ll get a sequel; in the meantime, I’ll just read a ton of fanfic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes. It’s pretty good.

      I’d have agreed with you on the butch haircut thing but there are straight women who like that hairstyle too. What matters is she’s gorgeous, as was Raya.

      Good enough to give yuri fans material to work with, yes.


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