Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 3: Believe in Your Kawaii

Time to see what the 2nd Tropical Ranger will bring to the table.

Laura chilling on chair

Laura lounging while looking bored or annoyed makes me laugh for some reason.

We joined Manatsu and Sango at school. Manatsu had a bit of a dilemma. She was pumped to join a school club but they all intrigued her so much she couldn’t pick only one. After school she got ready to shop with friends and invited Laura. Laura tried to play the cool gal being all “Nah. I don’t feel like going…though if you insist…” but Manatsu accepted her “no” and ran off.

Manatsu itching for ice creamManatsu, like most Ranger leaders, oozes with charisma, energy, genki power and most importantly funny faces. Sango and the other girls praised her for those exact traits.

Sango helping a womanThroughout the episode we learned Sango liked to help people but was soft-spoken. She had opinions of her own but thought it best to go with the flow of others. While returning a wallet to her owner she got separated from the group. As she looked for them she heard singing and looked for the singer.

Laura flattered by Sango's praiseThat’s how she met Laura. She’s on guard at first but once Sango flattered her she welcomed the cultured girl to confirm she was the real deal. She took the opportunity to see if Sango was a Ranger Candidate but like Manatsu the morpher didn’t react to her right away.

Sango feeling left outThe next day Manatsu wanted to eat on the roof. The other girls didn’t but Sango, who went with the trio’s flow all day prior, followed her. She envied Manatsu’s confidence to pick what she wanted without worry. She told her why it’s hard for her to do the same. Basically she didn’t want to feel left out or different. Laura overheard the story and told her to not be ashamed of making her own decisions, aka “Believe in your kawaii!”. Since the two already met Manatsu thought Sango would make a great Power Ranger but Laura said the morpher didn’t react to her. Sango wanted to say something but backed off again.

Sango defends LauraIt’s about time for Crab general to cause trouble. As Manatsu rushed to the crime scene the trio talked about people seeing a mermaid during the previous monster attacks. They accused Laura of being involved based solely on word of mouth. Finally Sango could take no more and defended her honor as she followed Manatsu.

Cure CoralCure Summer held her own but the Yarane-da was tougher than the last two. Sango felt helpless at first but she really wanted to help. She believed she had the courage and resolve to become a Power Ranger. Thus, like last time, the morpher sensed her courage and Sango became the purple Ranger, Cure Coral. Purple represent!

Cure Coral ShieldCure Coral had a strong shield and her finisher, Fluffy Coral Diffusion, fired a barrage of fluffy missiles. One of the best finishers in Cure history. Having found her “Kawaii” Sango joined the Tropical Rangers.

Great stuff once again. Sango fills the role of the “cute one” nicely. Next time the third Ranger joins the team.

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6 Responses to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 3: Believe in Your Kawaii

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Sango is so cute! Second only to Laura (who just keeps on getting more cute every episode <3)

    Manatsu continues being a lot of fun, and the show is just a lot of fun!

    I really like the finishers, especially how everyone’s given a special touch to the “victory” so far. I’m curious what Yellow and orange red will do.

    Something amusing: Laura was never told a precure needed to be a “cute girl”, but Laura automatically decided that had to be how it was. Her preferences were already pretty clear from the first episode

    Next up is Yellow!


  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    3 episodes in and Tropical Rouge is so much fun already. I like Manatsu a lot. The action is well done. And I still can’t get enough of the “lazy, I don’t even wanna be here” vibe of the villians.
    Oh, and I like Sango too! It’s strange to see a purple cure this early but that’s just the veteran in me speaking.


    • OG-Man says:

      We only got one scene of the witch and she’s already excellent.

      Sango is wonderful, yes. I have no problem getting the purple Cure right away. There needs to be more purple goodness in this world.


  3. Giack31 says:

    I really like character who lack confidence and find a way to step up and stand up for themselves and Sango is a really good one.

    I wasn’t very impressed by Manatsu’s transformation but Sango’s was so overwhelmingly cute. I loved it, plus her final attack looks super cool.

    Next week is my hype girl of the season, can’t wait.


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