Yuru Camp△ 2.10: Izu Detour

The Izu Group Camping Arc continues.

Aki lays out the plan

As we recall six of our heroines went by van while Rin enjoyed her trip to Izu by moped. The plan was to visit as many geoparks and see as many geosites as possible. Basically nature’s miracles throughout Izu. Won’t cover each one shown this episode. Feel free to enjoy the sights with our heroines.

Nadeshiko asleepNadeshiko was so excited for the trip she couldn’t sleep. She boasted staying up for the entire road trip but it of course was a classic “instant sleep” joke. Ena had fun sharing a photo of the dozing cutie with Rin.

Mini Inu and Big InuThe gang ran into a traffic jam due to a nearby sakura festival. Mini-Inu took the chance to check it out for a bit.

Lying sistersThat wasn’t nice doggie sisters. Poor Nadeshiko took some time to fully recover from their trick.

Aki discusses Operation Double BirthdayWhen the gang stopped at a story to buy supplies for the big meal our favorite advisor saw a customer drinking himself hearty. Nearly a month without drinking began to take its toll on her. Aki and Rin knew the time had come to put their plan into action. The real reason they told her to hold off drinking for a while was to save money for ingredients to cook their big double birthday meal. They did their best to prepare themselves but the sly Ena was yet again one step ahead.

Change of plansThe main campsite our heroines had planned was at Cape Tsumeki, a seaside location. From what Miss Minami recalled camping was banned during Summer and Fall but Winter and Spring was cool. Unfortunately they found out Winter camping was recently banned also. Luckily Miss Minami contacted their friends from the Lakeside Camping arc and found a new spot to set up camp. Rin mapped out a path to check out as many sites as possible despite the change of plans.

Camper Girls about to raceWe ended the episode with half of the campers considering a Yuru Camp crossover with Yama no Susume someday and the other half racing to determine who would buy drinks for the others. Aki was confident working increased her physical prowess. Take a wild guess how she fared.

Good stuff as always. The camping continues next time.

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6 Responses to Yuru Camp△ 2.10: Izu Detour

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Tons of fun! I can relate to Nadeshiko, cause that actually happened to me on a camping trip before XD But thankfully I got to see all the neat sights and stuff on the way back. It was obvious that Aki would stand no chance against Nadeshiko, but she also stood no chance against the mountain it would seem XD

    The “double lying sisters” are terrifying indeed o_o

    All those geospots look like fantastic places to visit T_T I really want to go somewhere this summer….

    Good ol City officiials not knowing what is going on in their own jurisdiction….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chikorita157 says:

    I find it funny how Aoi and Akari really trolled Nadeshiko. Still, I can see why she acted the way she did when Rin finally shows up. Still,. I guess she realizes that sleeping during a car ride might not be the best idea if Nadeshiko doesn’t want to experience FOMO.

    It’s sad that Minami gets into the same situation as Aki did, but it’s good that couple helped them out again. Yep, she needs to repay them with something special.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nick says:

    The chill camping vibes, the food, and the fun times with friends, Yuru Camp just keep delivering each week. Truly one of the best shows this season and I love it more and more each week. I wish I was more of an outdoors person, or just had cool places to go visit in my area.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    Aki channeled her inner Gendo today.


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