Gekidol Episode 10: Before the Curtain

Some more revelations along with a big play preparation.

We’ll start with the stage girls stuff then move on to the sci-fi stuff. So Akira plan for the next play was to introduce a never before seen play. To Lovemin’s surprise she’s appointed the playwright. Not knowing where to start Izumi had an idea. She found what looked like a diary in Kaworu’s room. More on that later. It was incomplete so Lovemin had to improvise the rest.

Once everyone unanimously approved Lovemin’s additions to the story Akira went ahead and chose Izumi to play the lead role of Miki Schteinberg. More on that later. Akira, Air and AIRI agreed. The reasons why as the Izumi side debated later, were obvious. She was super talented and had star power. It’s the same reason WWE keeps bringing in wrestlers of the past to compete at Wrestlemania (The talent part varies). Lovemin and Mayuri, however, voted for Seria, the incredibly talented newcomer. Surprised by the divide Akira was about to postpone the decision but Seria stepped up determined to play the main role. Impressed by her seriousness she scheduled an audition. The time had come for Seria to prove herself against Izumi.

Long conversation short the reason Lovemin and Mayuri voted for Seria was because since joining she’d already proven herself an incredible talent who kept improving every performance. The two were amazed and motivated by her progress. Lovemin even said her growth inspired her to write Miki’s role for her and through it realized a new talent in script writing. So Akira made the right choice.

As mentioned earlier Akira mainly chose Izumi for her drawing power. The others jokingly remarked that Kaworu rubbed off on her with Air even suggesting Akira would consider an erotic job should things not go well.

Long audition short Seria got the role because she went the extra mile and dug deep to become “Miki” while Izumi only focused on how Kaworu would play the role.

The main takeaway from this was AIRI of all people didn’t believe in Seria to carry a big show by herself. Will this get brought up next episode? Hopefully. The reason I say that was because of what happened in the sci-fi plot.

So the diary Izumi found was about two Gazer agents, Miki and Kyouko, sent back in time to stop a rogue organization called Innovators. One of their agents, Enri Viano, was hiding in a high school in the year 2012. Their mission was to stop her. From what we saw in Kaworu’s flashbacks she trusted the senpai named Azusa, who was Enri Viano in disguise. Kyouko was suspicious of her from the start. The next flashback came when Douche Producer found the pod Kaworu was inside of as a familiar aurora effect could be seen outside. In the flashback Kyouko was mortally wounded and it appeared the culprit was Enri Viano.

However, according to Doll, or as I’ll call her until things change, Doll 9000, as she went sci-fi horror on our asses, told Kaworu that her mission was to kill DP but because she loved him she went rogue and killed Kyouko or something like that. She wanted to show Kaworu the truth but she’s terrified to see it.

The big reveal of Kaworu being Miki all along was no surprise. I guess she rejected her mission out of love for DP and created the Kaworu alias. I still don’t care about their romantic subplot. What concerns me is it possibly becoming the main love story. It better not. Stick to being side-characters that add more pieces to the sci-fi stuff. We’re here for the Alice In girls, especially the maybe/sorta love triangle. Other than that, good episode.

By the way, whether Kyouko and Enri Viano looking similar to Airi and Izumi serves some kind of purpose or it’s just a cost saving measure to alter a character’s appearance and make them a brand new character I don’t know. Unless it is I won’t think about it too much. Not worth it.

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7 Responses to Gekidol Episode 10: Before the Curtain

  1. I don’t have too much to add beyond your thoughts, but I will say that I’m curious if this Miki x DP subplot might hold some relevance to our main girls. Like perhaps they are meant to be a parallel of sorts. I guess time will tell. Doll was super creepy this episode. I also do hope they’ll address Airi’s seemingly lack of faith in Seria, since usually she’d be the first to advocate for her.

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    So far, absolutely love this show, but I also hope they don’t make the main focus that relationship that no one watching this show cares that deeply about compared to what else is on the show. it was a surprise to have her go for Izumi, guess old flames don’t die so easily. Gives more chance for the tsundere I guess? Though I’m thinking Seria is going to push for her place with Airi pretty aggressively.

    Seria has really proven that she’s a budding genius that was held back by loads of trauma.

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  3. Somebody says:

    The most shocking revelation this episode was Airi not backing Seria for the lead. It made no sense given the last 9 episodes before it. Honestly starting to feel baited. They tease us with a kiss early on and now I think this is 2 episodes in a row without an onscreen conversation between them. And then the het subplot is going to take the main focus? With only two episodes left it seems very likely to be dominated by the disaster meaning boring het stuff. I really hope I’m wrong.

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  4. Giack31 says:

    There was a lot information this episode and I’m not sure I understood all of it.

    Other then Airi not backing Seria for the main role I also found strange that Mayuri went with Seria when we were shown just last episode that she was the biggest Izumi fan.

    I initially assumed that Kaworu’s flashbacks were all part of a play but that was actually real? Maybe?

    Then if all this Gazer and Innovator stuff is real then who is Doll?

    From what we saw before the producer was in some kind of incident and there she met Miki who we now know was supposed to kill him but didn’t because she developed feeling for him. Not sure how all of that like to Kaworu’s flashback with Kyoko and Azusa.

    I really really don’t like the change in how the producer was portrayed in this episode. You don’t get to treat him like the hero that saved Kaworu when he was nothing but a straight up asshole up until now. I really hope he doesn’t have some bs “redemption arc”.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    Just one word, Akira, greed-is-good 😀


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