Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 2: Fun and Duty

More Tropical Ranger goodness.

Laura's dream

We joined Manatsu peeking into Laura’s pocket home inside the “Mermaid Pot” thing. Laura wanted to focus on finding three more Rangers but Manatsu was hyped for school, especially which club she could join.

Manatsu recognizes SangoAfter an amusing self-introduction that kinda fell flat one girl did enjoy her enthusiasm. Manatsu recognized her as the girl from the cosmetics shop. Her name was Sango. The reason Manatsu didn’t greet her at the store was because she was intimidated by its awesomeness.

Manatsu meets Sango's MomTo her surprise Sango’s family owned the store. Her mom took an instant liking to Manatsu.

Laura in the bathtubThis had me laughing for some reason. Laura got tired of waiting for Manatsu to come home so she left the Pot and ended in the tub. As Manatsu hyped up meeting Sango Laura had a face that was like “You have a FREAKIN’ MERMAID in your bathtub. Why are you praising some other human girl you just met?” She probably wasn’t thinking that but I like to think so.

Cool Laura leapAs an apology to Laura she took her to a private spot at the aquarium. There they agreed to one day visit the Mermaid Kingdom together once the Witch of Delays was defeated. As Laura shared her dream of becoming the new queen Manatsu thought about her dream of living a fun and exciting school life. Laura hoped she’d focus more on being a Power Ranger. Manatsu wondered how she became one as Laura remembered her discussion with the queen. She was like “Our hearts connected basically”.

Oh yes. One more thing before we continue.

Laura saying she become a Pretty CureWhen asked why couldn’t she become a Power Ranger Laura said it’s because she’s a mermaid. In a franchise that had animals, fairies, androids and even boys become Rangers I don’t see why she couldn’t. As Rory and I discussed this hopefully means she’ll become the Bonus Ranger of the season. Should that be the case I hope she stays a mermaid in Ranger form and not grow magic legs. I would love to see her fight with her tail.

Manatsu and Laura about to argueThe next day Laura wanted to go to school with Manatsu to search for other Ranger candidates. Manatsu agreed so long as she kept a low profile. As was often the case with the “creatures at school hiding from humans” setup she’d eventually get busted. Luckily not enough kids got a good look at her. They argued over Manatsu’s Ranger duties and personal desires and Manatsu said something mean to her in the spur of the moment.

Cure Summer leaps into actionAs Laura swam off it’s time for the crab general to cause trouble. Laura desperately tried to find a Ranger candidate to no avail. Fortunately Manatsu couldn’t stop thinking about her and rushed to the rescue once the ring alerted her. When asked why she came Manatsu pretty much said she wanted to be with Laura forever. They’re currently at the friends stage so hopefully this is a sign we have another “destined lovers” story. We didn’t quite get one in Healin’ Good (Still a good entry I have to review at some point) so hopefully we’ll be more fortunate this time around. No need to show off the “Monster of the Week” as Cure Summer made quick work of it in glorious fashion. The two made up and all was well.

Another pretty good episode. Next time we get to see the 2nd Tropical Ranger join the team.

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5 Responses to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 2: Fun and Duty

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Laura continues being ❤

    She reminds me of Hime from Happicha in a lot of ways~ I really hope she becomes a pretty cure too! It would be such a waste….I don’t know how they’ll handle her being a mermaid, but I think it’s most probable she’ll get a human form she can switch between (as has been the case for many examples throughout precure). Normally in fights like these, I don’t take a side, but I have to say that Manatsu was really in the wrong this time. And glad she admitted to that. Laura may have an ulterior motive of becoming queen, but she’s right in that there are enemies right at their doorstep, and “fun school life” isn’t going to help them stop that (for now anyway!)

    The designs for all the cures this series are really ❤ Very excited for more of this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rory says:

    Laura chilling in the bath tub was pretty funny.
    Great episode in which Manatsu and Laura’s bond has grown even stronger. Nice for them to get a bit of time together before we start adding more Cures.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Giack31 says:

    As expected Laura won’t be a PreCure … yet. I agree that there is a very strong chance that she will become the secret PreCure for this entry.


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