WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 9: Top Divas in Da House

Last time we’re promised the A Rank team of Deus Ex Machina in action. That promise was kept but we got something neat before the big match.

Funny Hirana

Hirana and ExcelWe began with the Producer chick. Turns out she also managed Deus Ex Machina alongside Card Jockey. One of their members went awol. We joined Hirana arriving early for her with her two sweeties when a sexy redhead bumped into her. She’d introduce herself as Excel. Gee, I wonder who she could be? She was looking for a famous taiyaki truck but it’s usually hard to find so she asked Hirana to help look for it. Hirana rightfully hesitated, especially as she didn’t want to keep her honeys waiting but Excel used a classic trick to get her cooperation.

Hirana shares her love of WIXOSSDuring their search they heard some kids talk about the upcoming Deus Ex Machina battle and Hirana remembered the reason for her double date. Excel asked her about WIXOSS and she bragged about No Limit. To her dismay Excel never heard of them. When she claimed to not be interested in WIXOSS Hirana went on about how cool battles were. Excel was triggered when she mentioned losing but was touched by Hirana’s passion.

Eternal Girl Win the GauntletThey saw an ad for Eternal Girl. Hirana brought up the day she was inspired to take Diva Battles seriously. It was the Eternal Girl Eternal Battle: A 100 team gauntlet. The group’s “Never give, never surrender” resolve led them to win the gauntlet. Excel admitted she too was inspired by their greatness.

Dyna and MakinaAfter that we met Dyna and Makina. Again, I wonder who they could be? They’re looking for someone. Excel mentioned it’s almost time to leave but Hirana insisted they kept looking for the taiyaki. Excel admitted she tricked her and didn’t have to keep following her but Hirana was determined to help. Fortune smiled on them and they were led to the truck. Dyna and Makina arrived to pick up Excel. As Hirana left Excel told them she reminded her of her old self.

Rei and Akino waiting for HiranaLooking good for their double date. As Hirana apologized for her tardiness she’s surprised with a sudden VIP invite to watch the D.E.M. battle.

MeteorhythmThe challengers in the big battle were MeteoRhythm. Long battle short they put up a good fight and were really close to making history. However…

Deus Ex Machina VictoriousI like how each member caters to a specific tastes. They’re like an edgy No Limit.

We end the episode with an expected bombshell. As the winners D.E.M. got to pick their next opponents. Excel surprised everyone by announcing No Limit would be their chosen challengers. Good stuff. I suspect Excel went awol earlier because she lost the passion for battle. Either because she didn’t like breaking people’s dreams or she was getting bored. Then she saw Hirana and she got some of her passion back We’ll find out next time if I’m right or not.

PS: Viewers who paid close attention, well it’s actually not hard to figure out at all, they revealed the other two members of Eternal Girl in this episode alongside the Producer. Kinda obvious really.

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4 Responses to WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 9: Top Divas in Da House

  1. Nick says:

    Not really a lot to talk about here, I had a feeling right from the start that Excel would be a high ranked player. Plus anyone named Excel really should raise some flags.

    The quest for the food was fun to watch. Nice to see they got it in the end too.

    As expected D.E.M would pick No Limit to battle against next. That should be an exciting battle indeed!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    luckily they didn’t need to visit otherside to find the mysterious food truck of urban legend

    Liked by 1 person

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