Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 9: Band Sports Fest Thing

It’s time for BUDVIRGINLOGIC to make their return at a Sports Festival thing.

We had REIJINGSIGNAL as the opening act while Ailane looked on seemingly unimpressed.

Mashumairesh!! at first felt bummed because they only got to participate becuase they’re a package deal with Plasmagica and Criticrista but when they realized a lot of people would be watching the event they’d do their best to gather more fans.

The competing bands were Mashumairesh!!, Plasmagica, Criticrista, REIJINGSIGNAL and BUDVIRGINLOGIC.

Hopefully we’ll get to see Retoree do more than fill up her Cyan photo collection before the end of the season.

From the beginning Ailane looked like she didn’t want to be there. That attitude carried over to the competition. Despite Rararin riling her up BVL did poorly in the first half of the festival. However, once Ailane got a text from her beloved older onii-chama Aion she suddenly got an evil smirk from her old days as boss band in Season 2.

I was never a big fan of BVL as characters. I like them and their style more than Criticrista though.

Ailane used her dark power for an unfair advantage.

Knowing they had to take action quickly Cyan had Howan combine their soul power to calm Ailane down.

In classic sports festival fashion the winner of the final event would get so many points it made all other events pointless. Since BVL were the main central band of the episode they of course picked up the victory. At least they had Ailane cross the finish in spectacular fashion. We ended the episode with Ailane acknowledging Mashumairesh!! as formidable raivarus. If I’m not mistaken they’re the last girl bands our heroines had yet to meet before the episode so they’re about ready for the big show and the inevitable clash with the Dark Monster that’s mentioned on and off. DOKONJOFINGER still have to meet Trichronika though so I imagine the boy bands will get one more episode.

This was a decent episode and the Short was decent too. Hopefully the title of the next one hints at something magical for our ladies. Either that or it’s the aforementioned Trichronika episode.

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1 Response to Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 9: Band Sports Fest Thing

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Yes, it’s a fun episode. It’s predictable that Retoree would go crazy with the photos of Cyan. This kind of makes me wish they would reach the same relationship level as Howan and Himeko. Baby steps I guess. Still, I think Mashumairesh hold well on their own.

    Ailane should know that cheating is for losers. Still, it’s good to see her have a comeback. Still, I have to admit that the last event made the other events completely pointless.


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