Gekidol Episode 9: Roots

With Wonder Egg being a recap episode this week let’s focus on Gekidol.

Mako comforts Seria

I prepared myself for what I thought would happen but instead Mako’s role this episode was to support Seria and later Alice In. See, after Kaworu disappeared Douche Producer said their contract was null and void, therefore the Alice In building was his by default. Seria felt helpless and isolated herself but Mako came to check up on her and encouraged her to keep fighting. She also asked to meet Akira.

Izumi finds Airi grabbing stuff from Alice InMeanwhile Izumi was fired (“graduated”) from SMT and Airi’s the only one who lent her an ear. Later on she found Airi sneaking inside the locked up Alice In building to retrieve the gang’s gear. Izumi felt lost but Airi chose to invite her back to the group.

Alice In Comeback Tour BeginsThe gang were surprised to see Izumi back but because their first show on their comeback tour was about to start they let her join their performance. It was good. Most of the gang were happy to welcome her back…except two.

Mayuri angry at IzumiMayuri and a seemingly reluctant Air ran off, the former still angry over Izumi’s betrayal. Izumi ran after them, begging them to accept her back but Mayuri stood her ground despite her clearly shaking. Then came the big moment of the episode.

Air Kazuhara angryAir, the girl who spoke in simple (sometimes vague) verbs to get her point across, could stands no more as she lashed out on Izumi for not being like the cool heroine she and Mayuri admired and at Mayuri for lying to herself. Basically Mayuri was always the biggest Izumi fangirl of the group and as someone who was by her side from the beginning Air saw it all. She’s like “Cut the crap you two! Izumi, come back already and Mayuri, stop acting like you don’t want her back!”. They both felt betrayed but Air knew Mayuri wanted Izumi back as much as she did. After her epic moment we found out why she hardly spoke when not on stage. Oh right. I guess the added detail of Izumi forced to leave Alice In, not by choice, should be mentioned.

The only sci-fi development this episode was the Illusion Engine, real name the Grand Material System, needed a key to be controlled but because Kaworu disappeared with it Douche Producer’s master plan was put on hold.

The new Alice In TheaterBack to Alice In. They could hold more shows but the problem was they didn’t have a stage to perform in. That’s where Mako came in. There was an abandoned school from the time before “IT” happened. Her dad was part of the Board of Directors. He spoke on Alice In’s behalf and got permission to let them run their shows there. To top off the official start of their comeback tour they not only went old-school but performed Alice In’s first ever play, MARKER LIGHT-BLUE.

Mako praised by SeriaMako was rewarded with praises from her sweetie. Good for her. Good episode. Not much else to add. More next time.

PS: I do believe, as peeps mentioned in the comments, most of the girls on this show are gay (some bi like Kaworu) at this point.

Apparently the RAWs of Episodes 10-12 are already out there. For now I’ll wait till they all get subbed. I request impatient peeps keep quiet till then. Not one word!

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9 Responses to Gekidol Episode 9: Roots

  1. cirno9fan says:

    The raws aren’t out yet, just the BD already released. They’ll show up soon probably, but not quite yet.


    I never expected that Mayuri was the one who liked Izumi the most, quite a well kept secret ~ Sniffing her training clothes is a bit further than “admiration” XD It’s nice that even though DP screwed them over, they found hope and are still living on. Their fanbase may be small, but they are about to be the only ones with actual theater once DP pulls off his insane plan.

    I don’t know where this love Unidentified Mysterious Shape (UMS) will end up, but it sure has made it clear that Alice in is full of girls who like girls. Really excited to see where things go from here!

    And, maybe Funi will finally be given an actual ED since the BDs are out anyway?

    Liked by 1 person

    • cirno9fan says:

      And forgot to note how massively they red herringed us with Izumi supposedly liking the Producer. And conseqeuntly, talking about how Izumi’s real reason of leaving Alice in was actually likely that she felt she was holding back Airi, and Airi needed someone else to reach her true potential.

      Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      As I told one of our homies we had to learn something about Mayuri and Air at one point or another. Glad we finally did and as you said this pretty much confirms the girls on this show are gay with Kaworu being bi.

      Still hope people are respectful and not drop spoilers before they’re all subbed.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pretty chill, but still good episode. I’m also most surprised that Mayuri is the one who liked Izumi the most. Seems Air also admired her as well, and she seems close with Mayuri, so it’s no surprise she’d be able to see how Mayuri felt. I wonder if there’s a potential OT3 building there? Also, we’ll probably never hear Air speak that much again lol. Glad Mako had her chance to shine for Seria. I suppose the impending heartbreak she might be facing is on hold for now. I’m glad they have a new place to start over and I’m sure they’ll be successful. Not just Alice In, I feel like nearly every woman in this show likes girls. Even Kaworu said she might fall for Akira, so it’s likely she’s Bi despite her history with DP. So I’m definitely curious to see how the relationships will all end up almost as much as I want to see the end of this mystery. Let’s hope no one decides to be a jerk and spoils.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It was a nice and welcome surprise. I’d be down for an OT3.

      Yup. The girls’ relationships are more compelling than the world building. Plus, as you and cirno said the girls are definitely gay with Kaworu being bi.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Giack31 says:

    This was nit as crazy as the other ones but still good.

    I’m glad that they had some conflict with Izumi coming back, if it was all fine it would have been a bit weird. That also finally gave a reason to shine some light on the remaining two girls. I absolutely loved when the quiet girl spoke up to resolve the situation. We also found that Izumi was forced to join SMT, seriously how evil can that guy get?

    It was nice seeing more Mako this episodes.

    I wonder what happen to Kaworu, I doubt she’s dead.

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  4. yurimylove says:

    We can only see the top part, but I’m pretty sure the riceballs Mako made especially for Seria is heart-shaped ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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