Faylinn’s Quest Kickstarter and Neighbors By Chance

Quick look at a Kickstarter, one successful campaign that got released and a cute free VN.

Update: Added Hazel

First up is a game I brought up once before in Faylinn’s Quest. It is an RPG and Visual Novel/Eroge hybrid somewhat similar to Catgirl’s Questlist. NSFW scenes can be turned off here too.

Description: A non-linear experience in which you take the role of Faylinn, the adventurer that’s secretly a half-demon, on her quest to discover the truth about her powers!
Interact with many characters and influence their lives, relationships, with open-ended quests, customizable stats and skills, unlocking 100 delicious original illustrations!

  • Turn-based combat with 10+ recruitable companions (and relationship building)

  • Crafting system

  • Lockpicking and other minigames

  • Equipment with attachable and craftable components

  • Customizable skills and parameters

  • New game plus and Post-game content

  • Plenty of quests and choices to make

  • Many characters to romance or develop relationships with

  • Multiple routes and alternative endings 

The game is split into three chapters and plays like a choice based RPG. What I mean is moving around town or actions taken in dungeons are all choice based. There is no walking around. Battles are turn based. To get a better idea check out the Demo HERE.

Readers who do not mind RPGs of this style can learn more about Faylinn’s Quest and possibly support it by visiting the Kickstarter page HERE. The game was fully funded but there are some enticing Stretch Goals such as a female Rogue romance option and a married yuri couple who most likely wouldn’t mind an OT3 future with Faylinn.

By the way, while there is a het romance option and het scenes these can be avoided and most of the romance options are female.

To keep up with updates on the project follow the Twitter page HERE.

Next is a game that began as a Kickstarter and now is available for purchase, Tales From The Under-Real: Hazel, by Winter Wolves. (Note: Tentacles do not play a role in H scenes)

Description: Tales Of The Under-Realm: Hazel is a dark themed yuri visual novel that takes place in the fantasy world of Aravorn (already seen in games like Loren The Amazon Princess). A mysterious entity known as the Nameless God serves as the main narrator of the story, having the ability to peek in on the life of deceased souls and discover what brought them to a premature death.

In this case, the Nameless God takes an interest in the fate of a witch named Hazel.

Captured, she wakes up in a prison somewhere in Aravorn. She’s not alone though. Locked in the cell next to her is an assassin named Sasha who is as lethal as she is beautiful. But can Hazel trust her just because they’re in a similar situation?

The alternative is putting her faith in the paladin interrogating her. While that option is far from ideal in it’s own right, Hazel can’t help but feel a special connection to Tori. Is it just in her head though? Or can she really use that bond to escape?

The answer is no, of course. Hazel did end up in the Under-Realm one way or another. But is that all there is to her story? Do all of her choices lead to death? Or does she have one final trick up her sleeve?

Tales Of The Under-Realm: Hazel features two love interests, Sasha and Tori. Each of them have multiple endings that are based on the choices the player makes during the game.

The game is available on Steam with a free Uncensored Patch HERE.

Winter Wolves Twitter.

Next is a neat yuri VN created as part of the 2021 Valentine’s Jam, Neighbors By Chance, developed by Yume Creations.

Plot Summary: Yuuhi’s days are dull and grey, brightened only by the gacha game she plays religiously. She avoids everyone—even the new neighbor next door—until she can’t anymore, and she learns that said neighbor is… her long-lost best friend from third grade?!

Short and sweet: 8.5k words and 2 endings
Voice acting for all characters!
A slice-of-life visual novel created in a month fo the Valentine’s VN Jam 2021
Beautiful art by kjus
Available for Windows, Linux and Mac

The interested can download the game for free or possibly donate HERE.

Yume Creations Twitter.

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