Otherside Picnic Episode 9: Tandarts Aap

Looks like I got my wish. Akari did return but she didn’t come alone.

Toriko notices Sorawo's hair growing

We joined our heroines on the train as Sorawo thought about Toriko’s silence after Akari mentioned Satsuki. She avoided the subject as much as possible. Meanwhile Toriko noticed Sorawo’s hair grew. Sorawo hadn’t let her hair grow in a long time and considered cutting it until Toriko remarked how lovely a long haired Sorawo would look.

Akari bribed KozakuraThe reason they’re on the train was because Kozakura sent a text for them to come to her place right away. Turns out it’s to meet Akari. She knew about Kozakura from Satsuki and brought along a bribe for good measure. Of course Toriko had a glum reaction to Satsuki’s name again as Sorawo noticed.

Purple monkeyHer emergency this time had to do with her childhood friend Natsumi, or Nattsun. She got a call from her regarding a creepy purple monkey that spoke to her. The urban legend this time was Kano Sannuki. Some kind of evil tooth fairy as we’d later find out. The monkey basically gave Nattsun a bunch of human teeth to bury somewhere for Kano Sannuki to come retrieve…or else. The problem? Nattsun threw away the teeth.

NatsumiI know someone who would find Nattsun sexier than I already do. She was a mechanic. When our heroines arrived she formally introduced herself to Toriko before Akari told her Sorawo was the cool chick she told her about. Remember this for later.

Akari caring for NatsumiNattsun told them all the horrible things that happened to customers and her family. She got more and more distressed as she went on. Fortunately Akari knew what to do.

Urn full of teethToriko was like “Let’s do our thing Sorawo” but Nattsun said the cops investigated a hanging at the tree in their yard so Sorawo advised a different approach. She used her eye to locate a buried urn. Inside was a tooth fairy’s gold mine. As if that wasn’t creepy enough more scary stuff was dug up across the yard.

Akari and SatsukiToriko asked Nattsun about Satsuki giving her a strange charm like Akari. Nattsun had never met her but she recalled seeing someone that fit her description, a tall woman with long black hair. As Toriko searched elsewhere for more clues Nattsun gave Sorawo a more detailed description. One day she saw Akari and Satsuki walking side by side but as she saw Satsuki she sensed a very unsettling aura coming from her.

That’s chilling, yes, but what she said next was far more important.

Nattsun relievedNattsun was like “As I saw them walking side by side I was worried she’d take Akari away from me. Akari’s always been a cutie. So cute that she got hit on a lot. I was always there to chase away posers until she took karate. Having become a badass I thought she didn’t need me anymore. I was concerned about you at first because Akari described you as this awesome super sleuth. When I saw the mega hottie Toriko I thought it was over for me…Thank goodness the cool chick turned out to be you.

The sadness.


Oh my poor gut. I didn’t have enough time to laugh and feel bad for Sorawo (Who’s sexy in her own right by the way) because things were about to get creepy.

Kano SannukiThe evil tooth fairy came to collect. As Nattsun and Akari stood up to “her” both had a tooth BRUTALLY ripped from their mouths. Another creepy thing was when Akari faced “her” “she” called her Karateka, the nickname Sorawo gave her. How did “she” know that? Another envoy of Satsuki? Sorawo used her eye to analyze the creepy hag and detected “her” true form. She then somehow did the following.

Akari destroys Kano SannukiShe somehow reawakened the creepy side of Akari we saw last time. I guess that’s her Berserk Mode because she not only dominated the evil tooth fairy once Sorawo confirmed it was from the Otherside but she MERCILESSLY OBLITERATED IT! It was one of the most badass beat downs by a lesbian I had ever seen.

Akari soothes NatsumiBy the way, Psycho Killer Akari was like “I will destroy ANYONE who dares hurt the ones I love!” Looks like Nattsun had nothing to worry about. Akari’s heart already belonged to her.

Toriko wants to see a long haired SorawoAs the lovebirds affectionately called to each other our main sweeties had their own moment. However, Sorawo’s bliss was short lived. Akari heard Sorawo talk about growing her hair and was like “You remind me of Satsuki”. Sorawo had a troubled reaction that said “Does Toriko like me because I remind her of Satsuki?” The chibi ED hints otherwise but we’ll find out more next time. Great stuff once again.

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16 Responses to Otherside Picnic Episode 9: Tandarts Aap

  1. That was such an epic takedown! Akari wasn’t bluffing about those Karate skills lol. I really like her and Nattsun is beautiful. Hands down my favorite character design of anyone in the show. She seems pretty cool too, with a sweet personality, which adds to her allure. Akari is a lucky girl and they make a great pair. Maybe they’ll officially get together and inspire our leading ladies to take a closer look at each other.

    The Satsuki mystery is getting kind of spooky now. The way she’s been shown in the last couple episodes is honestly chilling and I’m not sure how Toriko remembers her, but I’m guessing she’s not the same anymore if she’s still alive somehow. I guess we’ll find out soon enough about her. I’m also really curious about that deal with Sorawo’s eye and how she awakened Akari’s strength. Good stuff as usual.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Sexy redhead mechanic is sexy. Hopefully it won’t be long before she can call Akari her cute “Kung Fu Girlfriend”. Our heroines could take notes.

      At this point Satsuki pretty much sounds like she’s no longer human.

      Yup. Not sure how Sorawo did it but it’s interesting.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. cirno9fan says:

    Really like it when an episode is about a story I haven’t read~ It’s fun watching things play out that are familiar, but it’s even better when I have no clue what will happen next!

    I wonder if Nattsun is anime only or just someone who showed up later int he LNs? I guess I’ll find out once this is over and I get to reading past LN 2.

    A really enjoyable episode! Poor Sorawo though 😦 That must have hit her hard, thinking about how she’s probably just a Satsuki replacement. But man, Satsuki sure gets around. Stringing along two ladies at once…Though I imagine it’s probably just related to her being someone who uses people like tools, and has a way at worming her way into hearts.

    Her eye ability is quite interesting. The abnormalties Toriko and Sorawo got from the otherside get curioser and curioser….

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  3. chikorita157 says:

    Yes, this episode is really creepy, especially with an old lady wanting human teeth and using her power to forcefully extract them. Also the misfortune that Natsumi faced against her wrath of not giving the teeth is downright scary, more so than those ninja cats. Still, it’s good that Akari gave her a beating, which of course makes me wonder what other powers Sorawo’s eyes have.

    Still, Toriko wanting Sorawo grow out her hair like Satsuki makes me wonder, is Toriko trying to make her like Satsuki. I don’t think Sorawo has the same kind of vibes. I think this is yet another sign that Sorawo is falling for Toriko.

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  4. Everett says:

    I am shipping Akari and Nattsun SO HARD! They’re so cuuuute! I hope our main ladies take a page from their book so we get to see some cute stuff between them too.

    This episode was sooo crepy for me because of the teeth being pulled out by the old lady… it’s one of my worst nightmares. Also, Satsuki was super sketchy from the beginning, she probably used her charm and influence to manipulate girls like Akari and Toriko. She will definitely be the super villain at the end of the anime.

    I don’t think Sorawo resembles Satsuki at all, her aura is totally different and I don’t think Toriko thinks of her as a replacement for Satsuki. It will probably come a moment when they’ll meet Satsuki again, but she won’t be human anymore, so Toriko will be forced to choose between saving her and Sorawo’s lives or going to Satsuki, like “merging” with her or something.

    I am so pumped for what’s next!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Akari and Nattsun are great together and hopefully will become even closer in the future.

      Creepy stuff as always from this show.

      Looking forward to seeing how Sorawo and Toriko’s relationship develops as their inevitable encounter with Satsuki draws nearer.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Yuu says:

    Karateka is everything! Lol

    I don’t know why, but this has been my favourite episode thus far, despite my gums itching every time I think about it. Great amount of cute and horror and then the Sorawo x Satsuki connection…

    When I saw Satsuki on the otherside, all hair and creeper-like, I assumed that she’d been changed from a ‘normal’ looking human to a hair monster when whatever happened to her happened. Might be now that she looked just as creepy in Nattsu’s memories she was never human??? An otherside creature come to recruit pretty girls to take home with her… wonder what she does to them… he…he…heh….

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  6. opaco1234 says:

    Satsuki seen had a lot charisma to even see as a paranormal person, so much that even Sorawo want to look like her even before realizing Toriko feelings

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nick says:

    Another creepy ep this week.

    Great to see Akari back again, she was cool last week and she was cool again this week.

    Nattsun was an excellent surprise. We see her briefly in the OP but I had kinda forgotten about her but when she rolled out from under the car, everything you said earlier that day made sense. Really hope we see more of this sexy redhead mechanic in future eps. Her and Honolulu made my Monday evening quite special.

    The battle was very creepy and just uncomfortable to watch. I also have such a low tolerance for scary things so this show is just so chilling for me to watch. But I’m really enjoying it and yes that was a brutal beatdown Akari did on that demon lady.

    The plot thickens with Satsuki, I’m guess they’ll dive into that more next week. We’re nearing the end of this show so things are probably going to kick into high gear now.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      As soon as I saw Nattsun I immediately wanted to drop a hint you’d really enjoy Monday after work.

      Creepy stuff throughout the episode.

      Ever since Akari joined the group the fights got even more intense all of a sudden and I love it.

      Akari X Nattsun are on the right path. Very nice.

      Looking forward to more as always.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. yurimylove says:

    Nattsun sliding out from under the car reminded me of the mechanics club in Girls und Panzer.


  9. Giack31 says:

    This was a really good episode.
    At the beginning of the episode when Sorawo hair was mentioned my first though was “Satsuki had long black hair of course Toriko wants her to grow her hair” and they actually mentioned it at the end of the episode. I don’t think Toriko sees Sorawo as a replacement for Satsuki though, they probably said this to add more drama but I don’t anything is going to come of it.

    The scene when Sorawo seemingly hypnotised Akari with her eye was super cool and creepy.

    Akari and Natsumi are really cute together. The scene with Natsumi and Sorawo was cute but also very rude towards Sorawo.


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