Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 8: Devil-Mint Blues

Episode 7 was another Boy Bands one. Readers must know by now like Mashumairesh!! DOKONJOFINGER are also on a mission to prove themselves worthy of standing alongside the other boy bands of the series. Personally have no problem with that but again this blog covers the ladies’ journey.

Girls arrive at Devil-Mint Island

When we last left our heroines they were preparing for their dual concert. Writing the song was done so the next step was finding a venue. Egghead booked them one at an island resort, Devil-Mint Island. Conveniently Delmin got a letter from her dad saying he was critically ill so two birds and stuff.

Delmin's DadAs soon as our heroines arrived at the island we were introduced to Delmin’s Dad who clearly wasn’t critically ill. He lied to get her to come back home. Delmin took it well, especially when she tried to get him to explain himself but he only wanted her to call him “Papamin”. Annoyed, she ran off.

Delmin dodges Papamin's attackOh, and because the Devil-Mint Dragons are a warrior tribe of course he greeted his daughter by testing her combat skills.

Delmin plays her grandfather's fluteBoar calms down

Her band mates caught up to her but they were ambushed by a wild boar. Fleeing into a cave Delmin felt ashamed of her actions but the gang were like “It’s all good”. She told her story. Being born shorter than most devil-mint dragons Papa wanted her to prove she’s just as strong as the others. To do this she would have to defeat a wild boar but she’s too scared to fight back then. Suddenly her grandfather arrived to qualm the boar with music. This inspired her to become a musician. Back in the present the boar found them. Delmin recalled the past and played her grandfather’s flute to qualm the boar like he did but Papa barged in and ruined the moment. Delmin tried to convince him that the power of music was strong enough to sooth the savage beast but again he only focused on her still not calling him “Papamin”.

Disciple Ruhuyu

Delmin was about to snap when Ruhuyu jumped in eager to become Papa’s disciple. She wanted to fire a Shubi Beam just like her girlfriend. With Papa’s teachings the best she could do was a little puff. Gotta start small.

Starry Night SkyWatching the starry night sky

Everyone but Ruhuyu went back to the villa. That evening they learned the island ran on volcano energy and it usually ran out at nighttime. It gave them the chance to gaze at the beautiful night sky in hopes of potentially performing under the stars.

Ruhuyu praises DelminMeanwhile Papa took the chance to ask Ruhuyu about Delmin’s strength. She crticised her sharp tongue but praised her kindness and dedication to her friends. Papa didn’t understand how that could equate to strength and she said that’s good. It showed he wanted to understand.

Plasmagica and Mashumairesh!! together on stageDelmin patches things up with PapaminLong story short we got to see the highly anticipated Plasmagica and Mashumairesh!! dual concert and the two dragons finally understood each other. Ruhuyu’s plan was a success. Good stuff as always. Be sure to check out another excellent Short after the ED.

Retoree getting good photosOh yes. I forgot to mention Retoree getting as many photos of cute Cyan as possible. That and near the end she read an article online about the giant speaker Dark Monster still abducting more bands.

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6 Responses to Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 8: Devil-Mint Blues

  1. cirno9fan says:

    A fantastic episode! It was nice to see Delmin’s home (everyone is so crazy buff o_O), and finally got the backstory of how she got to be how she was. Ruhuyu defended her girlfriend to her future father-in-law well!

    The moment between Delmin and Papamin I was bawling T_T Such a great moment ~

    That short was hilarious as usual XD


    • OG-Man says:

      Great Delmin episode. Nice to see Ruhuyu step up for her sweetie. She knew what to do.

      Yeah. I know I forgot to mention Retoree taking photos like crazy and the article about the Dark Monster. Added.


  2. Little Viktoria says:

    I really liked this episode. Not only because I love Delmin, but also because Ruhuyu really got to shine! It’s lovely to see her being so protective of Delmin, so proud of her, and making it clear that Delmin is hers. Plus getting along so well with her future father-in-law. The hug she gave Delmin at the end was wonderful.

    All the other girls are such cuties as well.


  3. chikorita157 says:

    It’s a good episode. It’s good to see the reason why Delmin said that she was exiled, but in fact just didn’t get along with her father. It’s good that Rufuyu to get closer with her father so that they can make up. Also, it’s good that her father realized there is other ways to show strength instead of fighting.

    Still, I can’t get enough of Retoree taking pictures of Cyan being cute.


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