Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7: Parent Stuff

Clever move. Delay what we hoped to see for another time and instead focus on Rika’s parent issues.

Mom offering Rika birthday money

It was Rika’s birthday but she wasn’t particularly happy. Before leaving mom handed her some BDay cash but what she really wanted was for mom to tell her about dad. Mom was like “He’s a scumbag who left us. What else do you need to know?” to which Rika said “He left you”.

Ai and the gang at SchoolAi transitioned back to school but thanks to her renewed confidence the bullies didn’t bother her as much. Plus she had her three brahs to back her up. Same went for Rika.

Rika rantingRika took the opportunity to rant about her mom refusing to tell the truth about dad along with her drunk fits of rage and all around sloppy lifestyle. Momoe suggested she not be too harsh on her.

Rika lashes out at NeiruHowever, it was Neiru again applying Occam’s Razor that ticked her off. Rika accused her of not knowing how she felt, which hit her hard. The group split in two. Neiru asked Momoe if she didn’t fit in the world of women because she was always direct/spoke her honest thoughts. Momoe said it’s who she was and she need not be ashamed. She asked about her parents but it looks like they either died early on in her life or she and her sister were adopted.

Rika wants to see her dadAi ran after Rika as the “Single-Mother Girls” had a serious talk. Rika feared she’d become like her mother at the rate she’s going but Ai assured her she wouldn’t. She asked Ai about her dad to which Ai said despite the divorce she got to visit him once a month. Rika envied her. Ai said she’d meet him one day but Rika desperately wanted to meet him ASAP.

Rika can't cut herself anymoreHard to watch scene. We know Rika cuts herself but seeing her almost do it again on screen was painful.

Abusive teacher Wonder KillerNext is the hatchling and the Wonder Killer, some kind of scumbag priest who used nonsensical mumbo jumbo along with donations to make the hatchling and her family “save” themselves through suicide. No ladies and gentlemen. Believers know a better life awaits after death to those who live good lives (No need to delve deeper into that here) but that’s the thing. Suicide is a sin. Killing yourself before you die of natural causes isn’t the right way to Heaven. The hatchling, who also cut herself, dropped Rika’s guard, causing her to consider being “set free” like she was.

Rika Saved by MannenThat’s when we got to see Rika’s animal buddy, Mannen. It’s a turtle. Rika remembered she imprinted on her, making her realize she had a chance to show she wouldn’t make the same mistakes as her mom and care for her turtle. They destroyed the Wonder Killer with style. The misled hatchling questioned Rika’s integrity to which she replied “Yeah. I’m weak but that’s why I have to become stronger”.

Neiru and Rika make upShe had backup now after all. Pretty good Rika episode.

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9 Responses to Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7: Parent Stuff

  1. It’s back, it’s back! By that I mean the amazing show I’ve come to love. I’m glad they at least tabled the issue with Ai and the teacher and school for now and focused on stuff far more interesting. While I liked Rika, she wasn’t an especially beloved character for me like Neiru and Ai, but she’s definitely become more likable to me after this episode. I felt so bad for her and her situation and I’m shocked how much I can relate to parts of it. Not gonna get into that here of course, but I certainly understand what she’s going through. I just don’t have her Daddy Issues and I have a great relationship with my mom despite her dependency on me. Anyway, I’m glad that we got more on Rika and I hope she can drop her façade completely one day and just be her true self.

    On a side note, I thought it was great how Neiru responded to Ai when she sent them the pic of her in her uniform and asked how she looked. It was subtle, but I get the feeling that she had more thoughts beyond “You look cute”, especially with that look in her eyes when they zoomed in on them lol. I’m still shipping them so much, again that is if Koito doesn’t return of course. Really great episode and I hope they will continue as such and not have anymore “odd eggs” for the rest of the season. If they can keep up this momentum, nevermind anime of the season, this could be it for me for the year. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yes. It’s for the best to put “that” on hold in favor of more character development.

      It was a great Rika episode and what we learned about her was quite compelling

      I noticed people sometimes judge media better or harshly based on whether they relate to the characters or not. It’s obvious, yes, but it became more apparent to me recently.

      I too am still holding out hope for Ai X Neiru should things not go well with Koito.

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  2. Yuu says:

    Of course she has daddy issues. What anime girl doesn’t.

    Seeing Ai like this, all bright and shiny compared to episode 1, is something else. Yes, the power of friendship came through strong this episode, but at least with Rika we saw her internal realisation that she didn’t want to be like her mom that helped her break out of that shyte situation.
    Ai though…I have no idea what’s going on in her cute little round head. I like it for the angst and suspense, but I dread that it’s only a mask she’s keeping up before she shatters entirely.

    Or maybe it’s a mask while she investigates Creepy Counselor, because now she needs to protect her mom like she feels she didn’t Koito? Hoping so badly this is what prompted her into action last episode.

    Hoping Neiru holds her hand through it all.


    • OG-Man says:

      Those whose parents are still alive or living happily together with them. They’re rare nowadays but they exist.

      Of course Ai’s still got a lot on her mind.

      Neiru to fill Ai’s heart is in the minds of many, yes.


  3. Nick says:

    A little disappointed that they didn’t follow up with Ai’s return to school, it still feels so random her deciding to go back suddenly and I wish they continued on with that, but oh well. Rika ep was good, hard to watch in a number of scenes but a very solid ep nevertheless.

    Was getting a little worried for Rika near the end of the ep and thought this might be it for her, but she was able to pull through with the help of her friends. Good moment.

    Hopefully next week we pick things back up with Ai, I’m really interested to see why she’s doing this after all this time.

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  4. lilmagi says:

    I didn’t get an impression that the Wonder Killer was a priest. Just a regular cultist leader who claimed he is connected to the universe/cosmic energy and stuff and requires of his followers to give him all worldly possessions so they would also be like him. Standard cult stuff. Especially considering this is Japan.
    Are you Christian? is that why you brought up the sin?


  5. Giack31 says:

    The first part was already good but the second part absolutely knocked it out of the park. Amazing

    It’s kind of sad that we didn’t see anything more about Ai and her reason for coming back to school and at this point it’s probably going to be a while before we do. I think we have to get the other 2 character episodes first.

    Neiru not having parents is not surprising. You don’t get to be Vice President of a company when you are a teenager if you still have your parents.

    The almost cutting scene in her room and when they actually did during the battle was hard to watch but necessary.

    Now we know that thanks to the pendant they have a way to cominciate when they are in the dream dimension.

    Rika almost giving in to the Wonder Killer showed that all kind of people can fall to that kind of scam and you can never be too careful. Thankfully she got saved by her turtle familiar.

    The action scene where Rika defeated the Wonder Killer was stellar.


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