Gekidol Episode 8: Nearing the Critical Point

Eagerly anticipated episode right here. Let’s see if it was worth the wait.

Izumi feels lost

When we last left our heroines Izumi sulked her way to Airi’s apartment looking for comfort. She had a pity party for herself and offered to join Alice In again. Airi was like “You abandoned us for supposed superstardom, got thrown to the curb and now expect us to take you back with open arms!? How selfish can you be!?” while Izumi used the coward card on Airi.

Airi jelly smoochSeria tried to break up the fight and as she held Airi back the latter snuck in a smooch and was like “You missed your chance. I got this cutie by my side now. Piss off bitch”. Izumi’s like “Puh-lease!”

Izumi feels refreshedHaving let out all their pent up frustrations Izumi felt refreshed, ready to take back the top spot in SMT. Good luck with that. Seria was happy to hear that but when Airi declared she and her would lead Alice In to victory she remembered Izumi was her raivaru. Izumi and Airi agreed Seria’s adorable.

Kaworu confronts ProducerMeanwhile in the B and C plots we learned in the intro Kaworu was involved in some operation to stop “IT” or something like that. In present day she confronted Douche Producer over the contract and something more she had. That’s why he’s after the apartment building. Like a classic cocky villain he give her a “sporting” chance. If Alice In could sell a total of 3500 tickets throughout their 2 week showings of Calling Battle Girl the contract’s off. Should they fail they’d lose the building and disband. It was a huge hurdle but our heroines were up to the challenge. However, despite rave reviews the show was in “cult hit” status.

Doll uses her power againOn the other side Izumi took back her spot as one of the leads. However, it’s clear DP was using Doll to cheat as Izumi felt the same bad vibes from her that Airi did. DP went into full on power hungry villain mode gloating about Doll being the key to his ultimate goal.

Kaworu declines Producer's offerAs expected DP and Kaworu were exes. Whatever. The important thing about this confrontation was an idea of what his master plan was. He lost Miki “that day” due to her sacrificing herself and was abandoned in this post-apocalyptic world. During a flashback he thought Kaworu was indeed Miki but maybe she wasn’t after all? I have a backup hunch but I’ll wait for the big reveal before sharing. Anyway DP wanted to use Doll’s illusion power to erase all people’s worries. Hakuna Matata and all that. However, Kaworu saw the dangers that could bring and like the last time he told her of the plan, rejected his offer. Cue maniacal “You’ll come back!” laughter.

Kaworu about to do something bigBig machineThis isn’t part of my hunch but I had a feeling inside the crater was a giant illusion generator. Doll’s power has to come from somewhere. Maybe the impact of  “IT” was stronger than we thought and the destruction was beyond a crater. Whatever the case Kaworu seemed to be talking like she’s saying goodbye.

Airi and Seria on stageMission SuccessNice to see our heroines made it but looks like it’s almost time for the big reveal. Another big episode next time. I’ve been preparing myself for what the preview seems to be alluding to.

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5 Responses to Gekidol Episode 8: Nearing the Critical Point

  1. The beginning scene was pretty fun. It was nice to see the “battle”, but then I’m glad it ended with warm feelings. I’m not sure just yet if Izumi will completely back down on possibly returning to her position as Airi’s partner now that she’s returning to their troupe, but I want to believe she doesn’t have any hard feelings towards Seria and will bow out gracefully in the end. Perhaps they can all be friends, just Airi and Seria will obviously be a step further than just friends. Looks like Seria’s friend is finally making her move too, but unfortunately I fear she made it too late…

    I figured Kaowru had a past relationship with Douche Producer, but yea, it’s still not clear about Miki. The Sci-fi plot is definitely getting deeper now, and so I’m interested to see where it’s going. Another great episode though, looking forward to the next.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I’m pretty sure Airi’s made her choice. Should Izumi try again I’m also sure she’ll make it clear but more than likely she just wants to come back to the old crew.

      Makoto. Oh dear, sweet Makoto. I’m so worried.

      Very intrigued to learn the truth next time since the episode title hints we will.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. cirno9fan says:

    This show just keeps on O_o

    Loved Airi’s “I’ve moved on, you missed your chance!” kiss ❤

    And Seria’s really been starting to show that she returns Airi’s feelings. Izumi coming back is exactly what will make their bond strongest I think.

    I….have my own things about what I think is going on. But there’s a lot that can happen.

    Really liked how Akira and Lovemin stepped up. Kaworu was right to entrust Alice in with them. Now that I think about it, the name for the troupe makes even more sense for where i believe the SF elements will be leading.

    Either way, continues being amazing~ I’m really excited to see where this goes!


    • OG-Man says:

      Airi X Seria growing stronger and interested to see what will happen once Izumi comes back.

      Akira and Lovemin showed Alice In was in good hands with them in charge.

      Patiently waiting to learn the truth.


  3. Nick says:

    Airi X Seria is definitely getting stronger as the week’s roll by, and the kiss on the cheek was a nice touch too. Hope they get another proper kiss at some point in the future.

    Lots of things going on with Kaworu this week, she was pretty much the focus for a majority of the ep. We’re leaving the idol/theater elements of this show behind and are going straight into the sci-fi now and I’m loving it.

    Looks like next week is the big reveal ep and then I’m sure all hell will start to break loose soon after. Oh man I have no idea where this show will go next!


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