WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 7: Facing Shadows of the Past

When we last left Rei she called out Madoka to settle things once and for all in a duel with high emotional stakes.

Madoka and Rei flashback

We began with a flashback showing how tight Rei and Madoka used to be before Rei suddenly abandoned her. Madoka’s thirst for vengeance was strong as they dueled offline.

Muzica's SimulationHirana, Akino and Muzica were worried about both girls as they searched for them. Muzica imagined the drama between the two being so strong it might lead to bloodshed.

Madoka X SangaSanga found them first and was worried about Madoka but she saw her in the lead and a proud smirk appeared as she embraced her beloved. The others arrived soon after.

Enraged MadokaToo bad for Madoka Rei was willing to fight till the end and won. We didn’t get to see which cards they played but it didn’t matters since the show clearly wasn’t supposed to teach players how to play the game using the 3rd Gen Diva cards. Anyway Madoka threw an enraged smack down on Rei.

Madoka: How could you beat me!?

Rei: Because I have something important to fight for now.


Rei: Because you said you couldn’t keep up with me so I had to let you go.

Madoka: What?! I never said that! I wanted to work hard to fight by your side!

Rei: Huh? But Sanga said…

Sanga confesses her crimeSanga: YOU DAMN RIGHT I DID IT! Madoka’s MINE and you’re trying to take her away from me! Remember!?

Sanga got into WIXOSS because she liked Madoka but once they joined Rei Madoka became obsessed with becoming a strong partner for Rei. Meanwhile Rei called out Sanga for not taking Diva battles seriously. Sanga took offense to this and lied about Madoka calling her a “slave driver”. This being a work of fiction Rei didn’t personally ask Madoka if that was true and cut off all ties with the two.

Madoka forgives SangaWhile Madoka was angry at herself for holding a grudge all this time she wasn’t super pissed at Sanga because, unlike Rei, she saw her training in secret. Look at it this way, Rei was somewhat at fault too for not asking Madoka about what Sanga said. Really, no one was innocent here. Sanga was afraid to lose Madoka to Rei so she lied to tear them apart while Madoka was clouded by her thirst for revenge that was ultimately for nothing.

Muzica's deja vuAs for Muzica, she just wanted her teammates to get their heads back in the game. As soon as she said “WIXOSS ain’t just a game yo!” they were like “We got ourselves a Chocolate Rei. We’re gonna be alright”.

Rei vs MadokaNotre Dame vs Diagram was all about redemption and resolution, to put behind all the pain and focus on having a good, clean battle.

Diagram setting up their Piece AttackDiagram preparing to unleash their final blow.

Have I mentioned that I love Muzica?

Madoka thanks Rei for understandingMadoka thanked Rei for a good duel and her understanding. Peace was restored.

No Limit Performing Glory GrowIn the end we finally got to hear Rei’s song as Notre Dama with Team Captain Himalaya performed Glory Grow. It was cute. Good stuff as usual.

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5 Responses to WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 7: Facing Shadows of the Past

  1. Somebody says:

    Was it wrong to be rooting for Muzica to win? It was a predictable outcome but enjoyable all the same. I do agree they were all definitely at fault. I wonder if Madoka realizes Sangas feelings I mean even Rei figured it out. In any case they worked through their problems and hopefully more Muzica in the future. Also I think Madoka may need to lift she is unbelievable weak or Rei is built like a house.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nick says:

    Finally getting into the dark themes of betrayal and broken friendships, but it was also nice to see them patch up any past errors and hash it out. Gotta clear up any misunderstandings.

    Good battle and good song too.

    Looking forward to whatever challenge No Limit has to face next!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. It was nice to get a reminder of WIXOSS dark anime roots but I think this show is best lighthearted. Maybe it’ll get more serious in the final arc but I’m cool with this more colorful competitive vibe.

      Yup. Both were good.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:

    Sanga — “Evil Psychotic Lesbian” in training 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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