Otherside Picnic Episode 7: Tropical Nightmare

Delightful and scary, yes.

After the Meat Train incident our heroines ended up at some unknown location. Toriko, naturally, convinced Sorawo to book a hotel for one night and party. They still had some cash from their previous excursion.

One hangover later and it hit Sorawo got her “responsible” act together but Toriko got her to relax and take things slow. Instead of find a way back home Toriko wanted to lounge at the beach.

Both have nice bodies.

Lately our heroines were involuntarily taken to Otherside frequently. Could there be an Otherside force after them? More on that later.

Toriko was like “We’re at the beach. Otherside or not let’s enjoy ourselves”. Had to make sure the coast was clear first. At the beach Sorawo was initially nervous about wearing a swimsuit as it’d been ages since she last went swimming. Toriko said it’s no big deal but Sorawo’s like “Easy for you to say. You’re hot”. Toriko worried it was due to a painful scar but Sorawo assured her that wasn’t it.

It’s subtle but pay attention to the difference in their reactions to complimenting each other’s bikini bodies.

The Alcatraz looking prison island aside the beach looked nice.

Sorawo thanked Toriko for inviting her to the beach. She thought it was a hectic place full of scary people but it’s nice. Toriko thanked her for coming along. She was worried Sorawo would get tired of being dragged around by her not getting to make her own decisions. Sorawo was about to say something profound but Toriko went on about doing friend stuff. At least Toriko’s aware of her pushiness. They forgot to buy beach toys so target practice it was. They noticed a strange thing in the distance but before they could investigate it they heard a commotion at the other side of the beach.

They saw ruffians beating innocents to death and loaded their weapons. Toriko asked Sorawo if she was ready for the possibility of shooting people. Somehow the ruffians knew who Toriko was and tormented her as they charged toward our heroines who blew them to bits. Sorawo explained she wasn’t afraid because she’d no qualms fighting back for self-defense. That and she noticed Toriko wasn’t afraid either.

The third reason was she noticed something off about the ruffians. Zombie robots!

More proof an Otherside force was after our heroines, specifically Toriko as the creepy humanoid slime tormented her with ominous words about Satsuki and Sorawo.

Sorawo remembered blue was the color of doom in Otherside along with what happened to Toriko in the blue room. Fortunately Sorawo remembered Lady Hasshaku’s hat and they used it to escape. As the wormhole back to their world closed Sorawo saw a familiar looking woman. Could she be the one dragging them to Otherside? More importantly, could she be Satsuki? Tall woman with long black hair? Plus she appears in the OP so maybe.

Good stuff as always.

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8 Responses to Otherside Picnic Episode 7: Tropical Nightmare

  1. chikorita157 says:

    I knew a beach episode is in the cards since they are in Okinawa. Still, it’s nice to see Sorawo try on swimsuits with Toriko and wanting to go to the beach, even if she denies it. Still, I like her reaction when she saw Toriko naked under the bed sheets and seeing her wearing a swimsuit.

    Yes, the beings are scary, but I can’t believe they had the Urasekai humans doing the Naruto run. Are they going to storm Area 51? 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Everett says:

    I’m a bit sad because apparently the anime skipped some chapters of the manga that I really liked… but when I think about it, it’s obvious because there aren’t that many episodes. I’m curious to know how the story will go on because I haven’t read past this point in the manga.

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  3. Nick says:

    Nice to see them still fit a swimsuit ep into this show at some point. Very much appreciated.

    Can confirm that this show isn’t as scary when watched in the daytime. Still chilling, but at lest for me there definitely is that atmosphere missing when watching it in a dark room. I’ll have to keep this show in the late night slot for future eps.

    Loved the beach activities Sorawo and Toriko had. From the swimsuits to the shooting practice, it was nice to see them have some downtime, even if it just lasted for a little bit. And yes, nice moment with them complementing each others swimsuits. And I need to mention again that Toriko looks so good in wide brimmed hats. She wore another one this week and it suits her so well.

    Scary stuff in the second half as the beach adventures took a darker turn. The weird things in the windows of the beach hut were quite frightening. And then that woman Sorawo saw at the very end when the portal was closing, also scary. I’m guessing at some point they’ll have to face off against her.

    All in all, great ep and loved that they were able to bring swimsuits into this show. As always, excited for their adventures next week!

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  4. anoo says:

    bruh they really skip the kisaragi station arc…
    oh well….

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  5. cirno9fan says:

    They really pulled off this segment quite well! I hope they can pull off the rest with this level of telling. I’ve been enjoying this show a lot so far, but this was the first episode I’d say they got the level of tension and stuff right. Next week is either going back to what they skipped or something that I VERY MUCH wanted to see animated, because it’s a bit hard to visualize what happens. And you’ll get why I want to see it when it happens either way.

    it’s really neat how I can have deja vu while watching this. I don’t normally get that when watching adaptations of stuff I’ve read the source of. They’re doing a nice job of using lines straight from the book.

    I must have been the only one who didn’t see it as Sorawo having any doubt it was Satsuki. The way it was said just gave off that for me. Maybe it’s a subs vs dialogue thing?

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  6. yurimylove says:

    Apparently Sorawo’s forgotten her makeout session with Toriko last night due to the alcohol 😀


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