WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 6: More Past Shadows

With Akino having overcome her demons another No Limit member would have to face her own.

Anger against Rei

Sanga and MadokaWe began with Madoka, a girl who held a deep grudge against Rei. Her friend, Sanga, shared her pain but seemed more calm. They planned on making Rei suffer for what she did. More on that later.

Rei repeats her mantraAfter the OP we took a look back at Rei’s past teams. Most, if not all of them didn’t take the activity, sport or Diva Battles as seriously as she did. She believed in giving 100% to everything one did and disliked teammates who didn’t put in as much effort. An example this episode was Rei revealing she composed music, wrote lyrics and composes a song especially for Diva Time. Akino and Hirana of coursed liked the song and instantly agreed to perform it as soon as they get to go on stage.

Rei embarrassed by fangirl praiseIn a cute scene in class some classmates approached Hirana asking about Rei (Only her teammates knew the class rep and the blue beauty were the same person) and they praised her nonstop, embarrassing a nearby Rei to no end. She later thanked Hirana and Akino for helping her lighten up.


At the battle arena No Limit met up with Universe’s Beginning who were glad to see Akino’s alright as they got ready for their match. Then my #1 hype girl finally made her formal introduction. Muzica! I would later find out she’s more amazing than I could have ever hoped.

Madoka kisses Sanga's hand

The mystery of Sanga and Madoka’s real relationship continued. Gotta wait till the next episode to make sure what’s up.

Diagram celebrate their conquest

All readers need to know was Sanga and Madoka were Muzica’s teammates and together they formed the currently undefeated Diva team, Diagram. Universe’s Beginning put up a good fight but Diagram were clearly toying with them. During the battle Rei was shocked by how much more aggressive Madoka had become. During Diagram’s post battle interview Madoka made a declaration directed at Rei who quickly logged off. Not only that but Diagram’s next opponents were No Limit. Hirana and Akino tried asking Rei about Madoka but she skedaddled.

Muzica civilian form

The way Muzica spoke online it was a giveaway she’s an ojou-sama but when it was confirmed I jumped for joy. BEAUTIFUL CHOCOLATE OJOU-SAMA! I DEMAND TRUCK LOADS OF SEXY MUZICA ART IN CIVILIAN AND DIVA FORMS! Suffice to say the wait for Muzica was worth it.

Back to the plot Hirana and Akino couldn’t contact Rei at all when they got a surprise call from Muzica who used her Yotogi Clan contacts to get Hirana’s number. She too wanted to know what’s the deal with Sanga, Madoka and Rei. Akino wanted to repay Rei for helping her before and asked Muzica to contact the two for answers.

Madoka warns Hirana and Akino about Rei

Basically Rei, Sanga and Madoka were a team once but out of nowhere Rei ended it all via text claiming Sanga and Madoka weren’t strong enough. She even cut off all communication with the two. Madoka took it well…She initially warned our heroines about Rei but once they heard THE SONG on Hirana’s phone she declared war on No Limit.

Sanga pleased with Madoka's rage

This pleased Sanga. Sus Sanga was sus.

Madoka's villain line

To Madoka’s surprise she’d get a call from Rei to meet her in private. She challenged her to a 1v1 battle. If Rei won Diagram would stop messing with Akino and Hirana but if Madoka won she’d retire. Consumed by revenge Madoka was like “F that! I want you to suffer so if I win No Limit won’t ever perform THE SONG!”. This got a reaction she salivated for.

So far this is the closest Diva (A) Live has come to the previous two entries’ dark roots. We’ll see how things unfold between Rei and Madoka next time.

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5 Responses to WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 6: More Past Shadows

  1. Nick says:

    Things are starting to take a dark turn now, it was bound to happen at some point. Still not the full on suffering I was expecting, but hey there is still time for that.

    Nice to see they’re diving into Rei’s past and bringing up some old demons for her to fight again. Can’t wait to see how things turn out for Rei, she’s really putting a lot on the line here in that final scene.

    Hype girl delivered the hype indeed. Hopefully we’ll get art at some point.

    Good stuff this week!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Somebody says:

    Madoka seems like she’s being tricked by Sanga. Guessing she was jelous of Rei getting close to her gal. I don’t imagine it’s going to get too dark they will probably end up being pals like the other groups they faced. Also heres hoping for some more lovey dovey time with madoka and Sanga once they work out their issues ofcourse.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yurimylove says:



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