February Yuri Game Updates

Quick reminder of some games with potential or direct yuri already available or coming soon.

Update: Added Sword of the Necromancer.

Atelier Ryza 2 Main Cast

First up we have Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy. From what I’ve been told of the game the yuri power went up between Ryza X Klaudia this time around. Dunno how strong her vibes are with other playable ladies but I’m sure others who are playing or played the game will say something about it. The game is available now on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Sword of the NecromancerNext is Sword of the Necromancer, by Grimorio of Games. Roguelike dungeon crawler Action RPG, meaning the dungeon maps are randomly generated on each playthrough. Players control Tama on a quest to bring her beloved Koko back from the dead using the titular Sword of the Necromancer to unlock the power of resurrection in the Necromancer’s dungeon. The game is available on PC (Steam) and all consoles. Currently the Switch version has patch issues that need resolving. Readers planning on getting that version need be patient for the update.

Huniepop 2

Hunie Pop 2: Double Date is now available on multiple PC game sites shown in this FAQ page HERE. Also includes an 18+ patch in case of censored versions like the GOG one. Players can pick female pronouns, hopefully this time the writers did a better job distinguishing the player’s chosen gender and there appears to be an emphasis on dating two women at once, hence the Double Date title. Also the ladies show sexual interest in each other.

Catgirl's Questlist Cover

Protagonist Vera and 4 of 5 available love interests.

Next up is the personally long awaited release date of Catgirl’s Questlist, which is short for “After I met that Catgirl My Questlist got too long!“, by Rascal Devworks.

This is an RPGMaker style game with Visual Novel elements. Each of the 5 love interests has their own personal route once successfully wooed with more than one ending each. The game will release on February 18th on Steam. Includes 18+ H scenes and optional voiced H DLC. The main game features several voiced scenes.

Neptunia Virtual Stars

Next is Neptunia Virtual Stars. The latest Neptunia franchise spinoff. This time we join the CPUs as Virtual Idols teaming up with Me and You from MEWTRAL as they rescue and team up with VTubers from Hololive, ReVDol and even Kizuna Ai to name a few of the many who appear as assist characters of sorts. The game will release on March 2nd on PS4, March 3rd in Europe and March 29th on Steam. Neptunia games usually feature yuri of some kind.

Azur Lane Crosswave Wallpaper

Azur Lane Crosswave comes to Nintendo Switch on February 16th in the Americas and 19th in Europe. The Switch version includes Taihou and  Reviewed the PS4 version HERE.

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Banner

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 25th. Same-Sex Marriage and parenthood options available.

Blue Reflection Ray Protagonists

Last but certainly not least we have an anime announcement that is related to a video game. It’s BLUE REFLECTION RAY.

Main reason I have yet to play BLUE REFLECTION on PS4 (it’s also on Steam) is because Koei-Tecmo is stingy with their discounts, ESPECIALLY when it comes to older Gust games. According to people who have played it there is yuri goodness in the game, thus there will definitely be something to work with in the anime based on this trailer. BLUE REFLECTION RAY is scheduled for a Spring 2021 premiere.

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9 Responses to February Yuri Game Updates

  1. Koana says:

    I’m surprised blue reflection got an anime since the game kinda flopped but maybe this’ll mean that there’s a chance they’ll make or are making a sequel that is hopefully better than the first one


  2. qorl says:

    From what I’ve seen so far in Huniepop, the girls show interest mostly in each other. Your fem protag might as well not be there during the dates, almost. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it results better CGs at least. So far.
    I hope Olive Town goes to Steam eventually.
    Also, Dharker Studios is making a KS again for Bounce Paradise. You can choose a gender, but importantly they promise the CGs will actually show the protagonist, each protag gets an alternative CG.


    • Red says:

      On HP2: Yeah, it’s funny. I’ve only played a little bit so far, but the game almost seems more catered to a female than male player this time. I’ve seen complaints that (male) players feel like they’re just witnesses to lesbian hookups. And there seems to be a lot more gender-specific dialogue for the player than the first game had.


      • qorl says:

        I mean, a female protagonist also feels like just a witness, but then again I’m getting actual yuri without having to use my imagination, so I guess that’s okay?


  3. Mauron says:

    Atelier: I’m going through a backlog of the series at the moment, trying to play in order-ish (not counting many of the old games). Next up is Meruru, so it’ll be a while before I get to Ryza.

    Hunnie Pop 2: I enjoyed the first one, so more will be good.

    Questing: Light novel titles in games? Cool. Lower priority for me.

    Neptunia: Preordered on PS4, will continue my platinum streak with it. Currently playing the original (PS3) because I was out of Neptunia games to platinum, so I got the (non-)remakes.

    Azur Lane: Played on PS4, would buy a sequel. Z23 is a cutie.

    Story of Seasons: I’ll get more of these eventually… probably… maybe?

    Blue Reflection: Finally ordered the game, will watch the anime.


  4. In Atelier Ryza there is lesbian side characters in a master and slave relationship if you do their sidequests.


  5. Reaper says:

    OG did you see sword of the necromancer? It released on steam recently and follows the story of an ex-rogue trying to bring back her dead girlfriend, looks like a nice little dungeon crawler


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