Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 6: Ultimate Training

I’ve waited a long time for this. At last. SHE had returned.

When we last saw our heroines they were in a slump from seeing how much they felt they lacked compared to Criticrista and REIJINGSIGNAL. Plasmagica recommended they apply for a certain Master’s training course, which they did. At the entryway all applicants were greeted by A and Un.

The first trial had the girls carrying large daruma to the top of the mountain trail. Himeko being a city cat had a harder time than her girlfriend and peers who had more experience. They eventually made it to the top.

As expected Mashumairesh!! were the only ones to reach the top. To their surprise the training grounds appeared to be a theme park and resort.

At long last my queen, Master Darudayu, and her pretty apprentices, A and Un, had returned in all their glory!

I guess anime girls have taken to rapping and DJ’ing recently. No complaints here.

Our heroines, especially Himeko, were ready to train but to their surprise The Master had them enjoy the park first. They took it all in and had a blast but of course Himeko would eventually remember what they came to do.

For newcomers to the blog or my Show By Rock!! coverage Master Darudayu is my favorite character in the series.

They requested to train and were willing to give their all.

Unsurprisingly the queen is one of “those” teachers. You know, the ones who have their students perform seemingly menial/trivial tasks but by the end they have an “Ohhhhhhhhh!” moment.

Himeko’s patience for triviality had its limits and once it was reached she let out her frustration. Nearby statues reacted to her echoing voice but it wasn’t the reaction they hoped for.

As she grew more frustrated it was once again time for Howan to calm her beloved’s heart. She was like “I love it when you smile. When you smile you’re at your best, so smile for me, okay?” Everyone’s hearts were connected and their proud voices echoed in the air, triggering the right reaction from the statues.

Although our heroines obtained the “voice of the soul” through the power of love, friendship and unity their journey had only begun. That’s when The Master called in the special guests. Next time Plasmagica and Mashumairesh!! would perform on stage together. Get pumped for that!

Show By Rock Sexy DarudayuFun episode made excellent by my gorgeous queen’s return.

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6 Responses to Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 6: Ultimate Training

  1. cirno9fan says:

    So much fun! Howan and HImeko were so lovey dovey ❤

    Was so nice seeing best band in action again~

    That CM was hilarious XD

    Next week should be something! Probably will get a new Plasmagica song too.


  2. mikubikki says:

    wow… i really love this darudayu XD, her accent is just mmmmm…hawt, howan is just such a cinnamon roll wife to himeko, “babe, pls chill..i know u are working hard as hard as we did, u look prettier when u smile u know” (and then they kiss (just my imagination X3). god bless onsen episode making things all steamy.

    lots of pretty catchy insert songs as well, looking forward to that as well

    Liked by 2 people

  3. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice to see Darudayu again. Still, I find it funny that her trials involves playing games, cleaning, and do silly dances. I guess its not too surprising, but I liked how the overall outcome came.

    Also, I like how Howan thinks that Himeko looks pretty when she smiles. Yep, HowaHime pairing grows strong. Hope that the same can be said with Cyan and Retoree. Still, I can’t get enough of Cyan’s meowing.

    Liked by 1 person

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