WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 3: DJ Diva Remix

From one DJ themed anime to a DJ themed episode. How convenient.

Diva Battle Announcer

Cute announcer.

Deus Ex Machina

The #1 Ranked Diva team. Deus, Ex and Machina.

No Limit Win Again

Since becoming an official team No Limit were on a winning streak quickly moving up to Rank C. There were 300 teams in Rank C and to their surprise their next challengers were the Top Divas of Rank C, Card Jockey.

Card Jockey

I should’ve known there would be a DJ team on the show.

Our heroines scouted the competition but being tough opponents Card Jockey knew they’re watching and put on a strong showing just to intimidate them. Before their big battle though…

Sasuga Hirana

Shounen protagonist Trope #8: Is bad at studying because they only focus on fighting or competing. Sasuga Hirana.

Hirana and Akino's first meeting

While Rei tutored Hirana into submission Akino was assigned the task of preparing the decks for their upcoming battle. As she did so she found the card that brought Hirana and her together. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing it again soon.

Card Jockey Casual

Meanwhile we got to see what Card Jockey were like outside of the battlefield. Basically they would feel right at home in D4DJ. We also learned one of the Eternal Girls was their Producer, proving once more that male Producers/managers/directors etc in anime should be done away with, right Idoly Pride? HMMMMMM!?

Rei criticizes Akino's card choice for Hirana

At the start of the episode Rei wondered why Akino was so formal when she was around them. She hoped Akino would lighten up but knew exactly why she couldn’t chill, “Absolute” Rei. This scene proved Akino was right to not let her guard down. Hirana was like “Leave the card in my deck. It’s cool”. Rei was like “If you’re confident about adding the card to the deck I’ll respect your decision” but Akino still felt intimidated by her.

Hirana asleep

Remember kids, don’t leave studying for exams to the last minute or worse, forget to study for them entirely.

VJ Wolf's Special Ability

No Limit started off strong but VJ Wolf trapped Hirana in her mirage effect. It was especially effective against a ditz like Hirana.

Hirana used Arcgain, the special card

It was an evenly matched idol rap card battle but Card Jockey would get the advantage. To Rei and Akino’s surprise Hirana drew the special card. Hirana put it back in because she trusted Akino, and Rei too.

No Limit Beat Card Jockey

Another cool victory for No Limit. As for Card Jockey.

Mika P scolds Card JockeyCard Jockey Saved

They’ll be fine. Their ED is pretty neat too. Definitely wouldn’t feel out of place in D4DJ. Good stuff.

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4 Responses to WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 3: DJ Diva Remix

  1. Nick says:

    This week’s WIXOSS fit very nicely with D4DJ. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Like you mentioned, they could totally fit in D4DJ.

    Pretty solid ep this week, not really a whole lot to get into.

    I feel like No Limit’s winning streak won’t last much longer. The more they keep winning, the more attention they’ll draw to themselves and the tougher the opponents will be.

    Still waiting for this show to take a dark twist. I really think it’s coming soon. It wouldn’t be WIXOSS without the suffering.

    ED was cool this week.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Definitely. Straightforward but good stuff overall.

      Eventually one team will have to beat them and give them a reality check.

      I haven’t let down my guard once since the premiere.

      Good stuff.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    we need a DJ Mash and Link, with VJ Only + Rei Togetsu cameo!

    Liked by 1 person

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