Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 3: MashuMagica Midi Tour

Now that the two main bands were together it’s finally time to see what many of us were waiting for.

Himeko Fangirl Mode

Himeko fangirled a lot for all things Criticrista. I look forward to the day she meets them in person.


The gut hurting sadness that was SHINGANCRIMSONZ getting shafted three times this episode. Poor guys. Too manly for their own good.

The first big moment came during the Plasmagica HQ tour when they showed Howan her room. Himeko was like “This looks a bit cramped for the two of us”.

Ruhuyu stating the obviousHimeko embarrassed over the truthRetoree dreamingRetoree's Dream

Need I say more?

Plasmagica practice song

Plasmagica had a concert coming up later and they put on a special rehearsal for Mashumairesh!! Afterward they visited Angelica’s bar. There the two bands talked about their similarities and differences.

Cyan and Howan good friends

Next big moment came while Cyan and Howan happily agreed on their bands’ similarities as two girls watched.

Jealous gay tsundere duoJealous gay tsundere duo 2

Two jelly tsundere girlfriends.

While the tour continued Plasmagica would eventually have to split to prepare for the concert. As Mashumairesh!! explored on their own they would come across the yokai district when they were greeted by who I think was a souvenir seller.

Epic Terrified Mashumairesh!!


Delmin's warning

After Plasmagica left Ruhuyu wanted to explore on her own but Delmin kept her in line.,,

Angry Delmin

…until Ruhuyu left anyway. See, Delmin wanted to go to a certain restaurant which Ruhuyu would later find out was because she wanted to share a special dish with her. Ruhuyu wanted to prove she could find the restaurant before her. As Delmin spotted a music store Ruhuyu wanted to check out she left the group to go find the restaurant. Delmin worriedly went looking for her. She would eventually find her at the restaurant when Ruhuyu called her. She wasn’t at all pleased.

Ruhuyu realizes her mistake

Didn’t take long for Ruhuyu to realize she done goofed. Delmin also realized she was a bit too hard on her but was too puffy to admit it.

Plasmagica Chibi performance

When Plasmagic noticed trouble in paradise they knew exactly what song to sing. The song that helped them get through their own crisis a while back.

Ruhuyu and Delmin make up

The side-couple made up and peace was restored.

Great stuff. Plus the post-ED segment this episode was my favorite thus far.

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6 Responses to Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 3: MashuMagica Midi Tour

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    Oh, Himeko! It took a long time for this kitty to trust Howan and open up to her, so no one should ever make her sleep in a different room from her soulmate again ^^ And the moment she gets to meet Criticrista will be glorious. Her being so lovesick and such a lesbian fangirl combined with her aloof tsundere side makes her so fun to watch.

    Delmin and Ruhuyu are always thinking about how to make each other happy. So cute. The only thing they need is for Delmin to hold Ruhuyu’s hand so that she doesn’t go running around in excitement too much, and for Ruhuyu to hug Delmin whenever she feels misunderstood.

    Now if only Retoree was more direct with Cyan.

    The post-ED segment was glorious. Chuchu is pure sexiness every time she’s on screen but chest wrap delinquent Chuchu is almost too hot to show ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mikubikki says:

    when the new episode came out, it was dinner time….and all this yurilicious moments we have is simply…making my heart and stomach full of fluffies….cyan a bit of a blockhead it seems? but we know those 2 have their tsun lover watching em with full curiosity.

    i love they also not forgot to develop delmin and ruhuyu relationship in this episode, god bless the side couple. Ofc more side couples or ships always welcome. the songs in this episode kinda catchy i love it

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Not really. Retoree just needs to be more direct with Cyan like Viktoria said.

      Nice to see Ruhuyu and Delmin get some snuggle time this season too.

      I enjoy SBR music.


  3. chikorita157 says:

    I find Himeko’s fan grilling Criticrista quite cute and hilarious. It’s obvious that this will happen since this is her favorite band. Also, it’s cute how she blushes making it obvious that she wants to sleep in the same room with Howan. Also, Retoree’s fantasies with her being in a full blown relationship with Cyan is cute. Hopefully, they will get to the same point where Himeko and Howan is now eventually.

    It’s obvious that Delmin and Ruhuyu think about each other, but it seems that Ruhuyu’s tendencies to wonder off kind of caused them to become upset. Still, it’s good things worked out in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      So pumped to see Himeko lose her mind when she eventually meets Criticrista in person.

      Hopefully Retoree will step up her game this episode. Can’t let Himeko take her spot as the top tsundere girlfriend.

      Lovely Ruhuyu X Delmin development, yes.


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