Gekidol Episode 3: The Bare Truth

When we last left Seira she and Airi were greeted by a fan of the latter who called her by her old stage name, upsetting her.

Ai looking at painful memories

Airi gravure modelAiri frustrated

This episode was a tale of two sides so let’s cover both at once instead jumping back and forth. First up we have Airi. Long story short she yearned for stuff she couldn’t afford when she was a kid. That changed when she became a junior idol. She made money but she was offered more by becoming a risque gravure photos. She didn’t question it and got to buy lot of stuff. It didn’t take long for her to notice the judgmental glares from people who recognized her.

Airi meets Izumi

Disgusted with herself she later found solace by joining Izumi and the Alice in Theatre troupe.

Seria knows she can't be like Airi

On the other side we had Seria who due to Airi’s absence was asked to play her parts for the time being. She memorized the lines but couldn’t play the role as well as Airi did. She knew only Airi could do it and needed her help to play her own part well too.

Doll notices similarities between Seria and Airi

Later it’s thanks to Doll noticing the similarity between the two she knew she had to get Airi back.

Seria cheers Airi up

She’d eventually find her. After telling her story and about the fanboy, who was one of the photographers during her dark past Seria was able to convince Airi to come back plus clear up the fanboy’s name.

Seria called Airi by her first name

Speaking of names in the heat of the moment Seria dropped the honorifics. Airi heard loud and clear and made her swear to keep it up.

Alice in Theatre idol group

Airi apologized to everyone and was welcomed back on the team…so long as she joined the others as idols.

Airi saw something she shouldn't have

Plus she saw something she shouldn’t have while apologizing.

Birth of the Gekidol name

We ended the episode with the birth of the Gekidol name. Basically Stage and Idols combined together. Stage Idols.

Seria cheered up by Mako's supportMako finally got her wish

Meanwhile Mako finally got her wish. If this ends up becoming a love triangle Airi is currently in the lead. If not then Mako’s one step closer to living her dream.

Good stuff once more. Next time I’m not sure who will be the main focus. We’ll see.

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9 Responses to Gekidol Episode 3: The Bare Truth

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Next episode seems more like theyr’e going to see how broken Seria is. Since no one even has a clue that she harbors a lot of darkness inside herself.

    That segment with Airi was pretty painful….and it’s not anywhere near overexaggeration on what happens to young girls in a business like that often enough. Glad she found Alice in Theater before her life really took a bad route.

    I don’t trust Doll, but not to the extent that I think she’ll wilfully pull something, but that there’re probably things beyond her control that will happen at some point.


    • OG-Man says:

      It was an interesting character episode. Not often I see that side of the idol world.

      Would be fine with either one of the two winning Seria’s heart. Still, Mako’s a cute tsundere so part of me hopes she wins.


      • cirno9fan says:

        Generally that’s because they don’t want that side to be so known, to continue to purport it as the “shining sparkly dream of young girls!” …I like idol anime/games/etc, but when it comes to real life idols…the industry is pretty sleazy. Not 100% always, but yeah

        I definitely hope she does too! But I’m not set in my ways about a pairing yet.


  2. Little Viktoria says:

    This story is so fascinating, becaue I have no idea where it will go. I definitely hope Seria and Airi’s relationship will grow into something more, whether it is love of friendship.

    I’m most mesmerised by Doll, who looks so lonely somehow, and everyone just mainly ignores her while she stands there. How much of a consciousness and personality does she have? So intriguing.


    • OG-Man says:

      Not rooting for either Mako or Airi especially though I have a soft spot for Mako I’m fine with either one winning Seria’s love.

      You, for the most part, made clear what your type is. Plus you gushed over Doll in the premiere.


  3. Nick says:

    Another interesting ep this week.

    Sketchy stuff Airi got involved with at an early age, but it’s nice to see she got out of that and found her true calling.

    Seria coming to find Airi was good to see. Those two definitely drew closer this week.

    Also nice to see Mako was able to free up her busy schedule to make it to the performance. Like you mentioned, I was also thinking this could turn into a love triangle at some point, but I guess we’ll have to see how it all plays out.

    The preview for next week looked a bit ominous.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. K says:

    The way Kaworu thinks of making more money reminds of Hoho in a way.

    Now that Seria’s gonna start calling Airi and Mako by their first name, I wonder if she’ll be more relaxed around the others. I suppose that’ll happen when her issues are alleviated some.

    But yeah, what should be a joyous occasion for Seria isn’t so. Let’s see what happened that fateful day.

    Liked by 1 person

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