WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 2: The No Name Campaign Begins

Those who accepted the new direction the latest WIXOSS took are free to join me as we continue our journey. Everyone else can exit stage left.

Rei joins Hirana's team

We began the episode with an enemy team discussing “Absolute Rei” and acting like they had nothing to worry about because she’d abandon them like many before. After the OP we joined our main trio talking about Rei too. Naturally she hated the “Absolute Rei” nickname and was like “What’s so wrong about taking Diva battles seriously? I want to win and team up with others who are as passionate about them as I am. Is that so wrong?” Fortunately for her Hirana understood where she came from. Oh and for some reason Rei wanted them to keep her Diva identity a secret.

Akino's reason for helping Hirana

Rei welcomed Akino to the team too but she again refused, saying she only helped Hirana because she was the Center. Rei was like “No problem. Hirana will be our Center going forward”. Hirana was like “Why not you Rei? You’re the most passionate of all of us” and Rei was like “Because I want to win”, clearly saying Hirana’s the most lovable of the three, meaning easier Selector Points in battle.

Akino in the tub


With the team formed the next step was the name. While Hirano and Akino had fun coming up with some Rei initially shared their giddy but took some time to think about it when she Googled “how to create a team name” and found a suggestion based on team members’ image. Rei wondered what she thought about Hirana and Akino as people.

Hirana's friends warning her about Rei

The next day Rei observed the two from afar hoping to get an idea what they’re like. During lunch Hirana’s other friends heard she teamed up with Rei and warned her about her reputation. Gotta give the writers props. They didn’t have a scene of Rei running away after hearing an insult just as her friend Hirana was about to stand up for her.

Hirana celebrates with her team

During football game Rei joined Akino to watch Hirana play. She brought up the name suggestion article and Akino said Hirana’s main attribute was she never gave up and got a power boost from her resolve. In other words a token energetic knucklehead anime protagonist. Not quite a genki. Akino meanwhile was just her supportive bestie.

WIXOSS store owner reads Rei's fortune

At the WIXOSS store the owner read Rei’s fortune, saying they’d have a tough road ahead as a team. We know that’s a mix of her worry over her temper and not knowing her teammates well enough yet. It’s not her fault. She just got to know them.

Hirana accidentally registers team

Before our heroines could present their team name they were challenged by the enemy team from earlier. They wondered how that could be as they hadn’t registered yet. Cue a flashback of Hirana accidentally registering them under “No Name”. Of course, being a token anime protagonist, Hirana welcomed the challenge.

Universe's Beginning

Here we have their opponents this episode, Universe’s Beginning, led by Dr Tamago, “loli genius” archetype. The Frankenstein monster on the left appears to be a LRIG while the vampire is a fellow Diva.

Dr Tamagi's strategy

Dr Tamagi came prepared as her team had analyzed Hirana’s deck before the battle, having a counter for all her cards.

Hirana believes in Rei

Before and during the battle the mean doctor messed with Rei, bringing up her reputation and questioning her loyalty with Hirana and Akino but Hirana’s like “She’s one of us yo!”. Akino admitted she too questioned Rei at first but Hirana believed in her so she did too.

Hirana's luck saved the day

So how do you beat an opponent who knew your game plan and had a counter for all your moves? Dumb luck of course.

Hirana draws good cards

In this case buy a booster pack with some pretty good cards and nonchalantly throw them into your deck last minute. Again, dumb luck.

Do not expect a play by play coverage from me.

No Limit

Strike a pose!

Thus “No Limit” scored their second win…just gotta change the name before their next battle.

Universe's Beginning illurstration

Bang (Frankenstein monster) is sexy

I haven’t posted all the cool poses during either battles so far but I want to add I like most of them. Highlights most of the girls’ sexiness and Dr Tamagi’s cuteness. Another fun episode.

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4 Responses to WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 2: The No Name Campaign Begins

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I’m enjoying it, but I had forgotten how much watching card battles were closer to just watching a rule less brawl XD I really had no idea why anything was happening, and I don’t think I’ll ever get how Wixoss is supposed to be played, though I’ve no doubt it actually has sensible rules and makes sense when you play the IRL game.

    I still haven’t completely given up the notion that they’re softening the audience up, but I’m fine with the direction it’s taken. I think No Limit are probably the blander of the designs (straight up idol outfits), but that happens sometimes I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yurimylove says:

    I wonder what happens when they eventually “reach the eternal girl”?


  3. Nick says:

    Good second ep this week. Nice to see the girls come together and form their group, even if the initial team name wasn’t what they planned it to be.

    I still think that at some point things will take a turn and the true nature of the game will come to light. I’d be extremely surprised if they made this entry of the WIXOSS series a light hearted one.

    Yeah the rules and such for this game make no sense, I don’t think it’s even possible to do a play by play.

    Looking forward to what the girls of No Limit have in store next. They can’t keep relying on luck to get them through each battle. Luck doesn’t last forever.

    Liked by 2 people

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