Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 2: The Trial of Mashumairesh!! Desu!

The title says it all.

Lawyer accusing Mashumairesh

With the people of Midi City being as gullible as their police force was dumb the odds of our heroines winning the case were slim. That was when their defense attorney appeared.

RikaoMashumairesh unconvinced

As we can see our heroines echoed the reactions of most viewers upon Rikao’s debut. His first asked why they thought they were innocent and they explained their reason for being there and their strong bond. This was good enough for Rikao to know they’re worth defending. The prosecutor hammered the fact Mashumairesh were the only ones at the tower ruins when the police arrived while Rikao argued they couldn’t possibly have destroyed it. That’s when the prosecutor brought in a surprise witness. Someone Plasmagica knew very well.

Dagger Returns

It was Dagger, their old nemesis. Supposedly attended rehab and turned over a new leaf but as proven with “cartoony” villains since the dawn of time, old habits die hard.

Security camera caught Delmin firing her beam

The camera caught Delmin firing her Shubi Beam but the monster was conveniently out of sight. It looked like even Rikao was at a loss for words.

Cyan about to present evidence

One last hope came from Plasmagica who presented a USB with recording of the event.

Plan failed

Of course Egghead had to screw it up.

As all hope seemed lost Mashumairesh simulated what their SIXTY NINE YEAR SENTENCE would be like. Pick a favorite in the comments if you wish.

Rikao's trump card

Since Dagger’s video Rikao’s strangely quiet. Himeko had had enough. To her surprise he had enlisted the help of social media. I think there’s a message in this scene. Yup. There definitely is one. Thanks to the power of smartphone cameras and Rikao’s sweet beat Mashumairesh were found not guilty!

Plasmagica apologizing for Maple

In the end the gang forgave Egghead for his dumbness and the two lead bands were together at last. After the ED we got to learn more about Rikao. Like every other male performer on the show he’s glorious. I wonder if we’ll get to meet his bandmates? Would be neat.

Good stuff.

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11 Responses to Show By Rock!! Stars!! Episode 2: The Trial of Mashumairesh!! Desu!

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I really found it intriguing how both Howan and Himeko were the only ones who found themselves alone in the simulation (most likely scenario if they had lost to this crazy court), and Howan automatically associated worst case scenario with being away from Himeko. The jail stuff didn’t even seem to register, just that she would not have Himeko. Meanwhile, Ruhuyu tries to make it into some kind of drama, and Delmin is thinking up the most devious plots XD But she did assume she’d be in the same bunk as Delmin, something else to note. They were all pretty great in their own ways, and Himeko had the most realistic outlook.

    The trial was amazing XD I knew there’d have to be some craziness after his intro, but still found myself surprised in good ways!

    Gotta wonder why Dagger wanted to nail Mashumaireshi so hard. We know he has a lot of personal beef with Plasmagica, but Mashumaireshi are totally new. Maybe just to keep the monster thing a “rumor”?


  2. Little Viktoria says:

    I’m happy the cuties are out, as sexy as they were in their prisoner clothes. Desu.


  3. chikorita157 says:

    From looking at the news, it’s obvious that the judge wants to throw the book Mashumairesh. It would be tragic to see Howan become separated from Himeko. But it’s obvious they used this trial to introduce a lawyer band.

    Leave it to social media to save the day. Still, it makes me wonder what will Mashumairesh and Plasmagica do after joining forces.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      It was glorious and the lawyer band look to be as manly as the other two, which as I told you is most important.

      The hype for these two wonderful bands doing cool and fun stuff now that they’re together is high..


  4. mikubikki says:

    expecting more yurilicious moments from upcoming episodes. for me howan is the best bcs we know how gay she is to her dear himeko :3. this season jam packed full of yuri *bless

    Liked by 1 person

  5. K says:

    Thought we’d never see Dagger again. Seems like he turned over a new leaf but being an evil dude is a hard thing to kick.

    Man, Nick(Phoenix Wright) would’ve killed to have Rikao’s fanfare whenever he wins his cases, yes. All he gets is some cheers and confetti ;).

    Ruhuyu’s prison battle life was the funniest to me.

    Liked by 1 person

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