Wonder Egg Priority Episode 1: Silent Egg Zone

Looks like we have another one of this kind of anime in the Winter season.


Note 1: Screen grabs do not do the animation justice. First minute viewers will notice how crisp it is. It is already SO GOOD!

Note 2: I will keep things a little vague on purpose because readers NEED to see what happens themselves.

We began the show with our lead heroine, Ai, rescuing a seemingly injured firefly on the road. “He” spoke to her asking why she was outside as he led her to a cave with a downward escalator. Ai thought it was all a dream so she played along. The firefly asked what she wished for from the egg “he” gave her. The first egg was free of charge by the way. Ai feigned denial but he knew what she wanted deep down, a friend.

Note: Ai got the egg at some point during one of the two trailers. For now it’s best to “just roll with it”.

Ai holding a strange egg

The next morning Ai woke and realized the egg was real, meaning everything the night prior did happen. The only thought that went through her head all day was the egg and  heading back to the cave later that evening. She ignored everything else, including her mom and homeroom teacher trying to get her attention that day. She’s a loner, you see.

Not even five steps outside her house she experienced something I could only describe as a “Silent Hill Warp” and suddenly found herself at her school. As she tried to process what’s happening she got her first taste of “Silent Hill”…

Creepy Bullies


The creepy bullies wrote “Die” on a girl’s locker and the public service announcer had a message somehow directed at her. It wasn’t a nice message.

Talking toilet paper

I wonder how many viewers considered threatening the voice by wiping their dirty butts with “him”? He’d probably leave the toiler paper before it reached our dirty asses.

So yeah. Hiding in the bathroom didn’t keep the creepy stuff out. The voice doesn’t seem to have a corporeal form (that we know of) and talks to Ai (and others) possessing whatever. He told her to break the “Wonder Egg”. She ultimately did.

Girl in the egg

The broken egg grew, revealing a girl inside who seemed ungrateful waking up in the bathroom. Ai, understandably annoyed by her rudeness chose to avoid conflict.

Ai injuredKurumi injured

I’m going to be a little vague here. Readers will have to see for themselves how Ai, and the other girl, Kurumi,  got hurt. Again, “Silent Hill”. After evading their pursuers Ai noticed she stopped bleeding but not Kurumi. It was because the “Seeno Evils” were after her, not Ai. Kurumi knew about the disembodied voice and Wonder Eggs. The two briefly talked about friends after Kurumi easily deduced Ai wished for one and brought up the value of a best friend before the Seeno Evils found them. Kurumi asked her to run away with her but she refused as they chased Kurumi but ignored her. Conflicted by her choice she searched for a way out when she noticed a familiar statue at the rooftop.


Ummm…we got a flashback of Ai meeting the girl in the statue, Koito. Flashback summary: Ai’s a loner, Koito’s a transfer student assigned a seat next to her. Koito became intrigued by Ai’s heterochromia but Ai pushed her away. Koito persisted and one day found the chance to visit Ai at her place. Ai was bullied for her shyness and called a freak because of her heterochromia. Koito thought she was beautiful and wanted to become her bestie. Ai was afraid of what could happen but accepted.

Ai's regret

It didn’t end well. The statue shed a tear which gave Ai an epiphany. More on that later as she was called by Kurumi who still couldn’t escape the Seeno Evils. Ai was like “That does it. NO MORE!”

Kurumi thanks Ai for saving her

What happened next must be seen to be believed. Unfortunately Ai didn’t have a chance to get to know Kurumi better as she vanished soon after. Afterward the voice returned and Ai remembered her epiphany. She thought if she could help others trapped in “Silent Egg Zone” as I’ll call it until given an official name she may get to see Koito again. This small sliver of hope suddenly gave Ai a small confidence boost.

Update: Mistook Kurumi for one of the four poster girls, Momoe. She most likely won’t return.

Ai at the hospital

However, while she’s somewhat immortal in Silent Egg Zone her wounds opened right back up in the human world.

Ai admires a dark skinned girlBeautiful dark skinned girl

Once healed she went right back to the cave to continue her quest. She of course learned there were others who got Wonder Eggs. The episode ended with Ai in a less hostile part of Silent Egg Zone where she saw a beautiful dark skinned girl (Ai is a girl of culture I see). Next time the two might exchange words.

I am sure readers can guess what I meant when I called Wonder Egg Priority “another one of this kind of anime”. A most interesting premiere, yes.

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15 Responses to Wonder Egg Priority Episode 1: Silent Egg Zone

  1. anoo says:

    ngl this anime have already become one of my favourite this year,THE ANIMATION IS SO chef kiss and i cant wait for the new episode !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cirno9fan says:

    Was quite the episode, and my favorite premiere this season o_o So much happened!

    I don’t think Kurumi was one of the main cast. There’s another red head, but she has shorter hair.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Lesbians and ambiguously gay girls like to travel to hostile alternate dimensions and somehow find true love there. Will this be a similar situation? Dunno but we all eagerly anticipate further development, yes.


  3. Yup, Silent Hill definitely hits that place on the head in terms of describing it. I love Horror and Suspense anything, so I can already tell I’m going to love the anime from that alone, but the darker elements/themes are like a cherry on top. Hopefully it’ll have some cuter elements spread throughout the episode as well though. This first episode felt like a decent balance of that. Certainly an interesting premiere and so far I really like our MC. I have to say though, it felt like Koito might have wanted something a bit deeper than “friendship” from the flashbacks, but that is yet to be seen. Obviously our MC is very cultured and that last girl was cute. Looking forward to more.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Hopefully a good balance of light and dark going forward.

      Why yes. I too sensed a yearning for something more than friendship in Koito’s face. Ai’s precious and a cultured girl after all.

      Excited to learn more about the new cutie.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    so, is that a statue of Koito? That the school placed at the roof to commemorate her suicide (or murder)?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Suzu says:

    Kurumi is not one of the main girls, you confused her with Momoe.


  6. Platon says:

    Fall and winter are being full of interesting stories, for me is winter 2021 actually more interesting than autumn 2020, something to look forward to in these dark times.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. opaco1234 says:

    I thought this was an Idol show but seen more complex.
    Maybe the lesson is that a victim of bullied, after take action, can save people from bullies.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Nick says:

    Honestly had no idea what this show was going to be about even after watching the PV, but man I wasn’t expecting this at all. Wow, what a ride for this opening ep!

    As weird as it was, I found myself thinking about this show days later, it left such an impression and I honestly can’t wait to watch more.

    Gotta mention the animation too, like wow! If I just saw screen caps of this I’d say it’s a KyoAni show because it’s that gorgeous to look at. I didn’t realize CloverWorks was this good now, maybe I shouldn’t write them off so quickly next time.

    Yeah I’m really interested to see what this show has to offer now. Easily the best opening ep this season, I don’t think anything can top this one. Definitely something special here in the making.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Giack31 says:

    This was AMAZING. Seriously it’s been a long time since I have seen such a shocking and amazing first episode.
    The animation was top notch.
    I liked that the main character’s heterochromia actually has a place in the story and it’s not added just as a random character feature like most other anime.
    That scene on the bed with Ai and Koito was so emotional. My heart can’t take it.
    The action scene toward the end was seriously badass.
    What happed after she woke up had me with my jaw wide open for a couple of minutes.
    The super cultured comment at the end was great.


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