Gekidol Episode 2: Torn Bond

Quick reminder, Alice in Deadly School was a bonus OVA unrelated to the main story of Gekidol. Perhaps it’s a potential pilot for a future series. For now let’s continue with the post global disaster stage girls show.

Seria calling out to Alice

We got a flashback of a young Seria and her sister Alice. It appeared she partially inspired to become a stage girl by Alice. However, it looked like Alice perished in the aforementioned disaster. It scarred Seria worse than I thought during the house call scene last episode.

Mako worried about Seria

If Mako’s not in love with Seria I’d be surprised. Then again I’ve been watching yuri for over two decades.

Seria properly introduced to Act Doll

On her way to work she met up with Airi who showed her the TMS (Theatrical Material System). The first of its kind, a live 3D CGI effects stage generator thing. However, since it was the first it had some power related drawbacks. I mention this for something later. Next Seria was properly introduced to the cute girl with the robotic eyes. She was indeed a robot, an Act Doll. She had no name so the troupe called her Doll. Expect her to get a name at some point.

Minami and Akira

Next up in proper introductions were Akira and Minami. Akira’s a princely tomboy and Minami’s energetic. Not a genki per se as she didn’t seem to be dimwitted.

Seria and Mayuri

Next was Mayuri. Probably the stylish one.

Kazuharu, aka Air

Lastly was Kazuharu, aka Air. She’s the quiet one.

One thing of note. No matter how many times Mako and the troupe asked Seria to call them by first name she insisted on addressing them properly. Wonder who will be the first to get Seria to finally do it willingly and not forced?

Kaworu getting dressed

Too bad the lights went out as soon as Kaworu took off her nightdress. Again, the TMS. We learned she worked two jobs to help sustain the troupe activities and the rent. The second job may be related to a certain sponsor’s business.

Angry Airi

Airi was ready to guide the new recruit Seria but her mood changed when she asked about Izumi, the cool actress who inspired her. Airi’s mood turned sour ever since even when Minami brought up the idea of participating in idol events for exposure. She figured, idols and stage girls sing and dance so it’s all good. Airi disagreed.

Alice in Theater idols

On the day of the show Airi seemed to be a no show. The rest did their best but again the power went out.

Izumi's parting words to Airi

Basically Airi’s beef was with Izumi leaving the troupe because the other company provided better opportunities. She’s pissed but remembered her parting words, to take care of her new future partner, which we know is Seria. That’s what happened during the blackout. Seria tried to keep the show going and Airi appeared to help her out.

Airi's former idol name

At first it looked like things were settled but an idol fan came up to Airi. He recognized her as Ai Ai. Guess we know why she took offense to stage girls being compared to idols. We’ll see how Seria gets through to her next time.

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4 Responses to Gekidol Episode 2: Torn Bond

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I personally really think the “blackouts” are related tot hose people we saw near the end of the first episode. I doubt it’s really an issue with the system itself.

    It still continually feels like something is really off. Like all this “normalcy” is completely fabricated. And Seria’s the only one who seems to realize this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nick says:

    Late to this one because I literally could not find any subs for it. It’s like everyone forgot to rip it or something. Hopefully this isn’t a trend going forward, it just messes up my schedule.

    Anyways, the mysteries deepens as Seria’s journey into the stage trope world begins! Another chilling show to watch late at night as you’re not really sure what’s going to happen next. I’m liking the thrill though, sometimes that’s what you need every one and a while.

    Nice to meet more of the cast as well. I hope they take time and explore each girl and her story some more. They each look like they’ve got an interesting past to them.

    Unfortunate the lights went out as Kaworu started removing clothing. Gotta get that fixed!

    Looks like we’ll get more backstory about Airi next week as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Giack31 says:

    I don’t understand if at the beginning Seria is willingly acting or if she’s actually delusional.
    Mako 100% likes Seria. There is no doubt about it.
    I can totally understand Airi being against the idea of being idols because that’s not what she wants to be. I was about to be angry if this randomly turned into an idol show but it looks like what save their performance in the end was their acting skills.
    It’s weird that the post disaster stuff wasn’t mentioned once during this episode. Although I think all the blackouts might have something to do with that.
    Bonus points for letting Minami keep her glasses while performing


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