WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 1: Not Your Edgelord Neighbor’s WIXOSS

Before we begin, yes. So far this third entry in the WIXOSS anime is completely different in tone from the last two series. In fact, it appears it has nothing to do with them. I have a request. Please do not flood the comments with rants that can be summed up as “Not my WIXOSS!” because, well it doesn’t look like it’s trying to be.

Hirana vs Rei

We began in a WIXOSS virtual battle arena wherein two of our three leading ladies, Hirano and Rei squared off in a Diva Battle.

Hirano lost

Unfortunately for Hirana she took the loss. Not only that but her teammates called it quits because they felt they weren’t strong enough to keep up with her.

Rei abandons her team

Rei didn’t have it any better. She left her team because she felt they weren’t “serious enough”. Token “This isn’t a game!” personality. Her former teammates looked down on her and called her out for her “ice queen” attitude, something Rei was very aware of.

Rei wishing Hirana luck

Seconds later that ice queen stuff was immediately thrown out the window as she complimented Hirana on a good match and even gave her a “You got what it takes kid”.

Hirana tries to recruit Akino

The next day Hirana’s still down over her loss but her bestie Akino cheered her up. Refusing to give up Hirana decided to form a new team with Akino as her first teammate. She had the WIXOSS know-how and, more importantly, body after all. She tried refusing but Akino used “googly eyes”.

Student rep Rei

Gee. I wonder who she could be?

Bully Divas

Later Hirana and Akino logged into the WIXOSS server to watch some battles when they saw a team bullying rookie LRIG into putting their SP (Selector Points), think of these as fan support during battles, on the line against them. Hirana, like the idol protagonist she was, challenged the bullies.

Hirana googly eyes

Akino asked Hirana who her two teammates were as she proudly grabbed her hand. Again she tried refusing and again she gave in to Hirana’s googly eyes.

Hirana, Rei and Akino's Diva dresses

Rei, who was in the crowd, saw Hirana stand up to the bullies and was like “Count me in as your third member for this battle”.

Hirana shouting a card's effect

You know what I found amusing? In one episode Diva (a) Live felt more like a card game anime than all 48 episodes of Selector and Lostorage combined. The series is based on a card game after all. I’m neither praising nor making fun of Diva (a) Live for it. I just found it amusing.

The bullies had the advantage for most of the battle and teased her by offering some SP to put on a better show but Hirana, being the idol protag she was, was like “Selectors aren’t points or numbers! They’re fans with their own feelings! I will win this battle no matter what the odds!”. Her courage got many Selectors to change sides.

Hirana, Rei and Akino activate their team attack

Not only did her speech rejuvenate Rei and Akino but they pulled out a trump card and “Exodia’d” the bullies, winning the battle. The spectator Selectors IMMEDIATELY logged out save for a small few supporters like Hirana’s old teammates. Hirana’s like “It’s cool. We’ll get bigger and more popular over time”. The episode ended with the three girls drawn together by fate to potentially make their team official. Will it happen in the next episode? We shall see.

So for now it looks like Diva (a) Live is a virtual reality idol card game. Will things get gloomy over time? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever the case I’ll keep going. This is what Gen 3 of the WIXOSS card game series is all about. You are either cool with it or see yourself out the door.

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8 Responses to WIXOSS Diva (A) Live Episode 1: Not Your Edgelord Neighbor’s WIXOSS

  1. Nick says:

    Right out of the gate this WIXOSS anime is totally different than the previous entries to the series, but hey I don’t mind that at all.

    VR idol card game, that’s a great way to sum up what this show is about, at least so far. Even after all this time I still have absolutely no idea how to even play the game and the ins and outs of it. So much terminology and such but we’re not here to learn that I guess, just watch the battles unfold.

    They’re wasting no time getting the team together, I thought it would take a few eps before the teamed up and battled, but no they’re getting right into the sauce. I should’ve guess Rei would be the student council president, she has that look to her. Plus the glasses aren’t the best disguise.

    Interested to see how this show will play out and how long it takes before the other shoe drop and the darkness sets in. All in all it’s off to a good start and this will fit in nicely with the current idol Friday lineup.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Yup. It’s another thing out of hundreds anime idols are good at.

      Same. Even while describing the cards’ effects and rules I have no idea how it’s played. It’s more about story and characters.

      It means more time for other stories.

      Even Clark Kent has special glasses.

      Winter is idols season and I have no problem with that.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Oh Hirana, aren’t you a little bit gay, crushing over Rei like that and flirting with your cute buxom friend all the time? I like it. Gay, silly, energetic, adorable idiots are lovely. I especially liked how she stuffed her misspelled fliers into her mouth ^^

    I have no idea what the rules of the game are, and it doesn’t matter. The outfits are sexy, especially Rei’s wonderful flat chest (and that of the silver-haired girl in the other team too). I love the “elegant girl with long, dark or blue hair with blunt bangs” archetype, it never diminishes in appeal.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Somebody says:

    I sure hope it doesn’t take a dark and gloomy turn. I know it’s a bit early only being one episode and all but probably my favorite episode of wixoss to date. I never really cared that much about the story I just enjoyed the battles and yuri. Also every other season has added in the worthless male characters that add absolutely nothing and in my opinion has kept the series from being better then just ok. It’s just a guess but seems like that wont be the case this time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    After 49 episodes, the only rule about the game I’ve learned is that you have to “grow” before you attack 😀


  5. Giack31 says:

    I love that with the new crowd voting system they finally admitted that the card game part doesn’t matter at all.


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