D4DJ First Mix Episode 10: Image Battle

It’s time for the Happy Around! vs Photon Maiden band battle. Let’s see who came out on top.

Rei embarrassed

We continue where we left off with Rinku overhearing Rei play her song. Rinku loved it as Rei tried to deny its power. Rinku was like “We are doing this kickass song! The others have GOT to hear it!”

Maho's 'just do it' face

At the clubroom Rei hid in embarrassment as Rinku hyped up her song. Maho was like “Let’s hear it!”. Rei tried to back out but she was powerless against Maho’s stoic “just sing already” face. Maho and Muni loved it too and agreed they would not only perform this song but Rei would be the center and write the lyrics. Rei was like “But this doesn’t fit Happy Around’s image” and Rinku’s like “Dood, you’re one of us which automatically makes it a Happy Around song!”

Rei elated

Rei was elated her wish came true. They’re doing her song and she’s the Center. I haven’t mentioned this before but Rei became my favorite Happy Around member after the sleepover episode.

Rinku wants to play Ring Fit with Muni

During another Happy Around training montage Muni dropped by to see a tired Rinku who was like “Doing the same exercises every day is kinda boring” to which she suggested coming over for a more fun exercise. It was Ring Fit (Note to self: Buy Ring Fit Adventure in 2021. OG wants Ring Fit Heroine in Smash Bros Ultimate). Rinku got her to train with her. Can’t say no to her sweetie.

Photon Maiden PhotoPhoton Maiden ProducerSaki pondering

I may be wrong but I think this is the first episode we heard the Photon Maiden girls speak. I don’t count their song last episode.

Shinobu resisting Green Pepper

In a cute scene Shinobu’s asked about her kinda samey eating habit. The girls recommended a healthy and balanced meal intake. She initially resisted. Guess who got her to give in.

Rinku and Towa finished their lunch

Rinku invited one of the Photon Maiden members, Towa, to lunch without realizing who she was. We’ll get back to Photon Maiden after the performances.

Photon Maiden 2nd PerformanceRei takes Center Stage

The duel was a tale of two performances: cool, sexy and expected vs a new surprise. In the end victory went to Happy Around. I admit my Rei bias had me rooting for our heroines but I can easily understand others voting for Photon Maiden. Again, they’re hot. Even Shinobu had a little grin. Remember, she wanted to compete with Happy Around at the Festival deep down.

Saki unsatisfied

Let’s wrap things up by talking about Photon Maiden. See, they had a similar dilemma as Happy Around, more so Saki. Towa hinted at it as well but Saki, being the leader, struggled with it the most. Working under a strict (and gorgeous) Producer, Photon Maiden had a cool and stylish image to maintain. We saw throughout the episode Saki feeling unsatisfied. Sure, fans enjoyed the new song but it wasn’t what Saki was going for. She wrote a vintage Photon Maiden song…but not a song she was proud of, unlike Rei who was so excited to sing her song on stage she wasn’t the least bit nervous.

Great stuff. Next time Saki seeks to learn the “Way of the Dee Dee”, or in this show’s case, Rinku.

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6 Responses to D4DJ First Mix Episode 10: Image Battle

  1. Nick says:

    Rei really does have a lovely singing voice. I hope we get to hear her sing more songs in future eps. Or if not then I’ll have to go find more music because I really liked her song a lot.

    Yeah I think this was the first time we actually hear any of the Photon Maiden girls speak. They’re pretty normal when not up on stage looking cool and serious.

    Speaking of that, I’m not sure if this was present last time we saw Photon Maiden perform, but they don’t smile or have any real emotion when on stage. I really noticed it this week, not sure if it was just because they weren’t feeling the song or anything, but it just really stood out to me how, for a lack of a better word, dead they seemed while performing. If I was in that audience, that would be a big factor when voting. When Happy Around is on stage, you can see the energy just radiating from them and they’re all smiling too. They look like they’re fully enjoying the moment and are having so much fun up on stage. True Photon Maiden put on an excellent show, perfect really, but there is no heart and soul in it at all. Just wanted to mention that as it stood out to me so much this ep.

    Looks like Photon Maiden are getting some more screen time next week. Should be good!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Rei is love.

      You are absolutely right. Great observation! They’re meant to show how much of an opposite they are to Happy Around. They’re like corporate puppets basically. On stage they’re emotionless robots going through the motions instead of singing and dancing from the heart, unlike Happy Around who are usually having fun on stage.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Finally hearing their voices and seeing them in normal life! Saki is beautiful and she has a much cuter voice than I expected. I really hope that she will get to make the kind of music she wants, and screw the corporate agenda. Even though Saki’s Photon Maiden dispassionate, distant gaze is stunning, I want her to be happy and to express herself freely. Her smile and laughter must be so charming. The preview for next episode looks promising!

    Rei is adorable and her singing is wonderful. I’m having a hard time choosing favourites (because there is one more who is charming me little by little ^^)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    Shinobu and Ren-chon understands each other perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

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