D4DJ First Mix Episode 9: Photon Boogie

Wasn’t in the mood to post a detailed discussion about a melodramatic episode last time, especially not after the fantastic Assault Lily finale. This next episode I can take my time with.

Rei asks about the Sunset Stage

Maho saw the big news on the phone. Happy Around! were rank 8th in the school’s DJ bands. This was huge because it meant they could perform on the Sunset Stage, which was the biggest stage in the school. Not only that but they could compete with the other 7 bands to become #1. They knew the competition was fierce but were up to the challenge, especially Rinku.

Photon Maiden on stage

One problem. Photon Maiden, the group who talked them down a while back, were rank 9th. Everyone but Rinku grew concerned. Rinku wanted to check out their upcoming show to see what they’re all about. They look like they’re big fans of the Tron series. Their performance was pretty cool. Things got even tougher for our heroines after Photon Maiden ranked up to 8th.

Photon Maiden vs Happy Around!

There could only be one 8th Rank so a Rank Battle was set between the two groups. Again Rinku was more excited than concerned. Maho had Rei and Muni step up their game for the battle while Rinku had to focus on leveling up her Rinku Power. Even Peaky P-Key’s Shinobu showed some concern for our heroines. Perhaps part of her really wanted to compete with them.

More Yuka absYuka pushing her abs for RinkuRinku relishes Yuka's abs

I mentioned this on Twitter today but should D4DJ ever air a beach/swimsuit episode Yuka BETTER BE IN IT WEARING A TWO-PIECE. It would be an injustice were she to wear a one-piece but I have a feeling that’s exactly what she’d do because she’s a cruel hottie. Oh, and her parents run a gym, thus her love for muscles and bodybuilding. Again she’s my favorite Peaky P-Key member.

Rinku trying to work out

During the preparation montage we saw Rinku took Yuka’s advice to train so she could improve her dance skills.

Muni criticizes Rei's new song

The next day Maho and Rinku were like “Rei! This is your best composition yet!” but Muni was like “Yeah, it’s good…but it doesn’t fit Rinku. It doesn’t fit Happy Around’s brand.” Rinku tried singing to the rhythm and while she could keep up with it just fine again muni’s like “Nope. Doesn’t scream Happy Around”.

Rei singing to her song

Three of the four decided to go with a new song while Rei’s like “Well I liked the song”. After hearing Rinku sing the other song Rei thought “They’re right. The other song does fit Rinku and Happy Around more…but I still wanted to sing my song.” That’s when she remembered Rinku praising her composition saying “It’s so Rei!” and she thought “What if I sang the song?” The episode ended with Rinku hearing Rei sing.

Good stuff. Next time based on the PV it looks like they’ll go with Rei’s song and she will take center stage in the Rank Battle. Should be awesome.

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10 Responses to D4DJ First Mix Episode 9: Photon Boogie

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    This episode left me with more questions than answers about the Photon girls ^^ I think they’re stunning, their outfit designs are beautiful, and I was not expecting the pink-haired one to be the DJ. Now I really want to see them in their normal life, especially her. She looks really sweet in the anime opening and much more serious in this episode. I love mysterious girls and her personality definitely remains a mystery to me.

    I’ve grown to like the CG style of this show so much. Let’s hope that there will be more anime like this. Imagine Houseki no Kuni season 2 in this kind of quality… ^^

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      They’re a corporate group. Probably have their niceness underneath their seriousness. Gotta make them likable beyond being sexy performers.

      I would like to see a second season of HnK, period.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexis says:

    Saludos de año nuevo.

    Desempolvando ese viejo chiste, yo no vi la película Tron, lo que sí sé es que en los oscars de ese año la descalificaron porque hacer efectos especiales con computadoras porque era considerado trampa.

    Por fin vemos el debut formal de Photon Maiden, algo que se le agradece al tipo de animación que usan es que se ve muy fluido el baile y las chicas se veían elegantemente sexys. La canción también es congruente con la imagen del grupo. Necesitamos más de esta unidad.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ioni says:

    You are toast, OG, we know you took possession of Rinku to satisfy your girl’s muscle obsession

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nick says:

    Nice to see Photon Maiden make their debut in the show, took a little while but they’re now here!

    Looks like Happy Around will have to go all out if they want to hold down that 8th spot and perform on the Sunset Stage. I’m sure they’ll pull out all the stops and make something amazing happen.

    As we talked about already, I’m glad Yuka and her abs weren’t a one time only thing and never seen or spoken about again. I also hope we get s swimsuit ep at some point, we need to see more of this lovely girl.

    Looking forward to the big showdown next week!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      The wait for Photon Maiden was long but worth it so far. Hopefully we’ll learn a bit more about them next time.

      Yuka’s muscles must be relished in a swimsuit episode. The world needs to see her full body.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. yurimylove says:

    Rinku exercising with that roller had me chuckle out laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

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