VLADLOVE Premiere Date Announced

I mentioned in my Winter 2021 anime picks post it would be nice if VLADLOVE got a surprise Winter premiere announcement. Well, it kinda did.

Mai wants blood

According to this translated report by A.I.R. (Anime Intelligence and Research), the show is scheduled to begin streaming February 14th, 2021 in Japan. Hopefully internationally as well.

So yeah. Similar to D4DJ First Mix, VLADLOVE will premiere mid-season. Not only that but on Valentine’s Day, further confirming this show is a yuri romantic-comedy. Viewers who saw the premiere episode (Which I talked about HERE) on Youtube HERE can tell that’s what they’re going for and I am ready for it. The tweet also said episodes 2-4 will get early screenings but most likely we’ll get to see more VLADLOVE on VDay.

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5 Responses to VLADLOVE Premiere Date Announced

  1. Nick says:

    Nice to see this show finally getting an air date!

    I still need to check out ep 1 actually. I should have time this week as all the other shows have ended.

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    I’m very interested, but don’t like watching pre-airs. So I’ll be waiting for it to actually start airing.Though I guess if it was going to be put up all at once, then I’d probably just watch the pre-airs


  3. ArcaJ says:

    Um…. a question.


    It combines several of my favorite things. Lesbians, vampires, Lesbian vampires, girl J-Rock bands, Romi Park, screwball comedy, and Mamoru Oshii!

    It’s like this was genetically engineered to make me happy! I’m glad you covered this project.

    We need more creator-backed projects like this.

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