Vlad Love Episode 1: In the Name of Blood

I mentioned in my Winter 2021 Anime Picks post the Vlad Love team would post an early screening of the first episode. That time has come so let’s talk about it, shall we?

Click HERE to watch the premiere. Remember to turn on subs by clicking the CC button just in case they aren’t automatically turned on. Check it out before continuing. Dunno if it’s still up or got removed though.

Update: As of February 13th Episodes 1-6 are available on Crunchyroll with 7-12 coming soon. Instead of covering the rest of the anime in two halves I’ll review the whole thing once all episodes are up.

Strange Doll

I thought I was done with creepy ceramic dolls this season. Fortunately it wouldn’t be seen again after the excellent OP.

We began the episode with soldiers opening cargo and finding a creepy doll inside. More on that later.

Vampire trashes blood donation truck

We met our heroine, who was addicted to donating her blood because to her it was a sign of love, about to do so again but as she entered the blood truck the nurses turned her away regardless of her bringing up an influential Japanese woman for some reason. Suddenly the other lead girl appeared. She wanted blood. The nurses interpreted her as a donor but she quickly wrecked the truck. Our heroine grabbed some packs and carried the girl away from the exploding truck. Don’t ask me why it blew up.

Mai wants blood

At our heroine Mitsugu Bamba’s (remember her name for later as there’s a joke about it.) home the girl gulped down the blood packs but wanted more. Mitsugu gladly offered her a bite when it became clear she was a vampire. However, she refused.

Mai's Memories

The vampire introduced herself as Mai Vlad Transylvania of the Transylvania family. She’d run away from home due to a disagreement with the Count’s 49th wife who was like “You’re old enough to hunt for blood yourself so off you go!”. Annoyed, Mai ran away from home and hid in a cargo ship. Unfortunately the cargo she slept in ended up in Japan. Because she refused to bite anyone due to a lack of self-confidence and appreciation of all life on Earth she was starving until she met Mitsugu. Also she didn’t bite Mitsugu because she didn’t want to risk her becoming bloodthirsty too.

Mitsugu overjoyed by her good fortune

Mai was very grateful to Mitsugu and Mitsugu thought “Hot dang this girl’s sexy! I made up my mind dad. I must protect her!”. Since her dad traveled a lot for work she offered Mai to stay with her for as long as she liked.

Mai strips in front of Mitsugu

One thing viewers will have noticed is the diverse art styles in the animation. Some CG, manga panels, still drawings and more. It’s pretty neat. Anyhoo Mitsugu offered Mai her bath and she stripped in front of her (much to her delight). Afterward she’s like “She looks hot wearing only my dad’s shirt”.

Mitsugu and Nurse Chihiro

The next day Mitsugu went to the only person who would take her blood, the bodacious nurse Chihiro. However, she initially refused because Mitsugu had a rare chimera blood, meaning it couldn’t be donated to almost anyone. Plus she only took her blood once a month. She already visited her clinic before. When Mitsugu let slip she was doing it for someone Chihiro was interested. She of course thought it was a guy initially but when she realized it’s her new girlfriend she was like “Cool. Prove she’s a vampire and I’ll consider it”.

Mitsugu's proof

And so they did.

Mai wants to thank Mitsugu personally

This is definitely a yuri anime.

Chihirio censorship joke

The best parts may be covered but Chihiro’s so fine I don’t mind.

Mitsugu recruiting club members

Nurse Chihiro’s thing was the following: She only cared about herself and her blood research. The main reason she took Mitsugu’s blood was to research the anomaly of people with chimera blood. Fascinated with Mai she offered to help provide Mitsugu with more blood for her girlfriend if she brought potential new donors. She’d do this by forming a blood donors club. Obviously Mitsugu questioned this but Chihiro’s like “There are billions of people on this planet. Surely there are other weirdos who share your fetish.

And that’s the premiere. This is one of those shows that must be seen to be believed. Screen grabs DO NOT do it justice. I already like Mitsugu and Mai’s relationship. Chihiro is a blessing and the other girls in the OP look neat too. From the trailer I thought this would be a nonstop slapstick comedy and while there are some slapstick moments it is more chill than expected. I’m sold and look forward to more.

As mentioned above the next time I talk about VLADLOVE will be in a G-View once all episodes are available.

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17 Responses to Vlad Love Episode 1: In the Name of Blood

  1. Menchi Katsu says:

    I love this anime and can’t wait for the full release! Any idea when that might be? I’m running out of anime to watch and the end of the year is looking bleak and lonely. At least I’ve something to look forward to!

    Liked by 1 person

    • robin says:

      Yeah, this show kept getting delayed because of COVID-19. The air date is still up in the air, but I’m assuming that it’ll be sometime next year, but who knows?
      Which sucks. This first episode was super enjoyable, and with more Yuri than I thought there would be.

      Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      After the shows end this season you’ll have to wait till January.

      No idea when the rest of Vlad Love will premiere yet. Hopefully Spring next year.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. NaraMoore 幽霊の百合 says:

    This should be interesting hitting most of my fetishes: Yuri and vampires. Plus quirky enough to stand out from the rest of what is available.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AirMasterHoney says:

    Didn’t expect an early premiere for this anime so welcome surprise there. An enjoyable first ep, the bus exploding for no reason was great. I thought the yuri would be a bit slower but I’m glad they just dove right in with calling Mai Mitsugu’s girlfriend multiple times and no denial about it. No complaints about that.
    Hopefully the blood donation’s club will basically be Mai’s harem. Also, here’s hoping for uncensored Blu-Rays (though as you said, even censored Chihiro is still as fine as ever).

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      It was a welcome surprise and hopefully it won’t be too long for the official broadcast to begin.

      Yup. Censor bars are always annoying but hopefully they’ll be gone in the BD release. Until then let’s relish Chihiro’s sexiness.


  4. Zack says:

    I finally watched this episode. Here are my thoughts:

    *It’s hard to believe this is by the same guy who made Ghost in the Shell. This seems much more comedic than that.
    *I’m curious what the deal with that doll is. I’m sure we’ll probably learn in the series proper.
    *Why does Mitsugu look like she hasn’t gotten any sleep?
    *So are the nurses inside that bus dead now? And does Mitsugu not have any questions about why it exploded?
    *So the vampire girl’s name is Mai Vlad Transylvania. Seriously with that name?
    *I do kind of like the reluctant vampire thing they have going with Mai.
    *Mitsugu has a chimera blood type. I looked it up and apparently that is a thing in real life.
    *I wasn’t really turned on by Chihiro’s naked (albeit censored) body. Maybe it’s just her hairstyle,but she looks middle aged which doesn’t really do it for me. No offense to anyone who does like it, but I’m just not into MILFs.
    *I love how practically everyone, including Mitsugu herself, treats Mai as her girlfriend. I wonder what Mai thinks of that.
    *Anyway, the episode ends with Mitsugu trying to start a blood donation club. I think we can guess who will join based on the op, but it will be interesting to see how they’re recruited.
    *All in all, I liked this episode. I’m looking forward to the rest.


    • AirMasterHoney says:

      1) This was done by the ghost in the shell film guy? Didn’t know that. It would make more sense if it was the magaka for Ghost in the Shell considering the manga was more wacky then the movie.

      2)My guess about Mitsugu’s sleepless look is its meant to be because lack of blood. She probably tries to get the most blood out of her as is allowed and as often as she can. Would she look like that if she was following the rules? Probably not, but artistic license.


    • OG-Man says:

      Either the doll is Mai’s disguise or it serves another purpose.

      As AMH said Mitsugu really likes to donate blood so it must have had an effect on her physical condition.

      The exploding bus incident is something best left unanswered.

      Writers knew what they’re doing when they named her that. They could have made it even more obvious had they named her Mina instead.

      Reminds me of Sophie from Kyuuketsuki-san.

      Mai openly offered herself to Mitsugu as thanks for her kindness.

      Most like the other “band members” in the OP will join her club.


  5. Ioni says:

    I like the mix of animation style, it matches perfectly the scenes.

    The opening is awesome, now I have to choose between this one and Assault Lily’s which one is my favorite 2020 opening.

    Also I understand Mitsugu addiction, it’s possible to be lightheaded for some time after the donation.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ioni says:

    An event is planned for Vlad Love on december, 28th. Maybe the premiere dates will be revealed

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Pingback: VLADLOVE Premiere Date Announced | The Yuri Empire

  8. This was great and seems like a ton of fun. Looking forward to the full series premiere this Feburary. Vampire and yuri is always a welcome plot. Hooray for canon girlfriends in the first episode too. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the cast. Sensei is lots of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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