Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom. Episode 9: Election Reflection

More Chiya getting the spotlight is always a good thing. Oh, and Syaro and Rize got to shine too.

Kid Chiya and Syaro

We began with a flashback of Kid Chiya and Syaro. We’ll get back to it later.

President and First Lady

Every time I see these two together I shed a tear over what could have been, drop an F bomb or two then move on with my life. So Chiya was nominated to become the next class president with Cocoa as her first lady. She had two problems. First was having difficulty writing a good speech. Been there, done that. Second was she lost her special crown. More on both later.

Rize trying out a mature appearance

First we were treated to another Rize segment. This time she was looking for a proper mature appearance once she’s in college. She spotted Chiya and asked for help.

Roze returns 2

This led to the welcome return of a familiar alter ego. Yes ladies and gentlemen. Roze’s back! Only three girls didn’t recognize her, including Cocoa and Chino. Rize wanted to make sure they weren’t pretending not to recognize her. Best parts were how far the girls who knew played along with Roze’s legend.

Roze's cover blown

It wasn’t until this moment here when Cocoa seemed to have been in on Roze’s true identity. The truth actually made more sense. Poor Chino whose mind was blown not once, but twice. Gotta admit, the second trick got me good, mainly because I legit wanted to see her again but alas. Maybe near the season finale.

Chiya overwhelmed by Chino's praises

Back to the student president nominee plot. Chiya still had trouble with her speech but got some nice recommendation letters from Cocoa and Chino. When Cocoa asked Chino to write one for her the response was glorious.

Chiya emulating Rize

Cocoa suggested she emulate Rize and it was perfect. Sadly not recommended.

Rize and Cocoa sad there will be less time to hang out

The one thing that the girls weren’t looking forward to was should Chiya and Syaro, who was also nominated by her own class, win that meant less time to hang out with them post-election. Moving ahead a bit, Syaro dropped out of her election. We’d find out why soon enough.

Syaro found Chiya's missing crown

Now we can talk about the flashback at the beginning. The little crown Anko wears was a gift from Syaro back when they were kids. Chiya thought she gave it to her for the day she took over the world once she became the manager. Wouldn’t mind living in a world ruled by Chiya personally. Actually the crown was a gift to make her look prettier.

Happy Kid Chiya and Syaro

Chiya remembered this and dropped out of the election too. When she explained her reason was because she wanted to hang out with Syaro more Syaro revealed she dropped out for a similar reason, more time with Chiya and their friends. I shed another tear and threw another F bomb. Some of you will never understand.

Good stuff as always.

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11 Responses to Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom. Episode 9: Election Reflection

  1. chikorita157 says:

    It’s yet another nice Chiya and Sharo episode. Yes, it seems that the third season is straightening the Chiya and Sharo pairing, although I want to see more of Sharo and Rize.

    Also, nice to see Roze make a return. It has been a while. Also, I find Cocoa pretending to be Mocha hilarious. Still, I would like to see her make a return at some point.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Little Viktoria says:

    Roze is always stunning. I love the little braid on the side. She definitely made an impact on Sharo. And Sharo’s expressions in the background while Rize is playing Roze are so precious.

    Chiya and Sharo go so well together. I wonder if we will ever know who Sharo ends up together with…

    This show certainly keeps playing with the pairings. Rize x Sharo, Sharo x Chiya, Chiya x Cocoa, Cocoa x Chino. It makes almost a full circle with the main five (to complete the circle we only need the slash pairing Rize x Chino. The most gallant, protective and princely one with the most timid, tiny and soft-spoken one. Also works ^^)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. elkat4 says:

    I accept Chiya as our overlord.

    Rize: “Chiya, please make me an adult!”
    Chiya: “Ara ara! Please come to me.”
    Later in Chiyo’s room….
    Sharo, walking in: “Chiya-”
    Sees Rize and Chiya in bed with each other, Rize covering her face in embarrassment while Chiya has a stick of Pocky in her mouth.
    Sharo: “I’m both turned off and horribly sad!”
    Chiya: “Join us, Sharo!”
    Sharo, sniffling: “Alright.”
    Even later….
    Cocoa: “Chiya-”
    Sees the three girls in bed.
    Cocoa: “How could you!”
    Chiya: “Come over Cocoa! There’s still plenty of room!”
    Cocoa, sniffling: “A-alright….”
    Later still….
    Chino: “Cocoa-!”
    Sees the four girls in bed.
    Chino: “….”
    Cocoa: “Come join us.”
    Chino: “No, thank you.”
    Chino leaves the room.
    Chino, patting a sobbing Cocoa’s head: “There, there….”
    Mocha: “Excuse me, I heard Cocoa was here!”
    Cocoa: “Nee-chan!”
    Sees the four girls.
    Mocha: “Ara ara! Looks like someone’s been a naughty girl….”
    Chiya: “Yes I have! Want to punish me?”
    Mocha: “I guess I have no choice!”
    Rin: “We can’t publish this. This is just smut.”
    Aoyama: “Are you sure?”
    Rin: “YES! You have a reputation to maintain!”
    Aoyama: “Really? This is the first time I heard about it!”
    Rin: “I need some coffee.”
    Rin gets out of bed.
    Aoyama: “Bring me a cup too!”
    Rin: “Make yourself your own cup, your horny perv!”

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Nick says:

    Such a lovely ep this week, especially for Chiya and Sharo!

    Nice to see Roze make her S3 debut! Been wondering if we’d see her again and she’s looking even more beautiful than ever. She looks so nice in Rize’s work outfit too, it’s like it was made for her.

    So many precious moments with Chiya and Sharo, those two make a good couple. Honestly I’m always going back and forth with the couples in the show. I don’t really mind it as the pairings do work.

    Sad that this show is in the home stretch now. I’m enjoying it so much I don’t want it to end!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. K says:

    Who’d have thought that that little crown had a grand story behind it? Needless to say, more Chiya/Sharo bonding is nice.

    I too wouldn’t mind a Chiya-dominated world. Think of the hilarity that would result from it!

    Not being able to see everyone as often because of student council duties would be sad indeed. Also, Chiya had to drop out so that other girl could be the president. From what I see, she needed a win for a while now ;-).

    It was nice seeing Roze again. When it came to Rize’s plan, I thought Cocoa really was playing along when the jig was up but it was just because she drew her gun, lol. Poor Chino though, being none the wiser. The shame she must’ve felt was immeasurable especially since Rize did spend all that time at her home.

    Cocoa actually got me with her Mocha disguise. I honestly thought she made a random visit. It seemed like Rize was in on it too, hence why she also got a scolding.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    Nice save , Cocoa 😀


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