Adachi and Shimamura Episode 9: VDay Dynamite

At long last the highly anticipated Valentine’s Day episode had arrived. Would Adachi come one step closer to making her wish come true? What about Shimamura and Tarumi?

Alien and Imouto swinging

Alien X Imouto Valentine Swinging.

Shimamura whispers something to Adachi

Adachi was like every person excited for something big, unable to sleep. Her body was so ready for VDay. She wondered if Shimamura was also hyped. Shimamura wanted to tease her a little.

Puppy Adachi

Adachi’s recent “baka” behavior made her think of herself as Shimamura’s cute puppy yearning for attention. After class Adachi got the courage to ask her to come to Nagoya to buy the chocolate there. For some reason Shimamura had a good laugh on their way there, confusing Adachi.

Adachi considered wearing the China dress again

Shimamura was like “You don’t habe to wear the China dress this time” to which Adachi was like “If you want I could change into it…” but time was of the essence so sadly no sexy Adachi this time.

Adachi thought about the magic word

They made it to the train in time. The ride would be 20 minutes or so so they played a word game. At one point Shimamura said “aisu” and Adachi thought about “suki” but went with “Sugakiya” brand ramen. One day Adachi, one day.

Adachi and Shimamura bought chocolate from the same shop

To Adachi’s surprise when they got to the shop she wanted to buy chocolate at Shimamura had also bought some there the day prior.

Shimamura tells Tarumi what she's up toTarumi unimpressed

Subtle jelly is subtle.

We turned back the clock to the day prior. As we recall the last episode ended with Tarumi inviting Shimamura to hang out. The reason Shimamura laughed a lot the next day was because how similar both trips were. A lot of what happened on her trip to Nagoya with Adachi also happened on her trip with Tarumi.

Awkward reunion

The big difference was her trip with Tarumi was less cheerful. The past still stung for Shimamura. In fact Shimamura was more focused on Adachi than Tarumi.

Shimamura unsure of Adachi's reaction to the chocolate

Back in the present our heroines exchanged chocolates. Adachi tried hers first. She enjoyed them but Shimamura was unsure and came closer. After confirming she did indeed like them Adachi was like “Now how can I make her doubt me again?”.

Adachi about to feed Shimamura

Very bold Adachi.

Shimamura had another surprise for Adachi. The other reason she wanted to hurry was a Special Valentine Promotion message.

Tarumi hoping Shimamura remembered

Before we see the message let’s go back to yesterday. Shimamura ended the hangout with Tarumi sooner than the latter expected. One thing Tarumi hoped was Shimamura remembered her nickname for Tarumi. It wasn’t that she remembered but didn’t want to say it, rather she didn’t want to remember. But she would come to realize holding grudges was no good. She wanted to at least show there were no hard feelings and with a weight off her shoulders was able to remember the nickname, cheering up Tarumi. We’ll see if that goes anywhere next time.

Shimamura's VDay message for Adachi

Back to the present and the message. Shimamura seemed like she wanted to try again by opening up to Adachi. When Adachi asked “how close?” Shimamura was like “You were on my mind a lot so I wanted  to convey how I felt in that message”.

Adachi's big love hug

This being Adachi she was so elated she couldn’t contain her elation to the point of hurting Shimamura’s back and guns. What’s most important was Adachi could now request snuggles. PROGRESS!

Excellent episode as always and it looks like more excellence awaits next time.

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7 Responses to Adachi and Shimamura Episode 9: VDay Dynamite

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Every episode is just so ❤
    You can tell there’s something about Adachi that works differently for Shimamura than anyone else. The way she treats her is one thing, but the way she reacts to Adachi’s antics is another.
    Every episode PV seems to be set up in a way to make me paranoid…but so far it’s been a total trick. I wonder if it’s on purpose, or just a result of the way I tend to think?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Fantastic Episode!

    Alien X Imouto continues to give me life. Wished we saw them exchange chocolate, but oh well.

    The VDate was amazing and heartwarming. So proud of our Adachi making big progress. And Shimamura’s present was great.

    The only thing wrong with this episode is the absence of NagaHino. Its criminal. But the preview shows that next episode might make up for that.

    Can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Nick says:

    After that week long wait it was finally time for the Valentine’s Day ep!!

    Gotta say things played out a little differently than I had imagined, but it was for the best. Adachi and Shimamura had their VDay date without any major issues, was wondering if Tarumi might show up out of the blue and things would get awkward, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

    The special message scene was really nice. I thought Shimamura would maybe have something more intimate to say, but what she decided to go with was still very appropriate. Adachi with her awkward hug was cute too.

    Not much on that NagaHina front this week, they were barely in the ep, but it looks like next time we’ll get some bath time fun with them. Excited for that.

    All in all this was yet another excellent ep. Now with VDay over, what new challenges await our couple?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    Adachi uses surprise glomp, it’s super effective!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ioni says:

    Praise our new yuri god, the holy … tactile guidance strip.
    He works pretty well, He guide girls directly on the arms of their beloved.


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