Strike Wiches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 9: Age Limit

It was Mina’s turn to go through some character development.

Mina feeling tired

We joined Mina with Barkhorn and Hartmann on their way to Kiel to check up on preparations for the upcoming big Berlin mission. Mina felt tired for some reason. More on that later.

Ursula returns

Their first sight was our “favorite” trigger happy general already to go attack the Neuroi Nest code-named “Wolf”. It went as well as one would expect. More importantly we got the return of Ursula Hartmann, still inventing wacky contraptions.

Mina's Neuroi Nest briefing

Back to the military getting creamed by the Neuroi Nest the Witches returned to base to discuss Wolf’s new Rocket types that were even faster than the ones Charlotte, Barkhorn and Hartmann faced.

M-163 Komet

Lucchini's panties melting

That’s where Ursula came in. She’d invented a new Striker Unit, the M-163 Komet, capable of keeping up with the Neuroi Rockets. BTW, the fuel melted clothing as seen above.

Mina flight booty

Mina volunteered to test the Komet and was successful but she felt tired again afterward. Ursula said it wasn’t because of the Komet as it was designed to balance a Witch’s magic in use.

Barkhorn figures out what's wrong with Mina

Barkhorn noticed Mina’s exhaustion both times and asked her about it. She figured out Mina’s time to wear pants was coming. Mina wanted to keep fighting at least till the end of the Berlin mission. This is the televised broadcast so peeps will have to wait till the BDs come out to receive dem blessings.

Mina promises to treat Hartmann after the mission

Red flag triggering camping scene.

Ursula takes a blast

Rushing through the battle the Wolf sent spies to watch our heroines. The following morning it surprised them by firing a Rocket earlier than expected. It even sent a Mk2 Speed Type that Barhorn and Hartmann fought as Ursula finished filling the Komet. The Neuroi targeted the Komet. Ursula blocked the first laser but not the blast from the second.

Mina's last stand, kinda

Ursula protected the Komet with enough time for Mina to shoot down the Rocket. However, the Wolf surprised her with multiple Rockets soon after. The scene had heroic sacrifice written all over it…

Barkhorn and Hartmann rescue Mina

Thankfully this isn’t a Moepocalypse anime. I mean really, what would killing off Mina have accomplished?

Good stuff. No Mio X Minna scene but there are three episodes to go so there’s still time. Next time the attack on Wolf begins.

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10 Responses to Strike Wiches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 9: Age Limit

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    Yay, nudie Erica! Where is my other favourite cutie nude? I hope we’ll see that too in the remaining episodes ^^

    You know it’s a gay series when the dialogue in the shower goes like this:
    – We need to talk.
    – “Talk”? Right now? (blush) Umm, there’s not really enough room in this shower cabinet to “talk” properly. Maybe we should go to the bedroom?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Somebody says:

    I feel like Hartmann has been getting alot more screen time lately and I love it. I really wish there would have been some nice minaXsakamoto scenes seems like a missed opportunity as she went through the same thing. Maybe it was explained or I am just remembering wrong but doesn’t Miyafuji’s grandma still use magic?

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Witches can still use magic as they grow older but can’t control it as well as in their teenage years. It’s like Yoshika but worse.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ioni says:

        Also Yoshika’s lineage is special, witches of her family keep powerful magic when they’re adult, it’s said on the very first episode.

        Normaly witches with pants face a large reduction of their power, for example since the start on the second season Mio’s shield is too weak to block a handgun bullet.


  3. yurimylove says:

    I’d like to order some of that special fuel from Ursula.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nick says:

    Good stuff this week!

    Sad that Mina is already reaching that age where her powers start to fade. 20 seems so young for that to happen, they’re still in the prime of their youth!

    Surprised Mio didn’t show up at all to comfort Mina. Feels like a missed opportunity but I guess Trude and Erica are there as her fellow countrywomen to support her.

    Fuel the melts clothing, how classic for Strike Witches. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Exciting battle scenes as always this season, really like how well they look and sound now.

    And the ending was glorious. I can’t wait to see that on the BD!


  5. Ioni says:

    I think there will be a Shirley bonus episode because her namesake Chuck Yeager dies on december 7th, 2020.

    He was the only namesake still alive when Fumikane created Strike Witches


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