Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom Episode 8: Professor Sergeant

Rize has a big dream for her future.

Nightdress Rize

Syaro will surely wake up to this sight daily someday.

Rize moved ran away from home because her dad laughed when she said she wanted to become an elementary school teacher post-graduation.

Jelly Chino

Cocoa and Chino noted she came off a bit stern at times thus Cocoa offering Rize some tips to better teach children. This being Cocoa she lost interest quickly. After that we got a more proper study session complete with reward stamps. Jelly Chino Cocoa got a stamp before her was amusing.

Rize, Cocoa and Chino in the bathtub

I’m surprised it took as long as it did for the show to get super sexy this season. Maybe because we’ve seen the big girls’ bodies several times already there was little need to show off their greatness as much this time. Think about it. This season has yet to feature a scene of someone running into Rize getting dressed and see her in bra and panties. Not a complaint, just surprised.

Back to the plot. Rize somewhat envied Cocoa and Chino getting to have fun times during meals unlike at her place, or so it seemed.

Chino comes to a realization

When asked what brought on her desire to become an elementary school teacher Rize said it was thanks to her time with ChiMaMe, leading to this realization from Chino.


Something I didn’t mention about the reward stamps was Rize stamped parts of the girls’ bodies. They washed off in the tub and the girls sobbed. To make up for it she gave them stamp cards. Cocoa treasured her card as a unique gift from Rize but the next day Chiya told her all our heroines got one. Jelly the two tried getting ChiMaMe’s attention to themselves they “offered” to teach them.

Maya studying with Syaro

While not involved in Cocoa and Chiya’s discussion (different schools, remember?) Syaro kinda got roped into the mix too. Eventually they were all called over to the pool by Rize-Sensei.

Rize rescues Megu

At the pool Chino and Maya jokingly said Megu put on weight, especially in the chest area. Rize cleared that up quickly. The above screen grab was the start of a neat moment. Chino and Maya jotted down all their plans and goals as Megu watched. They challenged each other to a race. Megu wanted to join in but wasn’t as good of a swimmer so she got into trouble. Fortunately Rize came to the rescue. Turns out Megu didn’t want to fall behind in dreams and aspirations and tried to do her best to catch up. Rize said not to worry as she had supportive friends in Maya and Chino.

Cocoa kabedon to RizeRize cornered

Syaro’s look of disappointment hit harder than Cocoa and Chiya’s blank jelly stares. It was all a joke of course. The three ladies along with ChiMaMe wanted to thank Rize for all her support throughout 2 1/2 seasons and special OVAs with a big banquet.

Syaro hoping Rize enjoyed her fries

It was very sweet. Another sweet moment came later when Papa Snake came to pick up her daughter and tried to explain himself.

Good stuff as always.

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16 Responses to Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom Episode 8: Professor Sergeant

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    Rize, everyone’s favourite prince charming and knight in shining armour. What a lovely episode (and yes, finally some lovely nudity. I want more ^^)

    I’m sure Sharo would have loved to get stamps on other parts of her body too. And of course Chiya as well, her being sexual innuendo in human form ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cirno9fan says:

    It’s just really nice how we keep on getting so much character growth~
    That segment with Megu really helped to flesh out her character. She always comes off as the ‘floaty” one of the Chimame corps, but she’s thinking just as seriously about things as everyone else.I could definitely see Riza making a fantastic teacher, she’s got both the strictness needed to keep order, and the caring needed to forge positive bonds.

    This show is going to be missed when it’s over….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nick says:

    Excellent Rize ep this week!!

    Cocoa sis lucky to experience Rize waking her up. I’m sure in the future Sharo will get that every day, like you mentioned.

    Rize would make an excellent teacher. She’s already proven over the past 2 seasons she’s great at teaching and training others, and she’s well liked by everyone. If she does follow her dreams, whatever students she gets to teach will be very lucky to have her.

    Nice to see them return to the pool, it’s been a while but it’s still makes for wonderful moments. Rize wore that same swimsuit back in S2 when she went there with the ChiMaMe squad the first time.

    So nice to see everyone make a meal for Rize, such a heartwarming moment.

    Also I think her dad drives an Audi R8. What a boss!

    Another great ep as always!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It is Syaro’s destiny to be with Rize. At least I hope so.

      Ganbare Rize-Sensei!

      We got some long overdue sexiness and wrapped it up with lots of sweetness. So nice.

      Papa Snake is a cool dork.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. chikorita157 says:

    Yet another enjoyable episode. It’s kind of obvious that Chino is more diligent than Cocoa, but seeing Cocoa as a science teacher is ironic though and silly. Also, Chiya never fails to impress.

    But yes, Rize will make a good teacher for sure.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. K says:

    This was basically Rize Appreciation Day and does she ever deserve all the praise she got. Admittedly, I was a bit surprised when I heard that she wanted to be an elementary school teacher but I forgot that she’s been quite the teach throughout the series.

    Cocoa and Chino really liked getting stamped by Rize-sensei so much but they should have expected that the prints wouldn’t survive a bath. They just wanted it to be like a never-ending dream.

    Learning from Cocoa and Chiya would be…quite interesting to say the least. However, Cocoa will never yield the “Big Sister” occupation to anyone else!

    Weekly reminder that Chino, Maya and Megu are inseparable. Megu felt like she had to change quickly to keep up with Chino and Maya but they will never leave her behind. May the ChiMaMe Corps never die!

    I felt Rize dad’s awkwardness. At least he apologized and their relationship got mended. Watching him freak out about getting stamped was funny.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    I bet Syaro would love to engage in the “close quarter combat” in bed with Rize 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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