Adventure Time: Distant Lands Episode 2 – Obsidian

I thought before going into this mega episode (45 minutes) I needed to remember past events to keep up with what’s going on. Well, not really. Yes, it is recommended so viewers can know how Bubblegum and Marceline got together but Obsidian can be watched as a standalone mega episode without having seen the show. Naturally character cameos and references will fly past newcomers but luckily there aren’t that many on the surface level.

So instead of a Yuri Quickie I figured this was a good chance to talk about an episode of the series on the blog.

For viewers interested in a guide of the Adventure Time episodes chronicling Bubbline’s history, relationship development and some stories exploring their characters before watching the mega episode, check out this Yuri Talk post HERE.

Note: All available Adventure Time: Distant Lands episodes can be seen on HBO Max. VPN required for people living outside the US.

Note 2: For readers who remember the show this episode is set before the epilogue time skip.


See-Thru Princess telling the story of Marceline's great deed

We began the story showing Young Marceline during her difficult travels across the post-apocalyptic wasteland with someone. This patch of land would eventually become the Glass Kingdom. The citizens gathered to watch See-Thru Princess tell the story of the time Marceline saved the kingdom from the dragon Larvo by sealing it away. A tradition was born where a choir sang (poorly) the song that sealed it away.

Glass Boy awakened Larvo

There was one boy, Glass Boy, who was a big Marceline fan. He was bullied by everyone because of the crack on his head. Only STP showed him kindness. He wondered why they kept singing the song all this time. Surely the dragon must had died of age by that point so they could enter the mountain and use the lava for their benefit. The glass people ridiculed him. Fed up with the bullying he sneakily got the key to the dragon’s seal and opened it in hopes of using the lava could fix his crack. Unfortunately Larvo still lived and awoke. GB dropped the key but sealed the door, temporarily stopping it. His next plan was to search for Marceline and bring her to help but the STP’s three advisors had him locked away. Fortunately STP helped him escape.

Bubblegum and Marceline in Marcie's shack

To simplify things I’ll be referring to our heroines as Bonnie and Marcie for the rest of the post. After the opening credits of GB braving the elements in search of the legendary heroine and a montage of Bubbline living a chill life together we joined Marcie working on a new song. Bonnie wanted to hear it but she was too embarrassed to let her. She eagerly awaited its completion.

Glass Boy begging Marceline for help

Thanks to Choose Goose’s poetic directions GB eventually found Marcie. When he told her about Larvo’s escape bad memories surfaced for both our heroines. They were about to suggest Finn take care of it but GB’s begging convinced them to come along, more so Bonnie.

The day Bubblegum and Marceline split up

At the Glass Kingdom the people didn’t believe Marcie was the legendary warrior when they were attacked by Shadow spawns Larvo sent to get her. It seemed retirement from the throne made Bonnie a little rusty as she could only fire a jellybean fart gun (or she didn’t want Marcie yo look bad, or both). At least she could tell Marcie how to beat them. Afterward they went to Larvo’s seal. Marcie hesitated due to the “legendary” song being a particularly rough one for both. Bonnie gave her the okay. Basically it’s a “I’m sick of you having a stick shoved up so far up your ass and you never cared about me Bonnie! Well neither do I!” song. However, it didn’t work this time.

Marceline leaving to find her edgelord roots

Bonnie signaled for her backup plan. Marcie took this as Bonnie anticipating her failure. She figured “I must have lost my Edgelord mojo. I gotta go back to my edgy roots and become inspired to write a new angry song.” Annoyed her vampire girlfriend ditched her she continued to work on a solution.

Bubblegum irritated at Marceline

As she did this we saw what made Marcie sing the angry song that day. Put simply Marcie was a rebellious punk who thought little of everyone but Bonnie while Bonnie desperately worked to save the glass people. Frustrated she couldn’t find the answer she lashed out at Marcie when she tried getting her attention. This was why their relationship was rocky early in the series.

See-Thru Princess inspired by Bubblegum

Bonnie had a plan but needed help. STP, inspired by Bonnie’s ingenuity and no-nonsense coolness, stood up to her pushy advisors and led her people to assist the two princesses (one former).

Marceline's Mom's final moments

Throughout the episode we got glimpses of young Marcie’s backstory alongside the person she traveled with, her mother. As one would expect surviving in a post-apocalyptic Earth with a vampire daughter was far from easy but she did her best. One day a misunderstanding between the two and a mutant wolf family forced Marcie to use her vampire powers. Mom’s shocked reaction caused her to think she’s afraid of her, made worse when Mom chased her away in a way similar to Bonnie in the distant future. She followed her instructions to a “Clubhouse” bunker.

Glass Boy finds Marceline again

GB, who was chased away by STP similarly to Bonnie and Marcie’s Mom hid inside Marcie’s bag and rode with her to the Clubhouse. There he saw a teary Marcie who discovered a recording left by her mom in her final moments. She didn’t want her daughter to see it happen. This realization along with GB’s attempt to write an angry song of his own cleared up some things in her mind.

Monster Marceline vs Super Spawn

As the two got set to return to the Glass Kingdom the Larvo Spawns reappeared and destroyed Reaper, one of Marcie’s most prized possessions (the other is Hambo). She was about to go to war but…”The old me would WASTE YOU for smashing my guitar. But I have someone far more important in my life and she needs me”.

Marceline singing her special song for Bubblegum

After a chaotic reunion, complete with “NOOOOOOOO! She’s not an Edgelord anymore! We’re doomed.” joke, our heroines (and a KO’ed GB) got trapped in Larvo’s prison. It seemed like all hope was lost so the two took the opportunity to talk things through. Bonnie explained she kinda missed being a royal badass and somewhat hoped Marcie’s song would fail so she could show off to the Glass Kingdom. Marcie talked about her mom not being open with her about the illness long ago being a big reason why she had a hard time opening up to people, even Bonnie. But no more. The time had come to sing the special song for Bonnie.

Bubblegum and Marceline kiss again

She loved it and her vampire soul mate.

Bubblegum and Marceline victory dance

No need to go in detail about what’s next. There’s an anti-discrimination and “accepting yourself for who you are” message, which were both cool. That and an appearance from our main boy, now a man. The episode ended with Bubbline having another romantic moment.

Excellent stuff and a great to write an Adventure Time episodic. Unless we get more AT yuri in the other Distant Lands episodes I’m done talking about the series on this blog.

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  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Man this was fantastic! Bubbline is one of my all time favorite couples, so seeing them one more time is great. Their moments together and their song was so heart warming. I love it.

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