Assault Lily Bouquet Episode 4: Oriental Lilies

I know many peeps were eagerly anticipating this duo’s time in the spotlight. Oh yes.


First it was clever fans who picked up on Yuyu and Riri’s “YuRi” couple name. Now it was made official in the anime. “Pachi pachi”. Yuyu took the news well as she saw her Schutzengel slacking off. Back to Riri “slacking off” Yuyu’s plan was to have her assemble a “Legion”, aka a team of 9 Lilies. In her head she expected Riri to fail and use that failure to become more serious. Sasuga Yuyu Onee-Sama.

Tasuza Ando

The first Lily they approached was one of their classmates, Tasuza Ando. She didn’t seem interested, or she uses her mean look to keep others away when in reality she’s a delicate flower. We’ll find out if she has a greater role next time she shows up.

(Everyone who looked up info online are advised to keep quiet on all spoilers)

Cute Tasuza

Even her secret cute side was intimidating.

Araya being ArayaSmug Kaede

Every time Kaede and Araya are on screen I am a happy boy. Oh and more Kusumi cuteness for Little Viktoria.

With Kaede on board Team YuRi had four members, including Fumi to her surprise and great joy.

Riri Booty

Nothing new but a welcome reminder of Riri’s sexiness. As Riri realized how exhausting it was to recruit potential Legion members she was shocked to hear from Shizu that both Kaede and Fumi were recruited many times before joining Team YuRi. She felt unworthy to be paired up with such awesome hotties but they quickly assured her they were happy to be with her.

Miriam the fifth member

As if on cue Miriam Hildegard von Gropius “teleported” from outta nowhere to join the team too. That was 5.

Shenlin and Yujia in their room

I know everyone was waiting for me to get to “them”. It’s time to talk about Shenlin and Yujia. Throughout the episode we saw the them interact. Shenlin was from Taipei while Yujia (who I think is also Taiwanese but raised in Europe) was from Iceland. Her sisters were elite class Lilies but she considered herself an inferior klutz, something that quietly got reactions from Shenlin. Later on Riri and the gang approached them to join Team YuRi. Shenlin accepted but Yujia hesitated, relying on Shenlin to decide for her. After feeling underestimated by Shenlin Riri assured them she would do her best to be a great Lily. This amused Shenlin and convinced Yujia to give the Legion thing a try after all. Shenlin wanted to test her first.

Yujia's CHARM

Yujia’s CHARM. She’s a sniper. Her skill was “Heaven’s Measure” basically Deadshot level of accuracy.

Shenlin's CHARM

Shenlin meanwhile wielded a sword and shield like CHARMs. Her test was for Yujia to fire 10 consecutive shots aimed at her. Being a strong Lily herself she was able to intercept most of the shots. Even strong winds couldn’t stop the duo from impressing Riri and Yuyu who observed the test. Yujia passed the test. Shenlin was cold toward Yujia because her pessimism annoyed her. Shenlin came from a low class family and worked her butt off to become a strong Lily while Yujia came from an elite Lily family yet was a negative nancy. It got on Shenlin’s nerves but deep down she wanted to help her grow more confident too.

Happy Yujia and ShenlinShenlin X Yujia

Hopefully they’ll live happily ever after now.

Matsuri Hata

I didn’t mention her last time but yes, Yuyu had another roommate in Matsuri Hata. Like Shizu she too is lovely and liked to tease her cute roomie. Yuyu didn’t expect Riri’s to have almost recruited 9 members. Only 2 more to go. She won’t admit Riri’s cuteness subconsciously turned her on a bit.

Good stuff as usual. Next time it’s Riri’s birthday. Will Yuyu be ready?

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16 Responses to Assault Lily Bouquet Episode 4: Oriental Lilies

  1. I was waiting for Yujia and Shenlin’s official introductions and I was thoroughly satisfied. They make such a cute couple and are real beauties. YuRi is still the best though, I love their interactions. Araya and Kaede are the great comedy duo of the series, and their fight for Riri’s love every time they cross paths is great. I’m starting to wonder if they’ll become a ship? Then again, they both seem to be more on track to building their own little harems, if Riri doesn’t steal all the lilies’ love first lol. Another great episode and wonderful yuri goodness.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Beautiful duo as we hoped since they were shown in the ED.

      YuRi are progressing smoothly. Looking forward to what Yuyu will do for Riri’s birthday.

      Araya and Kaede are excellent. I need more Araya. Would be interesting to see if they find other girls who can handle their power.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Yuyu + Riri = Yuri. GENIUS.

    Yuja shooting Shelin from such a long distance, with Shenlin deflecting them, then suddenly sending that lost shot back to Yuja – fantastic sequence.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Little Viktoria says:

    Very cute new couple! And I never noticed that Yuyu + Riri = yuri * 2 ^^

    Kusumi always brightens my day (thank you for the link! ^^) I also love assertive Kaede.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ioni says:

    Most important info of the episode : in near future, lilies still use the unbreakable Nokia 3310

    Liked by 2 people

  5. chikorita157 says:

    Yes, love the new couple name, which makes the pairing even stronger. Surely, Yuyu still finds this embarrassing, but still cute.

    Still, it’s nice to see Yujia overcome her difficulties. Clumsiness is something that one can come over. Still, it’s nice that Yujia overcome her difficulties. Still, the ending is nice with Shenlin and Yujia and a nice addition to Riri’s party.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Nick says:

    Yuri being their couple name is the best thing ever. I mean if it wasn’t obvious they weren’t a couple before, it’s pretty clear now.

    As nice as it was to see more of YuRI, we had other girls who had some decent screen time this week. Nice to see the cast grow and more girls being introduced to us. So many lovely couples at the school and I’m enjoying meeting new one each week.

    Now that moment in the ED makes all the more sense.

    I still think Kaede is my favorite. She’s got a lot going for her right now. But with new girls still being introduced, I guess that could always change.

    Birthday ep next week should be fun. Excited to see what Yuyu will get for her girlfriend.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. K says:

    Yuyu wanted Riri to create her own legion, not one for her! No matter, it’s not like Riri could pull something like that off. Again, she was wrong about that.

    Making Yuyu and Riri’s pairing YuRi was so clever. Yuyu should have seen that coming when she decided to make Riri her Schild. In any case, she loved what Fumi did there, you could see her elation all over her face ;-).

    Yujia passed Shenlin’s test with flying colours, giving her a well needed confidence boost. That last shot was especially wicked. Yujia’ll be showcasing more of her epic sniping skills in a future near you!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Giack31 says:

    YES! Yuyu is starting to show other aspect of her personality and is not in emo mode all the time.
    YuRi is genius.
    I really like Tasuza Ando looking forward to seeing more of her.
    Shenlin and Yujia are great. I thought they would have a knight-princess kind of relationship but this is also interesting.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. yurimylove says:

    I learned today that you can swat bullets away like baseballs


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