Strike Witches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 3: The New Booty and Some Instability

When we last left our heroines they successfully reunited the 501st Joint Fighter Wing and took down the Iceberg Neuroi. Unfortunately it accomplished its objective, destroying the Antwerpen port, cutting off supplies for a while. Because of it the attack on the Neuroi nest in Berlin was delayed. What would our heroines do in the meantime?

Shizuka's introduction

As we recall Shizuka officially joined the Strike Witches last episode. She’s understandably nervous and made a “good for us, bad for her” first impression.

Yoshika comforts Shizuka

Fortunately for her RAMBO was there to help her back up. Being on the same team as RAMBO gave Shizuka courage…and more.

Charlotte and Francesca in the tub

Oh “hot spring scenes”, how you have been missed. Welcome back old friends.

Lynette treats Yoshika

“And that’s when I realized I was the third wheel”

Yoshika helps Shizuka

“But as long as I get to fly with Miss RAMBO it’s worth it!”

However, During training RAMBO suddenly couldn’t maintain altitude. Basically RAMBO’s magic had become unstable. Although she miraculously regained it in the movie she can’t control it due to how strong it is, meaning it would randomly stop working. That explains why she briefly lost flight inside the iceberg.

Shizuka's Nightmare

Meanwhile Shizuka was like “Everything is daijobou” but of course it wasn’t. She relied too much on RAMBO being there with her from now on.

Yoshika down

After the nightmare she heard an engine sound in the hangar as she saw RAMBO try and fail to take off.

Lynette's words of wisdom

Shizuka ran off, frustrated she couldn’t do anything to help her heroine when she she spotted Lynette preparing a meal for her sweetheart. Shizuka was frustrated she couldn’t be as calm and helpful as Lynette and like the good wife she was Lynette told her to find a way to help RAMBO her way.

Split Neuroi Attack

The next day the Neuroi attacked, just like old times. RAMBO and Shizuka couldn’t join the others for obvious reasons. This of course meant the Neuroi would need more than six Witches to beat. RAMBO being RAMBO wanted to join Minna to take care of the surprise Neuroi attack but Minna couldn’t rely on a half-powered Witch.

Shizuka remembers Yoshika's badassery

For readers who saw the movie quietly asking “Hey OG. Why do you keep referring to Yoshika as ‘RAMBO’?” Remember this “joygasmic” moment? That’s why.

As RAMBO refused to stay behind Shizuka wondered why she wasn’t afraid to fight despite her unstable magic. She recalled her badassitude from the movie and was like “Oh yeaaaah. That’s why I fell in love with her”. She stopped feeling sorry for herself and wanted to join the battle too.

Shizuka regains her courage

Yoshika and Shizuka Team

“Together we are MIGHTY!”

After beating the Neuroi RAMBO recalled Lynette telling her something similar about “flying as one Witch”. She would do her best to regain flight but for now there was a small blessing in having Shizuka be her “engine”.

Yoshika feels a familiar joy

Still got it RAMBO.

Great stuff yet again! Next time Charlotte’s speed record was broken so you all know what means.

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4 Responses to Strike Witches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 3: The New Booty and Some Instability

  1. Nick says:

    Nice to officially have Shizuka in the main cast now. She’s got a lot to learn but with Yoshika at her side, she’ll be an ace in no time!

    Loved the Yoshika and Lynette moments, those two are still so cute together.

    Their new base is cool. They keep upgrading each season.

    Definitely worth going back and checking out once the BD drops. Need to see the bath scenes the way they’re meant to be seen.

    Not as much action this week compared to last week, but the ending battle was good and exciting to watch. And yes I’ll comment again on how much I love the look and sounds of the battles this season, so good.

    Shirley hype next week!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Best of luck to Shizuka.

      Bless YoshiLyn. Hook up already!

      Gotta upgrade to better combat the Neuroi threat.

      Oh heck yes.

      The action this season has been superb, yes.

      Always pumped to see more Shirley!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. yurimylove says:

    Yoshika and Lucchini are both “connoisseurs” of boob pillow

    Liked by 1 person

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