Iwa Kakeru! Sport Climbing Girls Episode 2: First Competition

When we last left our heroines Konomi had joined the Sport Climber Club and to her surprise Captain Sayo wanted to enter a competition the very next day. Let’s see how she did.


We started off with an introduction to one of the “Elite Climbers” as I will refer to them as, Anne. She specialized in speed climbing. It was quite the sight.

Megane Jun

A better look at Jun when she’s not on the battlefield blessing us with her physique.

Iwamine, Nonon and Konomi

Another Elite Climber, Iwamine the Tarantula. Reminds me of a certain other enormous creepy hottie who plays mahjong but less huge. Yes, mahjong girl is bigger. Looks like she may be Nonoka’s rival.

Nonoka's flexibility

We were then blessed with a preview of Nonoka’s technique. She made up for her short stature by being very flexible. #SpiderGirl. No wonder Iwamine’s her rival. Spider vs Spider.

Sayo in action

We didn’t get to see much from Captain Sayo but based on Jun’s description and her sharp mind at work she’s most likely a “total package” type who is good at multiple styles. Konomi felt a little intimidated in the sense she was a rookie in a team of Top Class Climbers. She felt in her mind she had to live up to their expectations.

Bad kitty

This girl’s “encouragement” made things worse. Maybe it was from watching anime for so long but I could tell long before her true nature was revealed she was a bad kitty.

Konomi failed

She focused too much on making a good impression and approached the wall differently than she normally would and it cost her.

Jun helping Konomi

Jun noticed the bad kitty nearby and had a feeling she knew what happened. She cheered up Konomi the only way she could, by teaching her a helpful technique and telling her to “Focus on doing things her way and not let others get to her”. Jun got a Heart Point with Konomi.

Konomi's Gamer Vision Again

Konomi’s Gamer Vision at work analyzing the wall. Good job Jun helping her.

Konomi's Comeback

She was ready for Round 2 and although she didn’t reach the top she fared much better than not only her first attempt but Bad Kitty’s too. Speaking of Bad Kitty.

Jun getting back at Bad Kitty

Jun sat next to her as they watched Konomi climb. She guaranteed “the look” from Bad Kitty. The “This newcomer whooped my ass!” look. We got BK’s brief backstory. She worked her ass off to be a great climber but then Jun, a newbie at the time, showed up and accomplished what she couldn’t in record time. From that day she swore to break down every newbie that got in her way. After giving “the look” Jun wanted to see she was like “That’s enough punishment for you. But I warn you. Mess with my girl again and you’ll be sorry”. Technically she said her team but we know she meant Konomi. Things went from bad to worse for Bad Kitty when she got caught in a certain giant’s web.

Sayo's Dream

After the competition ended our heroines gathered to help Konomi reflect on the tournament and whether she wanted to continue. Captain Sayo then shared her dream of leading her team to World Championship gold and turn Sport Climbing into global phenomenon. Konomi, like Nonoka, thought Sayo was getting carried away but she admired her enthusiasm and was more motivated to improve herself and make her team proud. Konomi did very well and could have potentially completed the course but she needed more muscle training.

We were then blessed with a roll call of the Elite Climbers:

Iwamine ChinariKumagai ChigusaFujita MasumiOoba KureaKurusu Anne

Take a wild guess which climber had me crying and drooling. We ended the episode with what will hopefully be our heroines’ battle cry.

Chicken Dinner

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8 Responses to Iwa Kakeru! Sport Climbing Girls Episode 2: First Competition

  1. Nick says:

    The hype continues this week with their first competition!

    Nice to see the girls in action again and really show off their skills. Konomi still has a lot to learn in terms of climbing but she’s a fast learner and on her second run there she was already showing off her newly learner moves. Love to see it.

    Unfortunate we didn’t get to see much of Sayo climbing, she’s very good indeed and like you said, a total package.

    Annoying cat girl was annoying. I thought she was friendly at first but once Konomi started her first attempt and she was off to the wrong start, then I realized how unhelpful cat girl was.

    Spider Girl looks interesting along with the other elite climbers. I hope you’re mentally and physically prepared for when muscle goddess makes her debut. I’m guessing you’ll be going through the roof when she’s on screen.

    Excited for more of this show. I’m now feeling the urge to start climbing too.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      So much coolness and sexiness to get excited for, at least enlightened beings such as you, Luze and I.

      I think you can already imagine how I’ll react when “SHE” officially debuts. I don’t know if my heart will be ready.

      I’m good with climbing the local mountain for exercise. I don’t know if I have the flexibility to go for sport climbing. Still, never say never.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Little Viktoria says:

    My wild guess is Chigusa ^^

    Fun episode! My favourites continue to be Konomi and Nonoka. Anne is a delight for the eyes too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Giack31 says:

    JUN WEARS GLASSES I repeat JUN WEARS GLASSES!!! This makes up for the really clique backstory she has.
    Iwamine give off really creepy vibes and I say it in the best possible way. I also was reminded of Saki when she appeared.
    It was pretty obvious that the cat girl was just trying to sabotage Konomi.
    I was a bit hypocritical of Jun to scold the cat girl for “trying to get newbies to drop out” when she basically was doing the same thing last episode with Konomi just in a less mean spirited way.
    All the other Elite Climbers also look fun and interesting.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    Captain Sayo’s postures are so graceful she makes sports climbing look like gymnastics.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. K says:

    From the Elite Climber Gallery, it was Chigusa, wasn’t it?

    Usually, the main school in these shows tend to be the underdog but here the main school’s a main contender. This club just didn’t have the required number of members…until now. Sayo’s dream of creating a Stone(Climbing) World seems a bit brighter now.

    That’s one naughty Kitty, trying (and apparently succeeding) to crush the hopes and dreams of rookie climbers just because Jun shattered her preconceptions so easily. Well, watching Konomi get farther than her should have been enough punishment for her but getting dressed down by a spider was a well-deserved bonus. She earned it!

    I love how the show plays up Iwamine as some villain-type character but she’s harmless…as long as you aren’t rude, anyway.

    Liked by 2 people

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