Assault Lily – Bouquet Episode 1: A Tale of Blades and Gay Thighs

Although we already talked about some early screenings Fall 2020 officially starts NOW with this highly anticipated show. Let’s see what awaited us in the premiere, shall we?

Riri's thighs

They knew what we came to see, yes. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Riri Meets Kaede

The prologue showed an epic battle but we’ll talk about it later. Let’s start with our main heroine, Riri Hitotsuyanagi’s introduction. She’s an aspiring Lily. Lilies are warrior girls with magical powers who are the only ones capable of fighting the alien threat known as the “Huge”, which are extraterrestrial robot things like the Neuroi. Riri was lucky enough to be chosen from the “We’ll call you” waiting list. She narrated all this to viewers in an adorably clumsy way. Upon reaching the front gate of the “Yurigaoka Girls’ Academy” (Yuri. Gao. I heard of such a combination once before, yes) she was nearly run over by the car of the ojou-sama Kaede Johan Neuvel. Ah yes. Riri gets teased for her name. “Riri the Lily”. You know, “Riri the Riri”.

Riri Meets Fumi

Fumi Futagawa. She’s a big fan of a newsletter that reports any and all happenings related to Lilies. That’s how she knew about most of the students despite being a newcomer like Riri.

Araya Endo

Araya Endo. She wants to become Yuyu’s “Petite Soeur”. Oops. Wrong series. I meant her “Schutzengel”. Who is Yuyu?

Yuyu Shirai

Yuyu Shirai. An ice queen veteran Lily. She had no interest in dueling Araya but wouldn’t turn down a challenge either.

Fumi and Miriam

Based on Fumi’s reaction Miriam Hildegard von Gropius here may be her type. That or she’s a hardcore Lily fangirl. I’ll go with the former.

Ichi, Soraha and Kasumi

Here we have Ichi, Soraha and Kasumi. Ichi is probably Araya’s roommate or in the same class. Not sure. Soraha is probably Kasumi’s “Prince”.

Riri holding back Kaede

Upon seeing Yuyu Kaede rushed over to prove herself a worthy “Schutzengel”. Riri, however, was like “Lily shouldn’t fight each other” and surprised Kaede by stopping her from outta nowhere. Before any battle could ensue a senior Lily informed the girls of a Huge on the loose. Yuyu was ready to track it down herself but the senpai told her she needed a partner. She had Kaede go. Riri got herself to join the party, much to Kaede’s irritation.

Huge sneak attack

They ran into the Huge at a historic battle site. Riri tried engaging the Huge but we would soon find out she hadn’t made a pact with her CHARM (A Lily’s weapon) yet. Fortunately Yuyu got her out of harm’s way but the Huge scarred her arm.

Kaede Kabedon on Riri

Some kabedon action right here as Kaede scolded Riri for her “incompetence”. Yuyu helped Riri form a quick pact with her CHARM while Kaede held back the Huge. Suddenly a smokescreen.

Riri saves Yuyu

Yuyu readied for an attack but Riri’s excellent country girl vision and senses detected a Kaede Rush so she helped Yuyu dodge it in time. The Huge tried having the Lilies attack each other.

Yuyu vs Huge

Pay close attention to Yuyu’s CHARM here. It will be important soon.

Riri's CHARM

Riri wanted to help Yuyu fight the Huge. The CHARM sensed her resolve awakening its combat mode. Kaede saw an opportunity for her and Riri to team up and finally take down the Huge. It crashed on the hillside causing a rock slide. Riri pushed Kaede to safety (Remember this) while Yuyu shielded Riri.

Yuyu's Charm Before

Time to talk about Yuyu’s CHARM and the prologue scene. Two years ago Yuyu and her Lily partner saved Riri and a friend from a Huge. Back then she wielded a different kind of CHARM. Riri was inspired by her coolness to become a Lily herself though was surprised by her current coldness compared to back then.

Moyu Mashima

Moyu Mashima. Most likely a Huge researcher. Reminds me of a certain Titan researcher. She also looks like Asuka from Euphonium. I love Asuka so that’s a good sign. 

Remember how Riri saved Kaede from the rock slide?

Kaede likes Riri now

Yuyu ain’t the Lily she wants to be a “Schutzengel” with anymore.

Yuyu's roommate

Yuyu’s roommate. She helped her save Riri and her friend two years ago.

Badass fight scenes, cute and sexy gays and of course thicc thighs. I am so ready for more.

BTW, check out the ED for some more yummy goodness.

I don’t know if her name is meant to spelled “Riri” or “Lily”.

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30 Responses to Assault Lily – Bouquet Episode 1: A Tale of Blades and Gay Thighs

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Yes, the pairing with Riri and Kaede is good, but it’s obvious that Riri and Yuyu is eventually going to become the true pairing in the end. Also, I am quite curious why Yuyu is different now. Maybe she experienced the same thing as Yachiyo?

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    I just hope they don’t leave Kaede in the dust…’s not right to leave a character like her alone, just so they can have their token “robot x mc” love story that everyone is so obsessed with for some reason…

    Miriam and Fumi would make a good pairing, yes!

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  3. mimo says:

    I’m curious about why Yuyu has her roommate’s CHARM. Having read her character sheet, I have a theory (the ending scene and the mental instability on her character sheet is some sort of a clue).

    Anyway, waiting for the premiere is totally worth it. I look forward to the next episode and some of the famous head tilts and Homura hair flips (Kaede did one).

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  4. elkat4 says:

    Go watch ALB
    Huh, did I leave my yuri goggles on? Nope. Strange. I see nothing but loads and loads of yuri. Well I guess I have to get to work.
    Cracks knuckles

    Riri: Ay girls, are we going on patrol?
    Maodka (Holding Homura’s hand): Yo let’s do it!
    Mangetsu (Holding Shingetsu’s hand): Hol up, where’s your mysterious, black-haired girlfriend?
    Riri (Holding Yuyu’s hand): Apologies gals, let’s get to work.

    Fairy of the Lake: Did you drop the Golden Riri or the Silver Yuyu.
    Kaede: Both!
    Fairy of the Lake: Because of your greed, I’m going to make them a couple!
    Kaede: Nooo! Wait, can I watch?
    Fairy of the Lake: Um….Sure?
    Kaede: Yes! If I play my cards right, I can get a threesome.
    Mahiru: Don’t hold your breath.

    Moyu: Hiya! I’m a Huge researcher!
    Riri: You can say that again! I can’t look away!
    Yuyu: Her breasts have a gravity field of their own. You’ll get used to them….eventually.
    Riri: My shoulders are hurting just looking at them!
    Yuyu: They double as close range weapons.
    Moyu: Oh my, do you girls want to feel them?
    Kaede: Excuse me, but if Riri-oneesama wants to touch oppai, she’s touching mine!
    Riri: I don’t know what’s going on anymore!
    Yuyu: Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.
    Yoshika: I’m here for the boobs!
    Mio: Miyafuji! Get back to your anime at once!
    Yoshika: But Major, there’s boobs to touch! Besides they’re totally ripping off our anime! The Huge are pretty much Neuroi!
    Mio: MI-YA-FU-JI!!!
    Yoshika: Y-yes ma’am….
    Riri: I don’t know what’s going on anymore.
    Yuyu: Neither does anyone reading this comment.

    Riri: Oh no, we missed the orientation!
    Opens door
    Girls: They’re finally here. Let’s start the orgy.
    Riri: What.
    Kaede: Riri-neesama, don’t leave the girls waiting. Go on inside.

    Yuyu: Riri I have something to tell you….about my last partner. She was killed by the Super Huge.
    Riri: Super Huge?
    Yuyu: Yes, they says it’s just a urban legend, but I know it exists. Despite its human appearance, it’s a ruthless monster who enjoys watching others suffer. It smothered my partner to death with its breasts alone.
    Riri: With its breasts?
    Yuyu: Yes, you see the Super Huge is not named for its height, but its enormous bust and the trade mark shirt it wears. I can’t forget that night! My partner died….with a smile on her face!
    Riri: This sounds incredibly less tragic than it actually it is.
    Yuyu: I’ll never forgive the Super Huge! Ever!
    Riri: When you mean enormous, are big are we talking about?
    Yuyu: Kaho Shibuya big.
    Riri: Who’s that?
    Yuyu: Google her later. Just make sure to lock the door first and delete your internet search history afterwards.
    Riri: Don’t worry. I already do that whenever I google your name.
    Yuyu: So you’ve found my Only Fans page.
    Riri: Wait, weren’t you telling me your tragic backstory.
    Yuyu: Don’t worry, no one taking this post seriously to begin with.

    Riri: Wait, aren’t you dead?
    Yuyu’s Roommate: I don’t know what Yuyu has told you, but I’m quite alive. I just serve the Super Huge now!
    Yuyu: You’re dead to me you cheating bleep!
    Riri: Does that mean you’re our enemy?
    Yuyu’s Roommate: Yes it does. I’m going to teach you all the pleasures of the Super Huge, all night long.
    Yuyu: We rather die than join the Huge!
    Yuyu’s Roommate: Don’t worry. Once I’m done with you, you’ll die from pleasure!
    Riri: I’m confused and turned on at the same time!
    Kaede: Yuyu, take on your ex-girlfriend. I’ll take Riri somewhere safe and secluded….for her safety.
    Riri: No Kaede already joined the dark side.
    Yuyu: Don’t be ridiculous! Kaede’s just acting like normal.
    Riri: That’s what I’m talking about.

    DaVinci: Gudako, we’ve detected a new singularity in a random region of Japan. We are calling it Singularity Y. Take your new servant and investigate.
    Gudako: Yes, ma’am. Come along Temptress!
    Yuzuriha: Yes, mistress!
    Mash: Are they going to be alright?
    DaVinci: What could go wrong?
    Meanwhile, at Yurigaoka
    Riri: Wow, wow two transfer students in the same day! What are the chances?
    Yuyu: The one with black hair is dangerous. She just reeks with bear energy.
    Riri: Bear energy?
    Yuyu: She’s a total woman eater.
    Yuzuriha: Point me to the nearest Cabaret club.
    Yuyu: We don’t have one.
    Yuzuriha: Mistress, I just learned what we need to do first: Start a Cabaret Club.
    Gudako: Good thinking, Temptress. We should get plenty of mana that way!
    Riri: I have a bad feeling about this….

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  5. tbiscut74 says:

    This was a good first episode. Looks very promising. The actions cool. The OP is rockin. Looking forward to more.

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  6. Little Viktoria says:

    The puffiest thighs! And finally some real yuri ^^ What a wonderful start to the season.

    That “thigh up tight between the legs” kabedon was very, very nice. It looks like we already have a lovely tangle of yuri crushes and loves.

    The uniforms remind me of Strawberry Panic, and that’s good. I think the yuri in this one will be much more satisfying. And Yaya… umm, Yuyu won’t be left behind from the action. Rather she seems to be the school’s sex symbol ^^

    Kasumi looks so cute, I hope we meet her again soon. The main duo is lovely and I ship them, although I don’t mind if that gorgeous Kaede chases Riri a little bit before that ^^

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    • OG-Man says:

      I’d say the yuri is along the lines of Lapis Re:LiGHTs so far. Really good stuff.

      Ah yes. The uniforms do look similar to SP’s. Excellent observation.

      I look forward to seeing what kind of yuri Kasumi and Soraha have.

      Kaede will most likely be the “Mahiru” of the show so hopefully she’ll have plenty of screen time and badass gay moments.

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  7. Giack31 says:

    Very promising start.
    I’m not a big fan of how many character they introduced in the first episode. I prefer a more slow approach where we can get to know them more instead of just throwing names around. Not a big deal though.
    Like someone else said the uniforms remind me of Strawberry Panic.
    I really like Kaede and how she changed at the end of the episode.
    Both OP and ED are really good. You can see from the ED that Yuyu’s roommate is most likely the Yaya of this anime and I’m so ready to get hurt all over again.

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  8. LuzeP says:

    Just as I thought, it was a good premiere. Cool OPED songs and scenes. Very gay. Great animation, of course. Riri has a crush on Yuyu. She also has an admirer and so is Yuyu. I think lots of love triangle will be going around. Looking forward to learning about the other girls. It’s gonna be fun.

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  9. taefany9318 says:

    I love this show already cant wait for the next episode!

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  10. CrazyMax says:

    YES! Im not the only one. I also thought Moyu looks like and has the same vibe as Asuka.

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  11. Tac says:

    fully watched the episode today. Great action, and I like the characters already.

    Kaede’s weapon is cool, it is also a gun – reminds me of the gunblade in final fantasy games.

    I appreciate the real yuri. And I will reward this show by buying their product at CDJapan if they keep up the quality to the end.

    looking forward to next week!

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  12. Fantastic start, I love it already. It’s exactly the gay goodness I was hoping for. Main OTP is great, but I do like Kaede too, so like Victoria said above, I wouldn’t mind her getting some time with Riri while Yuyu’s ice shield is melting. Moyu reminded me instantly of Asuka as well, so I’m sure she’ll be great. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us. I love the ED and how gay it was too. I saw it as a kind of “in case you doubted this is yuri” kind of thing lol. Anyway, can’t wait for more.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Kaede will most likely be the “Mahiru” of the show so hopefully she’ll get plenty of time to be a badass gay.

      Let’s keep a close eye on Asuka’s sister from another mother Moyu.

      So ready for more “badass lesbians with thicc thighs” action.

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  13. Nick says:

    Perfect way to start the new season, with a SHAFT and yuri show. Gotta love it.

    I think one of the biggest takeaways from this opening ep, at least for me, was that I wasn’t expecting it to be so funny. I liked how Riri was narrating this ep, I hope that’s a thing for the whole show as it’s a nice touch that doesn’t really happen all that often. And of course the usual SHAFT quirkiness too was excellent as always. It just all came together for a really great first ep.

    Lots of girls introduced in ep 1, hard to keep track of everyone and their names. I think early favorites for me are Kaede and Riri. I just liked their chemistry and how they played off each other, they kept things really lively and added to that overall humor in the first ep. They had that fateful encounter at the school gates and that’s a great first start for a relationship. Looking forward to them progressing. But at the same time Riri and Yuyu have potential for a great couple too, which I think could work well given some time. But it’s so early on and there are a lot of girls so there are a lot of potential pairings here to work with.

    And yes I can’t end this without mentioning the thighs in this ep. So good, especially that first screen cap up there, lovely. This is what we live for right here.

    But yeah, great first ep, really caught me by surprise I’d say as I was expecting something else I guess but this ended up being way better than I had already hoped it would be.

    Looking forward to more!

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    • OG-Man says:

      We know it’ll eventually get serious but for now let’s relish the fun times, yes.

      SHAFT toned down their signature SHAFT-tilting but their other traits are noticeable to longtime viewers of their work. Good stuff.

      Plenty of cuties and hotties to look forward to. The main couple will most likely be Riri X Yuyu but let’s see what Kaede will bring to the table. Will she be the “Mahiru” of the show or more?

      The thighs delivered as we hoped. Bless.

      Pumped for more!

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  14. This was a strong first episode. For one I really liked the animation here, the fight scenes are more coherent than Magireco for one…

    I find it hilarious they’re still using those old style Nokia phones. But hey its durable and you want something that is built to last when fighting giant monsters!

    Will probably be my favorite anime this season, it just hits the right buttons for me.

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  15. yurimylove says:

    I love the “haughty ojou-sama falling for common girl” plotline in anime. Kaede reminds me of another similar character, Urara from Scarlet Ammo AA. Both ❤


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