Last September Yuri Game Updates

September is almost over, hence the title. Here are more yuri projects, updates and reminders.

Azur Lane Crosswave Wallpaper

First of all, Idea Factory International announced the Nintendo Switch port of Azur Lane: Crosswave is coming to the West in 2021. Stay tuned for pre-orders and more on the English homepage HERE.

Check out my review of the PS4 version HERE (Also available on PC). Basically it is a solid game fans may enjoy.

Remothered Jen and Linn

As announced by Modus Games, Remothered (2): Broken Porcelain, originally scheduled for a Mid-October release will now be available for purchase a week earlier on October 13th, 2020. Horror game featuring a blossoming yuri couple as two of the three protagonists. Learn more HERE.

The game will be available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBOX One and PC.

Next up are three Kickstarter projects, all featuring male/female/non-binary playable protagonist options.


First up is ARISEN, by Maratus Games. The concept is a Visual Novel X Card Game hybrid where decisions are made based on cards played. Basically VN whose narrative is driven by tarot cards.


You will go to the island of Maccialatt, in the world of Var’Nagal, an original universe… Where I live myself. Can you imagine the number of stories I can tell you? ARISEN is only one of them…

You start the game as a slave, and by the course of the story you will gain power progressively, until you earn your freedom again. What will you do when you are free? Shall you help the others or shall you take advantage of your position?

ARISEN is a narrative card game. What does it mean, you are wondering? It means you are going to live a story where every choice will be made by using cards. These will be based on your emotions… Your feelings.

You can collect 25 of these emotion cards, divided into 5 families. Each Family has its unique design: colours, elements and allegory.

These are the cards you will use most of the time to talk and express yourself. As every choice matters, they will also unlock as you progress in your quest. At the beginning, you will have only a limited set of cards.

Afterwards, depending on the choices you make you will unlock more cards in one or two families. This system will also allow new ways to play the game and make each playthrough unique.

The protagonist is dark skinned. Yuri fans have between a dark skinned lesbian shapeshifter and a pansexual woman to choose from while BL peeps can pick between a bisexual dood and a gay Lizardman.

The interested can learn more and potentially support the Kickstarter HERE. Includes Prologue/Demo. (NSFW Warning. The player avatars are nude)


The second project is Mixology, by Shakerbot Studio. Think something similar to “Sci-Fi Bartender” simulators like VA-11 Hall-A and Coffee Talk, only this time with a dating sim twist.


This is not just any drinking game! Welcome to the Mixology Hostess Club, dear customer! You seem to have accidentally stumbled upon this club but, oh well! Time for drinks and most importantly… the hostesses! Chat them up, buy them drinks and learn their stories. Successfully woo them and you could become more than just a customer!

Flirt with them and learn their stories. Earn hearts to gain affection from the girls! But choose your answers wisely or they might kick you out!

You have to order drinks too! Have your pick from our ‘large’ assortment of delicious cocktails. You can choose to save your money of course, but choosing it too many times will label you a cheapskate… forever!

Mixology Hostesses

The interested can learn more and potentially support the game HERE. Demo included. While the game was successfully funded there are Stretch Goals to help further expand its features.

Fluvstruck Kickstarter

Last but not least we have a “Huniepop” inspired Puzzle Dating-Sim. It’s Fluvstruck by Saber Studios.


FluvStruck is a HuniePop-inspired dating sim with a unique focus on developing relationships before jumping into some fun times. The FluvStruck experience combines time management skills and memory challenges to create a fun interactive visual novel. Each mini-game date gives you the chance to impress the girl you’re trying to please

with romance/dating sim/harem elements.

You are a romantic novelist. Sadly, you’re absolutely terrible at writing stories… Until you meet Yuna, a hopeless young girl who is obsessed with teasing you and putting you to work. FluvStruck’s story plays around your involvement with girls who have deep desires and your goal is to help them cleanse their inner demons. Will Yuna’s guidance lead you down the right path in becoming the best romantic novelist?

  • 6 girls, each with their own unique personalities and adult experiences
  • Girls will remember your choices
  • All girls will be fully voiced
  • 100+ items including food, drinks, sexy gifts and more
  • 10 locations to explore
  • Gorgeous environments with full day/night cycles
  • Work a job and manage your time effectively

So it’s similar to Huniepop but with its own quirks here and there. Good enough for me.

Fluvstruck Stretch Girls

The main game was successfully funded but here are some more “Stretch Girls” to potentially fund. I am hoping the projects reaches at least $20200. Longtime fans of mine can guess why.

The interested can learn more and potentially support the project HERE. Includes Demo.

And there we have it.

PS: The developers of Mixology and Fluvstruck promised that in the finished games the ladies will not only acknowledge players’ chosen gender but promise unique experiences. For example, choosing the female gender means the ladies will address you using female pronouns and deliver experiences unique to the female avatar.

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