Yuri Quickie: The Loud House (Another Luna X Sam Episode)

When we last talked about The Loud House there were only two episodes in the series devoted to Luna X Sam. In Season 4 a third episode aired so might as well give it a quick glance at Season 4, Episode 31 – Purrfect Gig.

Talked about the first two episodes HERE.

As a reminder the Luna X Sam episodes so far are:

  • L is for Love
  • Racing Hearts
  • Purrfect Gig

Mr McBride panicking

We joined Luna pondering how to get VIP tickets for an upcoming concert she’s excited for. More importantly a concert date with Sam. Her rock poster spoke to her saying opportunity would come knocking. Lo and behold Clyde McBride and his dads rushed over with an emergency. They needed someone to take care of their cats while they were away on a family reunion. Luna wasn’t sure but remembered the tickets and took the job despite her inexperience with animals.

Luna and the cats

This being a kids show it went as well as one would expect.

Sam Arrives to help Luna

Luna remembered Sam was pretty good with animals so she called her over to help. On the one hand they made a great team. There was a catch however. Luna wasn’t allowed to have other people over. The cats weren’t too keen on more than one stranger. To make things more troublesome Sam picked up her little brother who wasn’t exactly good at obeying rules.


Our heroines had things under control until the McBrides made a surprise return. Luna tried sneaking Sam and her bro out the back but was caught.

Luna and Sam rewarded

Fortunately after Luna explained what happened the McBrides were so impressed by how well they took care of the cats they paid her. Luna was about to split the money with Sam but she said to use it on the VIP ticket. Sweetness followed.

Not sure if they had an episode in Season 5. If they did I’ll talk about it.

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4 Responses to Yuri Quickie: The Loud House (Another Luna X Sam Episode)

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Man those 2 are so Cute together!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. O.H. X-90 says:

    And why didn’t you include the picture of Luna kissing Sam?


  3. Moon7055x says:

    In Simon’s defense, the only trouble he caused was indirect on his part.


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