424th G-View: Lapis Re:LiGHTs

We have seen idols take other roles effortlessly from social workers to space warriors and even politicians. This time they take the additional role of witches in training. Join me as we find out how whether the “Idol x Magic Academy” combination is a recipe for joy or a spell gone horribly wrong as we take a look at Lapis Re:LiGHTs.

Lapis ReLiGHTs idol project

Genres: Comedy, Idols, Magic, School, Yuri

Themes: Witches, Magic Academy

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Tiara is a princess who dreamed of becoming a great witch but her older sister Eliza was against it. Despite that Tiara enrolled into a famed Magic Academy. To her surprise she was placed with a group of students on the brink of expulsion. Still, Tiara was up to the challenge. Together with her four new friends they were ready to give it their all to become great witches and avoid expulsion.

Lapis Class not doing well

Put simply the show is a fun comedy starring cute and sexy girls doing their best to not get expelled. That is the setup but naturally this show set in a magic school usually means there is something greater brewing behind the scenes and Lapis Re:LiGHTs is no exception as puzzle pieces are slowly dropped building up to some very cool and interesting surprises and reveals. Throughout the journey we see our heroines and other groups get into some wild and crazy magical hijinks from extreme dodgeball battles to one of the best “haunted” episodes I have seen. There are occasional battles against great threats but that is not a top priority…or is it? In the end the main story has nice buildup and the writers did a good job pacing everything and giving viewers hints of what may be coming later all the while providing a fun time with a ragtag bunch of cuties and hotties.

Lavie knocked out

My favorite member of Tiara’s group, Lavie. Also do not ask what happened in this scene. For veterans of idol anime the humor is top notch most of the time from the setup, delivery and execution. More often than not laughs are had when needed and serious moments are not ruined by a random joke.

Ah yes. Before we continue there is one word of advice. Students are graded based on a “Points System” similar to a certain Western franchise centered around a Magic Academy. The advice? Do not think about the points. Do not put much thought into them. Trust me, it will be for the best to just roll with it rather than try to make sense of how it works.

Rosetta goes Super Saiyan Blue

Yes. One of the girls can go Super Saiyan Blue. The presentation is really good, like a really good season of Pretty Cure good. So colorful, shiny and badass at the right times. The show was pleasant to look at from beginning to end. Even the CG performances, called Orchestras here, were excellent.

Kaede, Nadeshiko and Tsubaki Orchestra

This being an idol show it is expected for it to have a great soundtrack. Personally I say it passes with flying colors. Not so much the background tunes but the aforementioned Orchestras. I enjoyed all of them. Each group covered their own genre from rock, pop, Gothic or a hybrid. Something noteworthy is that at first one would think the Orchestras would be an afterthought or not that important like they were in Uma Musume – Pretty Derby. On the contrary, the show found a way to not only include several Orchestras throughout the show but give them all significance. They fit in the narrative and did not feel like they were thrown in “because idols sell” like in the aforementioned show. Nicely done.

Rosetta caressing Tiara's hair

As usual this is the part newcomers were waiting for. Right off the bat the show delivers in the yuri goodness. Oh yes indeed. We get several couples throughout delivering memorable squee inducing moments. There is just one little hiccup. Nothing too major. It is just that for one couple in particular who had an excellent start…it felt like their ultimate payoff was missing. A new couple introduced around the halfway point of the show got some simple but lovely progression since their introduction but the aforementioned couple? It felt similar to what happened in Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta where the yuri couple got excellent buildup at the start and middle points but hardly anything during the second half. They were still excellent but were missing that one last “KABOOM!”, if you get my drift. Still really good soft yuri material throughout.

Overall Lapis Re:LiGHTs was a really fun magical joyride. The magic was pretty cool, the story and lore were well paced with some good hints scattered throughout, the presentation was quite nice and the soft yuri for the most part delivered. Recommended to yuri idol fans looking for another “Idols doing something else besides singing and dancing” show.

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21 Responses to 424th G-View: Lapis Re:LiGHTs

  1. Overall a fun show!
    I like the songs and performances, and it is fun seeing these cute girls get into various misadventures.

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  2. chikorita157 says:

    Yes, this show was really enjoyable, but of course besides the Tiara/Rosetta pairing, Garnet and Emilia is precious and reminds me of a certain horror mangaka having attraction to Kaosu. But idol genre shows are mostly enjoyable and I heard this thing has a mobile game coming out, so there is more that is coming out in the future, but not sure it’s getting released overseas.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes. Garnet does share similarities with said spooky mangaka.

      Considering what happened to recent mobile games not published by Bushiroad I wouldn’t hold my breath for the Lapis mobile game localization.

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  3. Little Viktoria says:


    Yuzuriha almost managed to steal the entire last episode even though she was around only for a handful of seconds. Sneaking into each of her bandmates’ beds in the night, every night, on top of seducing random girls all around town… oh Yuzuriha, you need an anime of your own.

    In the end Eliza only ever had endless love for Tiara. I like that ^^

    Yue is such a sex bomb. Her dancing and singing is beautiful. As much as I love the main five girls, in the end my favourite three are probably Kaede, Yuzuriha and Yue. Hmm, they all have black hair… what a coincidence ^^

    Agreed that Rose and Tiara deserved to have much more romantic development in the end… but on the other hand it didn’t feel like the romance disappeared anywhere, it’s just that Rose is so patient and kind that she will wait for the right moment to take it further with her love.

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    • Little Viktoria says:

      Now that I thought about it, Rose and Tiara both do go into my top five girls too, along with the dark-haired cuties ^^

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    • OG-Man says:

      A Ray spinoff would be nice.

      Your wincest senses tingled like crazy as expected. Very good.

      Her social skills need work. Other than that Yue’s undeniably delicious, as are her fellow Supernova members.

      Got enough goodness from them in the first half, yes. Still would have liked that “KABOOM” somewhere in the last quarter.

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  4. Giack31 says:

    When I started watching this I expected to not like this manly because it has 2 things I generally don’t like. 1)it’s an idol anime 2) it has a huge cast of character. But after a kind of meh first episode it really delivered.

    I really like how they did the idol part. Just focus on the songs and (mostly) ignore all the drama and other bs that usually come in idol anime. Also usually the songs in idol anime are very generic and a bit same-y but these songs are all great and different. I also like how the Orchestras are an integral part of the plot and the lore.

    Usually having a anime with a very large cat means that you get a lot of very bland and generic character with barely any development and backstory. Instead they managed to make very interesting and compelling characters even with the little we know about most of them.

    I think where the show really shines though it’s in the magical aspect and the comedy. The dodgeball match, the magical board game, the haunted house they are all great moments.

    Another really good thing about it is the world is set in. You can tell that they really thought about it and they made a very interesting world and it just makes me want to know more about it. There are some aspect that are mentioned (like the monsters) but never really explained. That’s why I really hope that they will translate the game once it comes out, to get more informations on the world and the characters.

    This is probably one of if not eh best idol anime I have seen ( ironically because it not mainly focus on the idol part) and the anime of the season for me.

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    • Giack31 says:

      Forgot about the Yuri. I has some really nice moments with Tia and Rosetta and Garnet and Emilia. The biggest source of it though is Yuzuriha. We see very little of her but it’s clear that her love for other women is strong and if she wasn’t traveling the world and we saw more of her I bet she would have sent a lot of us to the hospital. Yet another reason to impatiently wait for the game.

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  5. elkat4 says:

    Tiara: Hay, it’s a poster of Yuzuriha.
    Rose: It says shes wanted in several countries for countless crimes of seducing married women, opening a cabaret club without a license, and….impregnating unmarried women?
    Tiara: Impregnating unmarried women? But isn’t she also a woman?
    Rose: I was wondering where that head of lettuce went.
    Tiara: It says she was last seen in a certain country, pursuing one Catarina Claes. “If seen, hide your wives and daughters. And contact Queen Iono at once.”
    Lynette: Q-queen Iono?! The Queen of Conquerors! The woman whose libido have started and ended wars?! What has Yuzuriha done gain her attention?!
    Tiara: I wonder what will happen if she’s caught?

    Later, at Yuri Court….
    Life Cool: I find the defendant, Yuzuriha, guilty of unrestrained lust! We bears accused of being predatory, we have wracked up far fewer kills (seductions) than her! I’m so cool!
    Life Beauty: Objection! Yuzuriha is a very hungry lesbian! Her sexual appetite can’t be quenched by only one or two girls! She must engorge herself on as many beauties as possible! Sparkle!
    Life Cool: Are you saying that her over eating is justified? Don’t make me laugh! Single women alone is understandable, but going after married women?! Has she no morality?! To steal another’s woman is a crime truly horrible! What do you have to say in your defense, defendant Yuzuriha?!
    Yuzuriha: It’s not my fault married women found me desirable their husbands! Besides, I just had as many threesomes with as many same-sex couples as well!
    Life Cool: She admits to her crimes! We must throw the book at her and throw her in Yuri Jail!
    Yuzuriha: I don’t know what that is, but it sounds like fun! Also how is it different than normal jail?
    Life Cool: You’ll have to wear a chastity belt that is magically enchanted to prevent you from being able to get aroused!
    Yuzuriha: On second thought, I don’t want go to Yuri Jail! I want to go normal jail! I can get into more yuri hi-jinks there!
    Life Cool: You think we’d send a serial seductress to a place where you can seduce MORE women? Do you take me for a fool?
    Life Cool: Objection! Yuzuriha is a victim of her education! No girl who attends an all girls school can resist the sweet siren call of yuri. It’s a known fact that all girls schools are a breeding ground for yuri!
    Yuzuriha: I actually realized I was gay long before attending school. I tried to seduce my mother.
    Life Beauty: She admits her predatory tactics started from early childhood! No jury in the world can find her as anything but guilty! I demand a verdict!
    Life Sexy: I hereby find the defendant, Yuzuriha…..
    ….to be continued.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Only you would find a way to combine Lapis Re:LiGHTs, HameFura and YuriKuma in one universe. Surprised you didn’t incorporate Fate this time, though knowing your style I’m sure you’d find a way. For that is the sexy way, Shaba-da-doo.


  6. Alexis says:


    De verdad espero que este show triunfe y espero que haya excelentes ventas.

    El final quedó muy abierto realmente quiero una segunda temporada, hay muchas cosas que debe de haber en ese mundo que no nos contaron y que por lo que he leído hay que buscarlas en el manga precuela.

    Simplemente me gustó, hay mucho coqueteo entre las chicas, me quedo con los momentos Garnet x Emilia. Sin duda Yuzuriha se robó el show, aún con sus cortas apariciones, si pudiera haría un anime dedicado a Yuzuriha y sus yuri-aventuras alrededor del mundo pero al estilo de esas películas vintage de Sylvia Kristel y Laura Gemser, con un slogan como este: “ella puede tenerlas a todas pero nadie puede tenerla a ella: Yuzuriha: nacida para amar”. Hubiera sido interesante si las chicas la hubieran conocido, sobre todo en los que respecta a Garnet y Kaede, sería interesante si harían una alianza o en el caso de Champe, si la hubiera convertido en su discípula y enseñarle el arte de la seducción “más a fondo”.

    Necesitamos más cabarets club en los exclusivos colegios femeninos.
    Me gustan los fanfics de elkat4.


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  7. tbiscut74 says:

    I really love this one!

    Its just so pretty to look at! All the girls have great and cute designs!

    The music was top notch! There wasn’t a song that I didn’t like! And the last episode with all their songs back to back was great.

    There were some great ships in this one!

    My Favorite was Ashley. Tall and purple hair always gets me!

    And that reveal of how Eliza sacrificed her voice to save her sister, the sisterly love was getting me teary eyed.

    Here’s hoping for season 2! So we can see the rest of Ray! And find a way to get Eliza’s voice back!

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  8. I really enjoyed this show all around, but my favorite aspects were definitely the soundtrack and key pairings. All the songs were great, I especially liked the ones we got in the finale. As for pairings, Rose x Tia are still my favs, but I agree with you 100% that we needed one final boom moment between them. We know they’re endgame regardless though. My next favs were Emilia x Garnett. They may have come in at the halfway point, but they rose up my ranks pretty quickly. Ashley and Lavie were of course another great pair. Those would make up my top 3, but honestly the entire cast was great. It was nice to see just how much Eliza loves Tia. I really hope we’ll get a S2, but even if we don’t, I felt satisfied overall.

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  9. yurimylove says:

    Great review! Of this fun yuri show with excellent costumes and comedy. I would love to watch more of it in the future.

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  10. Nick says:

    I didn’t watch too much this season, but I think ReLiGHTs was my favorite show. Loved the animation, the songs, and performances, the super cute girls, just a lot to like in this show and it all came together nicely. Not super heavy on the story, but they did pick up things in the second half and towards the end, but even so the story and such was good and it all made for an exciting finale.

    Hard to pick a favorite honestly, so many of the girls are great. One thing I’m pretty certain on though, I really liked supernova’s performances. I thought they were the sexiest of everyone, followed closely by IV KLORE as I do like that gothic lolita vibe they had going on. That’s pretty sexy in its own right honestly.

    But yeah, this was my hype show of the weekend, more so once I dropped SAO, and I really looked forward to seeing what Tiara and company would get up to each week. Feels like there still is story left to tell and I would love another season too. Also they need a swimsuit ep, so fingers crossed for an OVA or something in the future.

    Great stuff and I enjoyed your weekly commentary on this show as well!

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