Yuri Quickie: VTubers

I first got into VTubers when the trendsetter of the craze, Kizuna Ai, changed the game forever. I checked out other popular first generation VTubers such as Luna Kaguya and Mirai Akari and even two Western ones, Moe Natsumi and Hanjo TV, who I still follow. Over time I slowly lost interest and stuck to looking up fanart of hololive VTubers such as Marine Houshou. Then on a September 2020 weekend, it happened. The debut of the first generation of hololive EN VTubers (aka holoMyth, or as I like to call them, “Team HoloMurica”. These five ladies reinvigorated my fascination with these cute and sexy 3D entertainers all over again. Not only that but thanks to my network of bros and brahs I discovered some lesbian and bisexual VTubers, either in-character or canon, and thought it would be fun to briefly talk about them.

  • Note 1: Click on the VTuber’s name to visit their Youtube Channel
  • Note 2: Some VTubers mentioned here mainly speak Japanese.

Hololive EN

Image Source: Pokey Pokums

Before we get started, a brief introduction (understanding on my part) of what VTubers are and what they do. First of all VTubers stood for “Virtual Youtubers” but as time passed it became the go to term for, as I like to refer to them, “Virtual Anime Character Entertainers” or V.A.C.E. I categorize VTubers in two groups:

Company VTubers hired by companies such as Hololive are basically Virtual Idols. They either stream themselves playing video games, sing and interact with fans discussing whatever is on their mind or show off their non-idol talents. They used to post short videos but over time streaming became more popular so their videos can go from 50 minutes to 10+ hours. Character designs are either given to them by the company or more often than not personally chosen by them, especially non-human ones. The characters are 50% role play and 50% the VTubers expressing their true selves. How much of their personal traits and preferences they can share depends on company protocol.

Independent VTubers are similar but have much more freedom to express themselves. They use the characters to live vicariously through them, expressing parts of themselves beyond human limitations such as a denizen of the underworld or great warrior who works as an internet celebrity as a side-job.

Since Team HoloMurica were the ones who dragged me back down the VTuber Paradise/Abyss let us begin with the ship, hopefully dating couple at some point.

Kiara Takanashi X Calliope Mori

Image source HERE.

Calliope Mori X Kiara Takanashi, aka Reaper Rapper X Kiara Fried Phoenix. Death’s apprentice and a phoenix girl. A tsundere who devotes herself to death and a genki who repeatedly resurrects. Death X Life. Neither girl can truly die. Forever bound together by love despite Mori’s constant denial.

See how it all began HERE

For the interested the other members of Team HoloMurica are:

Gawr Gura. Happy Shark Girl with cute jaws. Most popular member based on observation.

Amelia Watson. Energetic detective and mad doctor.

Ina’nis Ninomae: Soft spoken Cthulhu Girl.

Okayu X Korone

Image source HERE.

Okayu X Korone. A pure love between a cat and a dog. Note: They are mainly Japanese VTubers so readers will have to type “Okayu X Korone” on Youtube to find their collaborations or special moments.

As a side-note, for the interested who have about 40 minutes to spare I recommend checking out this Korone video HERE. It will change your lives. WARNING: Be sure the volume is not up too high.

Matsuri X Luna

Image found HERE.

Matsuri Natsuiro X Luna Himemori. Do not know much about these two but they are a strong Hololive couple and have a similar relationship to the next couple below, meaning horny girl and her tolerant girlfriend. Mainly Japanese streams so Youtube their names together to find English subbed moments.

Noel X Flare

Image found HERE.

Noel Shirogane X Flare Shiranui. Another couple who are probably dating. Mainly Japanese so Youtube videos about them together.

Tomoe X Sukoya

Image source HERE

Sukoya Kana X Tomoe Shirayuki. Think Yumeri X Maki from OshiBudo but as adult lovers, lewder and living together. One would think Sukoya is the top because she looks like a wild woman and Tomoe her calm and patient lover but NOPE. It is the opposite. Tomoe is incredibly dangerous and always on the hunt. Something Sukoya tolerates because she knows she is Tomoe’s #1 now and forever.

These two are mainly Japanese VTubers but to get a good idea of what their relationship is like check out this video by “J .HERE and the other collabs of theirs they subbed.

Houshou Marine

Image by this artist

Marine Houshou. Horny pirate. Bisexual. Unleashes her full power when drunk. Parts of her infamous misadventures with Shion Murasaki can be seen HERE and HERE. Youtube their names together for more. Heck Shion’s may not be the only “booty” Marine “plundered”…

Update: Apparently she likes shipping her fellow VTubers together or with herself. Lovely.

Miko Sakura

Image source HERE.

Miko Sakura. Loves girls, especially their panties. Mainly Japanese so Youtube her subbed moments.


Comdost, aka Commie. Better known as Moe Natsumi‘s assistant though began life as a hentai artist. She too is bisexual but probably leans more towards girls. She mainly communicates using “Text-to-Speech” software though somewhere on the internet she was heard using her real voice. While she does her own thing with her own peeps she is better known in the mainstream as Moe’s assistant/editor and sometimes collabs with her. Check out this video HERE for a sample of her power.

Mirei Gondou

Image found HERE

Mirei Gundou* (I can’t seem to find her channel. I know she works for NIJISANJI). Teacher by day, VTuber after work. Thought to be dating her recurring collab partner, male VTuber Kanda, the truth was revealed in August HERE. Once again, bisexual who leans more toward women. Consider this an “asterisk” entry.


Eilene. (pronounced “Eye/Ai-lenn”) Matriarch of the Eilene Family (includes Natsumi Moe) and one of the earliest VTubers in existence (before Kizuna Ai even). Primarily guest stars (as far as I am aware) on Moemi and Yomemi’s channel though because of repeated harassment by Youtube’s nonsensical Algorithm it is unknown how much longer she will upload clips there. Still, many of her adventures remain archived there. Her brand of yuri is not for everyone as she is very perverted, much to the chagrin of her family and is often punished for going overboard.

Yuma Yamano

Art found HERE. Artist Twitter HERE.

Yuma Yamano. Leader of the Iron Lions Club. Best known for her collabs with other cool VTubers who share her vision of greatness and most importantly Yuri Fridays, where she and a co host stream a yuri game, so far Visual/Kinetic Novels. She is mainly a Twitch streamer and can be found on Twitter and Discord. She later uploads streams on Youtube.

  • Is a sexy and buff cat woman skilled at Tae Kwon Do and Pro Wrestling.
  • Is a badass lesbian.
  • Secretly building a yuri harem with several of her female collaborators.
  • Collects lovely ladies’ phone numbers, just in case.
  • Will one day star in her own yuri game.

Check out her club recruitment video HERE.


Lewdcast. Podcast covering the VTuber community, seasonal anime, lewdness and other topics on the hosts’ minds. The hosts are Projekt Melody, Silvervale and Ironmouse. Normally I would repeat the “Bi but prefer girls” but I think these three are equally open to all genders.

And there we have it. The VTubers I am currently familiar with that are lesbian, bisexual or give off strong yuri vibes. Naturally there are more out there and I will most likely update this Quickie with more upon discovering them.

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9 Responses to Yuri Quickie: VTubers

  1. Koana says:


    outspoken about what she likes
    avid touhou fan
    will ship other idols
    ships herself and other idols

    Girl is 10/10 in the yuri empire

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Alpha says:

    Where is Matsuri?
    She is even more blalant that most of this list

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nick says:

    Nice overview to VTubers. Mainly been looking at art for the last while, but maybe I should start checking out some streams. They seem really fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cirno9fan says:

    I used to watch a lot of Korone and natsuiro matsuri, but I’ve been sucked into Murasaki Shion and Himemori Luna recently. Shion’s forever loli smug self proclaimed genius witch self is quite nice. Also a bit happy that not many non Japanese comments show up. It can get a bit annoying to see people always going “this is what so and so said” or breaking the chat rules. That happens a lot….but for whatever reason, Shion doesn’t attract many of the non JP speakers, so that is to a minimum. I think it has to do with her doing a lot of talking, and not being the most “foreigner friendly” vtuber out there. It’s not like she’s mean to foreigners, just she doesn’t seem to make a lot of effort to make it more welcoming, like I see others, Korone especially, doing.

    I have no explanation for Luna. I jump around vtubers a lot. I try and check out non hololivers, but, outside really small/independent ones, they just don’t really grab me like Hololivers tend to.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Don’t forget Noel x Flare! Their relationship is like on Kana and Tomoe’s level at this point! They even went on an onsen inn date together where Noel wore her shobu shitagi for Flare~!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. K says:

    I was around when AI was the big name. Honestly, I haven’t actually watched their streams, just seen some clips and short videos here and there but they seem fun. Most of my time with them has been through fanart, really. Regardless, I do know some of those Vtubers from that nice list ya got there, especially Korone, Matsuri and Marine. I like the English Hololivers also, especially Gawr and Ina.

    Liked by 2 people

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