22/7 Episode 13: The New Ingredients

The long awaited translation of the bonus 13th episode of 22/7 is here at last. It of course is about the 3 newbies. Let’s see what they got.

22-7 Reflecting on the carnage

We kicked things off with the three new girls again. We’ll meet them soon enough. We then joined 22/7 back at “that room” reflecting on the carnage from the season finale. The Wall somehow fixed the damages. Gorilla Goda and the rest of the staff don’t know how it happened either. Instead of thinking about it further the gang agreed to organize a Christmas party to celebrate their return. Suddenly the new trio appeared.

Mikami, Yuki and Tsubomi

From left to right we have Mikami, Yuki and Tsubomi. Mikami is calm and soft spoken, Yuki’s an energetic tomboy and Tsubomi is somewhere in the middle. Gorilla Goda entered the room holding a familiar letter which Akane wondered why he didn’t crush it. Goda was like “We’re back to business as usual”. Our heroines were still iffy on going back to following The Wall’s orders but were like “Eh. At least the staff are cool” and ready to meet the three new members…except one.

Miyako's worries

Miyako, to everyone’s surprise, was the one who vocally questioned following The Wall’s orders again. I’ll sum up Miyako’s concerns throughout the episode right here: “We’re 8. We grew together as 8. We went through thick and thin as 8. Now all of a sudden they want to change us to 11?” It reminds me of when Alisa and Yukiho tried joining μ’s but they were like “μ’s is the 9 of us. It wouldn’t be the same.” but here it’s less the graduating 3rd years being replaced and more 3 new members joining.

Mikami Ability

At the party the trio showed off their special talents. Mikami’s is the fan dance, meaning she’s a really good dancer.

Yuki's special skill

Yuki’s really good at futbol, meaning she’s a lot of stamina and is athletic.

Tsubomi Ability

Tsubomi is very social, enjoys social media and is a really good sleeper.

All the while Miyako tried her hardest to contain her discomfort. Sadly when the trio suggested they added tapioca into her signature okonomiyaki she could contain herself no longer.

Nicole and Miu talking about what happened

The gang needed more juice. Miu volunteered and Nicole came along, specifically to discuss the trio (More like hint at it). Miu hoped everyone would get along while Nicole mentioned the cutthroat world of idols. However, it’s precisely because how hard the world of idols was that 22/7 should stick together, which is why she’s counting on Miu to help keep everyone together.

Tsubomi and friend

Hopefully Tsubomi’s is still alive (No Tsubomi character bio spoilers please). While Miyako sulked in a corner Yuki passed by on her phone. Miyako commented that the idol world “ain’t no game brah” to which Yuki countered saying “Of course it isn’t and we know it. You girls aren’t the only ones who went through Hell and back so don’t underestimate our drive yo”.

Miyako apologizing

Thanks to Miu and Yuki’s reality check Miyako turned around and welcomed the new girls. During and after Miyako’s outburst she used her signature okonomiyaki as a metaphor to describe her state of mind. Good stuff.

The New 22-7The New 22-7 2

Hopefully we’ll get a 2nd season one day.

Miu X Sakura at the Christmas Party

As always Miu X Sakura moments are important.

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9 Responses to 22/7 Episode 13: The New Ingredients

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    This was lovely. The new girls are very cute, the familiar girls are also very cute. I missed their charming voices. Let’s hope for season 2, I want to see Mikami dance!

    Miu and Sakura cuddling is so nice to see, and stunning Nicole always brightens my day ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christian Appel says:

    Miu x Sakura are lovey-dovey as always – even in front of all, they don´t hide their love/relationship – and Jun can consider herself very lucky that her beloved Miyako can cook so well as her future waifu.

    S2 ASAP, please.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Miu x Sakura is absolute. Loved seeing the other girls too. The newbies seem pretty cool so far, but I’d love to know more on their backstories like we do the others. I’ll be waiting on the hopeful official announcement of S2 sometime soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nick says:

    Really good OVA, it was great to see the girls again enjoying themselves, but it just really left me with wanting more. I really hope they do another season of 22/7 because the addition of the new girls, the group being back together, the ongoing mystery of The Wall, feels like there is so much more story here to tell.

    All in all it was a great OVA and I’m happy there wasn’t some long wait for subs to be released too.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. LuzeP says:

    Yes, it needs a second season. There are so many things that need explanation. For starter the Wall. Also, I’m sure the new trio had a dark and sad backstory too. Knowing the Wall. Yuki and her someone from the other side of her phone. Mikami touching a name(?) on her fan. And Tsubomi and her (I’m hoping, alive) childhood friend. I need to know.

    Sakura x Miu still strong. We’ve seen them lovey-dovey for almost one season, let the others have some spotlight. Nicole still tough to crack I see. I guess they don’t need to talk about the fact they’ve met before. So yeah, I have nothing to add, you summed it up very nicely. I love this show.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. chikorita157 says:

    It’s understandable that Miyako is not comfortable with change, but I think everything will work out. After all, there is Miu to bring them together. Still, the three members are a nice addition.

    Also, Sakura and Miu is precious.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. yurimylove says:

    Genki girl sighted! Also good to hear Miu’s distinctive voice again. Now we finally gathered half of the full team :-D. Haha just kidding maybe 22 doesn’t refer to member count.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hanamaru123 says:

    Wait are you gonna do episode 12?


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