More September Yuri Game Updates

This time we got two Kickstarter projects to promote along with some reminders of two upcoming games.

Note: The first project is a Futanari Female X Monster Girl yuri game so if this does not appeal to you move on to the next title.

Reborn in Sin Header

The first Kickstarter project is an adult yuri VN titled Reborn in Sin, developed by aphrodisia.

Plot Summary: In a world where the supernatural is commonplace and magic flows as freely as water, there reside heavenly beings, beasts, and demons who are as real and numerous as leaves on a tree. 

It’s here, under the watch of Ana, the Mother Goddess, that demi-humans of a wondrous variety thrive. But the Mother Goddess’ love is not unconditional! By Her decree, the inhabitants of the Otherworld are never to mingle with the mortals on the other side, except to perform their duties.

One such person, an angel whose name was erased from legends, violates this rule and is cast away from the Otherworld in mad fury. You play as this angel! 

You’ve turned into a futanari through a pact with a demon. Now you must struggle to survive in this unknown world. What will you learn about mortal life, and how will it change you…? Romance a unique trio of monster girls, including one au naturale woman & two other futanari!


  • 8+ hours of gameplay
  •  6 unique endings guided completely by player choice, including a secret ending
  • 15+ pieces of gorgeous character artwork “CGs”
  •  9 fully-voiced adult (18+) scenes, covering a wide array of tastes
  •  Partially-voiced story acting, including a voiced protagonist 
  •  “Harem” content for multiple love interests at once
  • An extraordinary setting inspired by Celtic mythology

Reborn in Sin Effie and CiaraReborn in Sin Auryn

So the choices are a cat woman, a (probably) chimera/chimaera demon and a dragon lady. Very nice choices indeed.

The interested can learn more and potentially support the project by visiting the Kickstarter HERE. Trailer and DEMO included. The Kickstarter and DEMO links are NSFW.




Perfect Gold

The second KS project is one we mentioned before earlier this year. It’s Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness, developed by Yangyang Mobile!

Plot summary:

Audrey Clary, heiress and LeFay Academy’s brightest alchemy student, is about to have her first and worst detention experience of all time. It’s bad enough that she has to stay in detention during Sunflower Day—it’s even worse that she’s stuck in detention with the one and only Marion LaRue, the self-proclaimed “Chaotic Fireball Legend” of LeFay Academy.

Marion LaRue is not having a fun day at all. What was meant to be a harmless little fire turned into an explosion that has her stuck in detention, missing out on one of the rare opportunities for her to enjoy life outside the academy. And of course she just had to be stuck with Audrey Clary, of all the high class LeFay students she could be in detention with.

Determined to not miss out on the long-awaited festival, Audrey and Marion begrudgingly work together to escape detention and find their way to the festival. As they explore the city and celebrate the Sunflower Festival together, an old friendship is rekindled, and new feelings begin to bloom.


  • A WLW (women who love women) story for WLW: Follow a heartwarming, slice-of-life story between two girls as they get a second chance at love and friendship.

  •  2 Playable Characters: See the story unfold through the eyes of Audrey and Marion.

  •  Vibrant Visuals: Immerse yourself in the magical city of Castlecoast, brought to life by animated characters, backgrounds & illustrations.

  •  Interactive Dialogue Choices: How would you like Audrey and Marion’s day to end? Your choice will determine which of the two unique endings they will get.

  •  Original Soundtrack: Listen to beautifully composed music tracks that accentuates the story’s most emotional beats.

  •  Fully Voiced: Features a cast of talented professional English voice actors to help bring our characters to life.

Perfect Gold MarionPerfect Gold Audrey

One of my favorite kinds of yuri couples are interracial so it’s easy to see why I’m excited to see this one come to life.

Again the interested can learn more and potentially support the Kickstarter HERE. Trailer and DEMO included.

Those are the Kickstarters. Time for the updates.

Rose Seed Replica

The Point and Click yuri experience Rose Seed Replica, developed by Lezliz will be available soon. How soon? September 9th.

Plot Summary: What if you got zapped to smithereens by some kind of alien contraption, only to somehow wake up in a remote space station far, far away from Earth? That’d be awful, right?

But what if the lady who kind of did that to you actually turned out to be the loveliest person ever? And she liked girls too? What would that make it?

Gay. There’s no way around that. It’s queer women kissing and messing with each other, feel-good slice-of-life, aloof banter, silly dates, an occasional serious topic, rainbows, awkward humor, bad puns, nonsensical mysteries and stuff.

  • 100% yuri

  • 100% gay agenda

  • 100+ choices to make

  • 170,000 words worth of dialogue

  • 6 different story routes

  • 4 different romance types

  • Awkward humor and light drama

  • LGBT+ positive and inclusive

  • Made by a lesbian

Rose Seed Replica Scene

For readers who are interested but haven’t added the game to their Steam wishlist yet go for it HERE. That or pick it up on

Quantum Suicide promotional art

Rose Seed Replica comes out on September 9th, right? Quantum Suicide, by Cotton Candy Cyanide, is September 10th. (Update: Available now)

Plot Summary: Quantum Suicide is a game of betrayal, deception and romance in the cold depths of space.

This science fiction thriller tells the tale of an intergenerational mission and its diverse crew, fighting against a deadly AI (and each other) for the chance to survive. Strategy, love interests and quantum mechanics await you. Your choices change the fate of everyone in Quantum Suicide.

You play as a researcher aboard a spaceship on an epic mission to find humanity a new home. The mission is jeopardized by a corrupted A.I system that forces you to play “The Deletion Game”, a weekly game where you must battle your crew mates for survival. Prepare to make both friends and enemies of your crew members as you play through a series of puzzles and strategy mini-games. Can you see the Everett’s mission through to the end…alive?

Quantum Suicide features:
– Over 30 different endings
– The choice to play as a boy or a girl
– 7 courtable options (3 Male, 3 Female and the A.I. system)
– The courtable options have their own sexual preferences – (romance and friend zone endings depending on your choices)
– Original Soundtrack
– Available in English and Japanese, with full voice acting
– Death around every corner

Can you see the Everett’s mission through to the end…alive?


Add the game to your Steam Wishlist HERE or pick up on

There you go.

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3 Responses to More September Yuri Game Updates

  1. Mauron says:

    Reborn in Sin: FutaProtagonist ruins it for me. Too bad, it looks neat otherwise.

    Perfect Gold: I like the idea.

    Rose Seed Replica: 100% sold.

    Quantum Suicide: Might not be my favorite. I’ll try to remember it for eventually though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tsubasasfamily says:

    There’s also Sakura Knight 3 this month, for those interested. Not exactly the best writing I’ve ever seen, but… it’s an NSFW yuri VN option with nice art, so there’s that 😛


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