Yuri Quickie: The Owl House

Note: Not to be confused with The Loud House, another animated series with a yuri couple.

I was wondering whether to review the first season as a whole or wait till the series finale in the future before discussing it in great detail. In the end I chose to wait so instead readers will get a quickie to get an idea on what to expect from the show and the main attraction. Let us briefly talk about The Owl House, aka AMerican Little Witch Academia.

The Owl House

Description: The show stars Luz Noceda, a Latin-American (Her mother is from the Dominican Republic) teenage girl who has unique tastes and hobbies, magic and weirdness, that freaked out other kids (mainly the latter). Her mother sends her to Summer Camp in hopes she the experience will help improve her social skills. Before the bus to camp arrived she took a detour and entered a mysterious door that took her to another world called the Boiling Isles, a world full of magic and weirdness. There she met Eda, an incredibly powerful witch and aspiring cougar and King, a dog like creature with aspirations of total domination in search of admiration and appreciation and other interesting people. Thus began Luz’s adventures full of the usual stuff in animated series for the family: action, danger, wackiness, the power of friendship, moral lessons and of course, love.

Luz, King and Eda

As the “aka” states readers who are remotely familiar with or saw Little Witch Academia have an idea what to expect from this show (but with less talk about the economy and politics). Episodes usually have Luz exploring the Boiling Isles and aspiring to learn magic along the way from Eda. There will be some trouble along the way, usually King’s fault, a lesson will be learned and our heroes work together to save the day. Expect to meet a lot quirky characters, see cool magic, some very nice battles and a slowly developing main story about a curse and a threat that could endanger both the human and magic world. Really good stuff.

Luz is a most excellent and adorable lead full of optimism, wonder and excellent reactions. Eda, in the hands of the right fan artists, can be quite the cool cougar and King is a cute troublemaker who is good kid deep down. Like in LWA Luz eventually enrolls into a Magic Academy and makes other great friends…especially one.

Akko X Diana

The teachers: Akko X Diana.

Luz X Amity

The students: Luz X Amity.

Short version, LuMity are similar to DiAkko. Long version, rivals turned kinda good friends turned something more over time. Luz is a precious genki (More on the level of Akko in the OVAs than the anime, which I prefer) who means well but gets on Amity’s bad side initially. Amity, like her teacher, does not do a good job of making herself easy to approach. Also like her teacher she has her reasons for being the way she is and a hidden lovely side that slowly surfaces. The main difference is as great as DiAkko are their on-screen yuri power is solid at best. LuMity on the other hand, let me put it this way. This is Season 1. If we got this much power right off the bat I can only imagine what Season 2 has in store. Oh and the “L” is not the only letter in a certain community that gets representation.

Highly recommended to fans of Magic School shows with some sweet pizazz.

PS: Besides LWA there are references to a certain popular Western Magic Academy franchise.

PPS: I still cannot believe this show aired on Disney

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6 Responses to Yuri Quickie: The Owl House

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    This show was on my peripheral, didn’t know if id ever watch it. Then I saw Lumity videos on YouTube, so I had to check it out. And I’m loving it! The humor reminds me of Gravity Falls, a show that I also love!

    I’m really liking the villain, The Emperor. He has a really cool and creepy design.

    And whenever Amity has a Gay Panic Attack, she’s absolutely adorable!

    One of the reason I really love Lumity is that they remind me of Diakko. Diakko is one of my favorite ships which reminds me of My 2nd all time favorite ship, White Rose from RWBY. They all are a Pairings featuring a Genki girl x Serious/Studious girl (ie the one with the good grades and serious about schooling.) They are so precious together!

    I also liked how they pointed out the glaring flaw of a certain magical game of a certain popular Western Magic Academy franchise. “It makes everything pointless! There was no point in watching everything up till now!” That got got quite a chuckle out of me.

    Can’t wait for Season 2! I need more Lumity!

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  2. cirno9fan says:

    I am cautiously optimistic. It’s hard to give any measure of trust to Disney. As you said, it’s hard to believe the show even aired on Disney as it is. But I still want it to be a thing! Also, it’d create for a nice dynamic because not only is Luz 1. A human, 2. she’s got zero “status”. And those are things Amity’s parents would clearly be extremely against.

    I have a feeling the emperor is being used and tricked.


  3. Jack Cactus says:

    My interest in The Owl House initially started with the memes and LuMity shippings but after binging the show in less than one day, I’m ever more enthralled and invested.

    Gays aside, I find Luz to be a very compelling character with her development and abilities within this magical world. Although my opinion may not vibe with others, I consider Luz to be better than Akko with how much she learned and grew from Eda. By the end of Season 1, she’s still VERY weak compared to the likes of Belos but still managed gave him a defiant surprise attack. Luz maybe weak and unskilled but she’s resourceful and I find that to be much more commendable and the formers.

    Now to LuMity and gay representation. I think TOH did a very good job by not banging on homosexuality as a selling point but rather, it’s a part of character development (Amity is having a gay panic right now) and I love how no characters question it for some political statements, it just ….well…………happens.

    In the end, I’m glad I picked up TOH and regret doing so at the same time because the hiatus is beyond painful.


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