Highway Blossoms: Next Exit DLC Release Date

The long awaited release date of the Highway Blossoms: Next Exit DLC bonus story is here! It won’t be long now.

Highway Blossoms Next Exit

Description: Return to Las Vegas with Amber and Marina in this new Highway Blossoms story! A couple months after the events of the first game, the two girls return to the desert city for an alien-themed convention and to see Tess for her birthday. They also end up reuniting with Cassi, the candy shop girl, who’s determined to start following her own dreams.

-Brand new story and scenario with multiple viewpoints. Some sections follow Amber and Marina, while some sections follow Tess. Additionally, there are certain parts where you can choose to read from Amber or Marina’s point of view.

Next Exit will be available on Steam September 20th (Wishlist it HERE) followed by other PC stores.

Check out my review of the main game HERE.

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1 Response to Highway Blossoms: Next Exit DLC Release Date

  1. kracen says:

    Still waiting on that Marina mode though.


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