Some Quick August Yuri Game Updates

Some quick game updates and reminders.

Death End Request 2


Death End Re;Quest 2 is now available on Steam with the PS4 version set for August 25th.

Last time I talked about the game I asked if there was someone who could equal Lily Hopes’ yuri power. It took about an hour or two after her introduction for her growing attraction to Shina to be made obvious. While I am not that far into the sequel Lily’s successor showed her yuri power about 5 seconds after her introduction. The game is as dark as the prequel so fans can expect some gruesome stuff from the get go.

Sense Cover


Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story , published by Top Hat Studios and developed by Suzaku Games, was originally scheduled to first release on Steam and Nintendo Switch simultaneously. The Steam version is on track with an August 25th release date. Wishlist the game HERE, but the Switch version was delayed to Fall 2020 along with the other console ports (PS4 and XBOX One).

A 2D horror game inspired by Clock Tower and Fatal Frame with some ecchi X violent to gory content.

Update. Due to poor reception on release week related to unfair difficulty and several bugs the game will be temporarily pulled from Steam. It will return once the bugs are taken care of. Console versions will release with the update patch included.

More details HERE.

First Snow Release Date


First Snow, published by Studio elan and developed by Salty-Salty Studios is now available for pur- FREE! Visit the First Snow website HERE for all available links and the 18+ Patch.

Kandagawa Jet Girls


Kandagawa Jet Girls is scheduled for an August 25th release on PS4 and Steam, Wishlist it HERE. The game plays like many Mascot Racers like Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, the Sega Racing Trilogy etc. The girls race in pairs ala Double Dash though they can’t switch mid-race. There are 7 main teams along with 5 Senran Kagura teams as DLC, though Ryobi and Ryona are included in the Western release, for a total of 12 teams.

Neptunia TV Hi Light

Bonus announcement. The Hyperdimension Neptunia anime is coming to Steam Fall 2020 and will be sold in Two Volumes along with the 2019 Summer OVA featuring Older Neptune (or Nep-Two as I like to call her).

For more details go HERE.

Check out my review of Neptunia TV HERE.

Was kinda hoping we’d get a Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth Trilogy Collection for the Nintendo Switch in the West but this is cool too. Speaking of the main series Hyperdimension Neptunia 5 is coming to PS5.

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  1. Koana says:

    Read the reviews on jap and chinese sites and they all said it was filled with dark yuri so I had to preorder instantly .

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