Hazel + Faylinn Naughty Goodness

The developer of the 1st game doesn’t really need my help to promote the following Kickstarter but I felt like doing so because the love interests speak to me, even though the developer has no idea who I am. Here’s “Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel” by Winter Wolves. A dark yuri story with “dark” love interests. Told you this game spoke to me.

Tales From the Under-Realm Hazel

Note: This game does not feature tentacle H-Scenes.

Tales Of The Under-Realm: Hazel is a dark themed yuri visual novel that takes place in the fantasy world of Aravorn (already seen in many games like Loren The Amazon Princess). A mysterious entity known as the Nameless God serves as the main narrator of the story, having the ability to peek in on the life of deceased souls and discover what brought them to a premature death.

In this case, the Nameless God takes an interest in the fate of a witch named Hazel.

Captured, she wakes up in a prison somewhere in Aravorn. She’s not alone though. Locked in the cell next to her is an assassin named Sasha who is as lethal as she is beautiful. But can Hazel trust her just because they’re in a similar situation?

The alternative is putting her faith in the paladin interrogating her. While that option is far from ideal in it’s own right, Hazel can’t help but feel a special connection to Tori. Is it just in her head though? Or can she really use that bond to escape?

The answer is no, of course. Hazel did end up in the Under-Realm one way or another. But is that all there is to her story? Do all of her choices lead to death? Or does she have one final trick up her sleeve?

The events of this story take place in Aravorn during the year 700, after the Human Empire has been split into regions and city-states due to civil unrest and power-hungry wizards.

Hazel X Tori

Hazel X Tori. One of two love interests.

Due to sites using more modern image compression formats nowadays I couldn’t share all the pics, specifically of the other love interest, Sasha. In any case the game will feature a serious story with the occasional romantic intercourse based on the chosen love interest. Although the plot summary indicates Hazel may die at the end of the story that depends on the choices made.

The interested can visit and potentially support the Kickstarter HERE. The main project is already funded but there are enticing Stretch Goals.

Winter Wolves Homepage and Twitter.

Faylinn's Quest Faylinn and Akane

Note: This game does feature tentacle H-Scenes.

The 2nd game is a more erotic adventure in “Faylinn’s Quest”. This game also features a love interest who spoke to me. Currently it is a Patreon supported game, meaning Patrons can help fund the game, gain early access to Demo Updates as they are released and give feedback to help improve the title. While most of Faylinn’s potential love interests are female there are some male ones and a few fetishes some here may not be fans of, though I cannot say how many of said fetishes are set story events or can be skipped. The male route can be skipped at least.

Patreon game description:

RPG + Visual Novel + Eroge
set in the world of Dungeon Dreams and The Angel Inn!
This is the Patreon page where you can be in touch with the developer and…

  • Play every new version before anyone else
  • Browse, request and download exclusive sketches and artwork
  • Commission your own drawing and vote for content in the game up to even having your own character in the game (custom artwork rewards will be available soon)


  • Turn-based combat with recruitable companions (that you can befriend and love)
  • Crafting system
  • Lockpicking and exploration sessions
  • Equipment with attachable and craftable components
  • Customizable skills and parameters
  • Plenty of quests and choices to make
  • Many characters to romance or develop relationships with (NSFW)
  • Multiple routes and alternative endings
  • A beautiful gallery of (currently) 39+ CG illustrations by artist Azukichan

Hentai kinks and fetishes:
– Hand-drawn 2DCG
– Anime, Hentai
– Vaginal Sex
– Oral Sex
– Masturbation
– Group Sex
– Tentacles
– Big tits
– Voyeurism
– Big girl/muscular girl
– Handjob
– Sex toys
– Domination
– Cumshot
– Huge dick

The game is basically an RPGMaker style RPG X Visual Novel hybrid featuring multiple choices and a lock picking mini-game that requires quick reflexes initially. The 1.1 Demo can be downloaded HERE. The interested can support the game on Patreon HERE and access updated Demos as they are released.

For ongoing updates follow the Faylinn’s Quest Twitter HERE.

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4 Responses to Hazel + Faylinn Naughty Goodness

  1. Korana says:

    According to the devs het is 100% avoidable.


  2. Zecha says:

    Faylinn Quest , anyone know for resolve “Facing Mom” Character Quest


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