YMC Special Edition: Irodori Lite Yuri Doujinshi Sample Review

Note: Review copy provided by Irodori Comics

Note 2: Originally there were two doujinshi reviews in this post but one was removed due to circumstances beyond Irodori Comics and the artist’s control.

It has been a long time since I reviewed a yuri comic/manga/manhua etc. To help promote a growing company I am here to give readers a preview of what kind of yuri stories to expect as it grows and signs deals with more aspiring artists. Join me as we take a look at a sample yuri doujinshi available at the Irodori Lite website.

Why Does Love Do This to Me

Before going over the featured doujinshi, a brief introduction on what makes doujinshi different from manga. Long explanation short doujinshi are kind of similar to independent video games where many of them rely on the artists and writers getting themselves noticed by potential fans. Doujinshi artists have no backing from major manga companies like established mangaka do so they have to work extra hard to make names of themselves. Because of this it is more expensive to publish their work and said work is shorter than most manga, usually between 30-50 page one-shot stories. There are some pros in writing doujinshi. mainly there are no editorial mandates, meaning doujinshi artists have no one breathing down their necks telling them what kinds of stories to write or telling them what sells “the big bucks”. The artists are free to tell the kinds of stories they want to tell. this is where companies like Irodori Comics come in to help raise awareness of these “indie artists” work.

Speaking of fans most doujinshi include an “Afterword” section at the end where the artist communicates with readers on what was on their minds going into the creation of their stories and the cast thereof, thanking readers for their support and potentially earning new fans of future works.

When it comes to doujinshi I have read over the years I personally rank how good they were by how much of an impression they left on me after reading them and more importantly whether they left me wanting to read more stories about the ladies (if there are more). Did the doujinshi leave a positive impression on me? Let us find out.

The story we will be looking at, as seen above, is “Why Does Love Do This to Me?” by Ayano Ayano.

Genres: Adult Life, Comedy, Romance, Yuri

Plot Summary: After finishing a movie two women are on their way home when the younger one (I do not think I noticed her name) mentions missing her train. Actually this was the plan all along to try and get close to the senior she loves. Saki, the older woman, also has romantic feelings for her junior and sees this as the perfect opportunity to invite her over, having prepared every day for this moment. All seemed to go according to both ladies’ plans. The problem is neither woman had the courage to make the first move.

Why Does Love Do This to Me Page

This doujinshi follows a classic yuri/romance setup: two girls/women in love with each other but too scared to approach/confess their feelings, leading to amusing and sometimes sad misunderstandings as the race to the promised land grows longer each day. This being a short story said road is much shorter but the concept is similar.

The other theme of the story is showing readers, especially teenagers and young adults, that no matter how old you are, love does not get any easier. Finding Mr/Miss right AND winning their heart are both as difficult in your adult years as it is in your teenage/young adult ones.

Readers get to learn quite a bit from the ladies’ personalities in such short time. The young woman is clearly hungry for love being the more assertive of the two in her advances while the older woman depends on her mature aura and wants to make sure she makes the right move at the right time…leading to her not daring to advance at all. The misunderstandings are amusing and how the ladies eventually find the promised land is glorious.

The art style reminds me Rokuroichi. Here we have a clearer distinction on which woman is older than the other. Plus it is the sexier of the two we are covering here.

Overall “Why Does Love Do This to Me?” is an enjoyable read that takes a familiar romance trope and has fun with it in the brief time it has to tell its story.

This is hopefully a sign of more enjoyable yuri doujinshi to come in the future of Irodori Lite. WDLDTtM is recommended to yuri fans looking for short and sweet title that clearly shows love and care was put into it.

The interested can purchase the book digitally in the link below:

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5 Responses to YMC Special Edition: Irodori Lite Yuri Doujinshi Sample Review

  1. Christian Appel says:

    Two girls are – obviously/clearly – in love with each other, but too scared to confess their feelings.

    Reminds me of two certain girls – cough K x R cough – where their grande finale is – hopefully – coming soon.

    Their doujinshi are really cute – and hot. Like these two above – without the heat.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. YurreiNoYuri says:

    They may have taken “She Wants To Do What?” down due to complaints about the depiction of sexual harassment in the work place. I was able to buy it this weekend, but it isn’ there now.

    Liked by 2 people

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